Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, October 12, 2015


Ok so it doesn't start with com or con but hear me out. I've been thinking about this journey to completeness and wondering how many of us simply exist? What I mean is, do we just do enough to get by each day, all the while feeling like we are drowning?
Do you ever wonder when you will catch up? When you will get to enjoy life? When you will ever get to go the bathroom You know, I haven't gotten to finish a warm cup of coffee in years.
When I was in treatment they had a theme about learning to live in the now. NOW. Right here. This second. I could give in to the chaotic thinking and start freaking out because here in Thee Now of my life:
  • there are three days worth of dishes
  • none of the beds are made
  • there's a load of laundry I need to rewash because I forgot about it Saturday
  • my coffee is getting colder
  • I haven't gotten dressed
  • Thee Farmer just told me he has to go to his town job til noon
  • we need groceries
  • Little Man is watching Curious George and I can't help feeling guilty that I should be teaching him something or going on a nature walk or whatever good mom's do
When I focus on the chaos, then I miss the view.
  • The dishes aren't done because I volunteered to work early service nursery yesterday and taught little sweet things that they never have to be afraid because God is always with them
  • The beds aren't made because the kiddos got to sleep in a little longer on this chilly fall day
  • At least I don't have to go down to the crick to wash our clothes
  • I'm starting to like cold coffee after all of these years
  • I don't need to get out of my sweats, it's chilly :)
  • I have a morning all to myself and Thee Farmer gets a much needed break from me
  • My pantry is overflowing. We are not going to starve.
  • Curious George is very educational. Little Man can jump like a monkey and he loves bananas now.
This is your life. Not some fairy tale dream that you wish you had. Wishing never got nothing done. This life is yours. God has a plan. So pull up your big girl panties and make a list. A short list please. Three things that must be done today. At the top write "PRAY FIRST". Let's surrender the chaos to Jesus.
Jesus, I accept that this is my life. I accept that there are things I can and cannot control. Right now, I choose to live in the now. Please fill me with your strength and help me to see the big picture. I am so blessed. Thank you for dirty faces and piles of laundry and dishes that need washed. Thank you for reminding me that if I focus on You, the chaos disappears. Jesus, you are my all in all. AMEN

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Pattie said...

Amen! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)