Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

i should call this weekly updates as i haven't written in a week! jaima spilled lemonade on my laptop and it is barely allowing me to type, maybe once i hit all of the keys they will become unstuck!

Well, i turn 35 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Look at my little pumpkin,who is two weeks old today!
We took the girls trick treating in waverly last night - of course, jaiden and i just went along for the ride - but we had a great time - and it was nice to spend time with john even though i knew he really wanted to be in the field!

I am exhausted! It finally caught up with me yesterday - i have been up with jaiden every hour to two hours all night -so, i have been trying to nap after lunch until the kids get off of the bus, at least that is my plan every afternoon, it doesn't always happen!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's amazing...

how much she has changed on one week. These pictures were taken this morning. A little blurry, but they still show her beautiful face!!!
Jaiden and I ran errands this morning - she slept the whole time - which made me feel better because I would have felt bad if she had gotten fussy!
Judy Kahler stopped by this afternoon for a short visit - she has always been so loving to all of my kids!
Combining is going well - they have to finish up at the Bahlmann farm and then it's on to Jim's farm. Will probably be a late night - wish I could ride with John, but it is way too dusty for a newborn! Next year, though, he will have to put up with all three of us girls riding with him. Hopefully, when harvest is done, we can start working in the barn together - we work well together and I learn so much from him!
The kids will be home from school soon - can't wait to hear about their days - I am missing Cody because he stayed at a friends house last night so he could go to youth group. I think we will take baby Jaiden for a little walk when they get off the bus!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Week

Well, we survived week one. Jaiden is such a happy baby - she hardly ever cries - probably because I am always ready to feed her! She goes 2-4 hours between nursing.

Daddy is in the fields and it is hard on all of us. I know I do this every spring and fall but with Jaiden here it makes it hard when he is gone all day and I only get a half hour of his time if I am lucky. I am so thankful for my friends who are keeping me occupied.

Monday, Julie came over and spent the afternoon with us. Her baby is due in November, and I can't wait for us to be mommies together! Dot came yesterday and brought lots of food: chili, lasagna and garlic bread, and home made creme puffs! She stayed all day and we had great conversation and baby time!

Jaiden's umbilical cord fell off this morning - Jaima thought it was the coolest thing ever! She wanted to save it - I told her it was gross!

Harvest is going well, the weather is perfect. John's dad came back from Arkansas yesterday and is helping. We pray for good yields, safety, good weather and equipment that stays working.

I am looking forward to getting back to my church duties. I am the youth leader at Trinity and will probably go back to teaching the week of Halloween. It is a part time job and I am grateful for the monthly income that helps with groceries. I would do it for free though, because I love those teenagers! I teach Wed. nights and Sundays and will enjoy that time spent away from home.

Well, I need to switch laundry and maybe think about what's for dinner. If only John would eat hamburger helper - HAHA.
Will have more current pictures as soon as I find my digital camera! It has to be around here somewhere!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We survived the first day home!

It feels so great to be home! The biggest adjustment has been dividing my time between the three kids! Jim and Jenni took Jaima Friday night and Cody went to a friends Saturday night. With John in the field it makes it a little more challenging, and I certainly have been talking to God a lot more lately! We appreciate all of your prayers and we can certainly feel we are being prayed for!

Jaiden was nursing every two hours, but last night I actually got a three and four hour stretch of sleep and feel so much better! I might even feel up to having visitors soon - and I am thinking we may plan a get together for next Saturday so everyone can meet her! Depends on the harvest, of course!
I feel great and am even wearing my jeans again - am not in a lot of pain simply because there wasn't much labor! My back was the worst because of the four tries for the epidural - I can't believe I feel this great because I remember what it was like with the other two!

I will be posting a whole bunch of pictures soon - we have a well baby visit at 1:00 and also need to go to the store because we are out of groceries! Here I was prepared for weeks with lots of food cooked and lots of groceries stocked up and when the big day came we were out of everything!

Love to you all!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jaiden Ilo Marie White

was born on October 17 at 2:21pm. She weighed 6lbs. 14.9oz and was 19 3/4" long. She came into this world very quickly! We just came home this morning and it feels good to be back on the farm!

Thank you to everyone who was praying for us. I delivered so quickly that there was no time for the pain medication/anesthesia to work. The only thing that got me through was knowing that it was all in God's hands. I praise Him that it was over quickly and that our beautiful baby girl was perfectly healthy!

Jaiden has two middle names - Ilo was John's grandmother's name and Marie is John's mom's middle name. Her initials spell JIM White - John's brother - we think it's an awesome name!

Jaima has "skipped" school the last two days to stay home and be a great big sister - she loves Jaiden so much and is a great helper! Cody is my strong silent son, but he loves both girls and would do anything for them.

John already knows that he is outnumbered!

I am nursing Jaiden every two hours and trying to sleep when she does. It's funny how much your forget about newborns!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't Panic...

Sorry I have not kept up with this - I have been trying to get things done around the house and also had a few days where I just stayed in bed!

Here are a few pics of Jaima and one of the show steers from this summer -

Had contractions 3-4 minutes apart from 6:30pm-1:30am last night - but then they stopped - very frustrating and PAINFUL! I am a wimp, I'll admit - but that was not fun. Dr. appt. is tomorrow and induction is set for Thursday still - unless God decides today is to be Miss Jaiden's birthday.

John is starting to get excited - I can tell because he is working on my honey-do list. He and Dan brought my extra refrigerator upstairs and put it in the kitchen pantry - with all of the cooking i have been doing there wasn't room in the one fridge! So, I got the kids involved and had them help me bring up the frozen food. I had forgotten I had stocked up on so much! John also cleaned the garage this morning - and even took off his boots when he came in the house! HAHA I think I may be winning one of the many battles of marriage -

Cody got an A on his algebra 2 test - we are so proud of him because we know he was struggling - john and i both remember how challenging it was to do well in math and meet our parents expectations - we both had to admit to cody that we didn't do so well in math - and neither of us can help him with his studies on this subject - so i just pray a lot - and hope he doesn't get discouraged!

Jaima is excited and counting the days til sissy comes - and her new queen bed! That will be delivered tomorrow and she can't wait - she is growing so fast - comes home with a hundred new things she has learned at school - makes me sad - yet excited, because we get to do it all again with Jaiden! When you see Jaima ask her to show you her gymnastics - she can do the splits - OUCH!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

6 days and counting...?

Harvest is in full swing. John came in after midnight last night - and they were back at it bright and early. Cody is learning to drive tractor with his Dad today - hauling 2 grain carts! The first thing he said was, "What if I dump it like Uncle Chad did?" I thought that was hilarious - this is the first fall my brother hasn't come up to help with harvest - maybe I should give him a call and bribe him with food!

Cooking is about the only thing I seem to accomplish: beef stew, chili, brownies, 7 lbs of meatloaf - HAHA. At least there will be leftovers when I finally get to the hospital.

I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday, the 18th. Of course, my doctor keeps saying, "I can't believe you haven't gone into labor yet." Which I don't find funny at all - we have been to the hospital FIVE times! I keep dilating, but the contractions aren't consistent enough for them to admit me and there are new laws that say they can't induce before 39 weeks of pregnancy, especially if there is no harm being done to mom or baby. My luck, I'll end up having her at home because I have no idea what real labor feels like!

Cael, my nephew who is 6 weeks older than Jaima, is here today - i sent them on a scavenger hunt outside. They have a list with words and pictures on it - my luck they will find everything in 5 minutes! They think they are too old to take naps, but I may just bribe them to lay down and watch a movie so i can sleep!

John is using a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night - he has apnea and I kept telling him he was not breathing at night -had a sleep study done and they prescribed the machine. He used it for the first time last night - it is louder than I thought it would be - especially when he tries to breathe through his mouth - and when he stops breathing - so i kept shutting his mouth - the things a wife does for her husband! He shaved off most of his mustache this morning because it was getting caught - now he looks like a little kid -

All for now, a nap is calling me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Counting down the hours?

We had our ultrasound at 4pm - baby is GREAT! Verified she is indeed a she - counted all her fingers and toes - saw her sucking on her hands - blinking her eyes - kicking and kicking and kicking me - she might weigh 7lbs 6 oz - and is right on schedule - Dr. B sent me home to continue to count contractions - they are coming but not steady - and truthfully, i would much rather labor during the first part at home - i am a little scared, but i have my family! Mom Wagner is on standby to come when i call and Jim and Jenni are ready to come and get Jaima if needed - part of me hopes i can just sleep all night!

One good thing is i got john to take me out for chinese! Spicy chicken! and we took bumpy gravel roads all the way home - we hadn't been on a "date" in over 6 months -

Got home and i think jaima thought we had the baby in the car - it was too cute - showed her the ultrasound pictures and she got so excited -

Another boring blog?

Went and saw the girls at work - Trish says that she knows i am bored because my blog is boring - HAHA - says that it might pick up when the baby comes - it was awesome seeing all of my friends - didn't realize how lonely i am !

Well, i am dilated to over 4cm - and have an ultrasound scheduled for 4:00 -just to make sure that baby is growing since i am measuring weird - everyone knows i am weird anyways! - so, i came home to rest and john will pick me up and take me in for the test - hopefully they will keep me and let me have this baby yet tonight! If not, I am scheduled to be induced on the 18th , but doctor doesn't think i will last until then!

Pray for us and the baby - pray for cody and jaima - big changes are headed their way - if i don't update this later you'll know where we are!! fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lazy Day

I told John I was going to stay in bed in my jammies all day...that lasted until about 10:30! I was so restless by then that i got up and got dressed - took one look at my hair in the mirror and immediately called Wendi - my hair miracle worker - and she got me in right away for a cut,color and highlights! Thank goodness it's okay to dye hair now while pregnant - I needed a pick me up!

While I was still in town John called and asked me to go to the John Deere store for parts - after I got done there my phone rang "honey, where are you?" Needless to say, I was on the highway headed home - I had to go back to town to the other parts store! Too bad he wasn't calling telling me to go to the jewelry store and pick up a little something for myself!

John, Jim and Dan worked on the combine today - also some other stuff outside - I am sure once I have this baby I will be able to pay more attention to the farm work. Jaima and I did go outside and watch Cody and John do chores. Can't wait to be able to help with that again. We have some beautiful Holstein calves that I can't wait to make my pets! Some we are bucket feeding and others are in a regular pen. They are perfect calves to teach Jaima to lead with a halter.

Tomorrow is my OB appt. We will see what the doctor says and if I have made anymore progress. Please pray for us - patience is something we are trying to learn. We totally trust that God is in control - but it is still hard to wait!

As I write this, Jaima is in the living room telling her Daddy about her day. Thay went to the fire station and learned about fire safety. (We had to test all of the smoke alarms after school!) She got in an argument with her friend Liberty about the swings at recess. "I counted to 60 and she still wouldn't let me have a turn, so I told the teacher!" And all sorts of other tall tales!

Cody is in the office doing his homework and Jaima is ready for bed. So goodnight to all...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rain and unexpected pumpkins

Woke up to a rainy day - which I don't mind, but I know the farmers will.
Last year I wanted to plant pumpkins but hubby said no - well, Dan (who we depend on so much not only for friendship but help on the farm and the occassional plumbing job!) started the huge burnpile on fire this morning and came back up to the house with pumpkins!!!! We had thrown alot of them away last year after my harvest party - it's like I tell my youth group kids - out of manure flowers will grow! He said there they were, one for each kid! He also found some tomatoes growing back there!
I am very uncomfortable today - probably the poorest I've felt this whole pregnancy - and it is so hard to wait - but wait I will. Friends, family and neighbors have been calling to check on me and that helps. I DO try and enjoy this time alone and the house is the cleanest it's ever been!
John is putting in a lot of hours at the landfill. Since they are not taking garbage in from town anymore he is hauling loads to the Black Hawk County Landfill. He always did love to drive truck - I am so glad he has two jobs that make him happy - I always thought it was so sad that my grandfather worked his whole life at a job he hated - I have never once heard my husband complain about working.
God is so good to us - and we thank Him for another day together as a family.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

That's why we eat them...

Stupid cows! Got home from church and was gettting dinner ready and looked out the kitchen window and saw a few of our cows out. They love to get the gate open and run - beings I am 9
months pregnant there was no chasing done by me - I drove the Denali down and blocked the way - Cody ran to the gate and John jumped on the Ranger - modern day cow wrangling! We got them all in in record time and without any arguments or name calling! We are making progress!

Still no baby - went to the hospital on Friday with contractions but she hasn't dropped yet so we were sent back home to wait. (Jaima shared this with her Sunday School class today!) I am so ready to meet Jaiden and I am very impatient - but also realize she will come when she is ready. My verse for this week: "I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5. So, I wait, Jaiden waits, and the hope that God has promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 waits.

Cody is downstairs playing his guitar. He was grounded for a few grades that we found to be a little lacking :) John figured he would give him an hour (also, so Dad could take a nap! haha) and then he'll tell him it's time to go outside and bust his hump!

John mowed the yard today - looks like we could bale it - it was so long - but we have been so busy this fall that lawn mowing was not a priority!

All of the beans are harvested. Right now the boys are working on getting the new dryer and grain leg ready - we lost a lot in the storm we had in August. One thing John and I have learned is not to not let chaos ruin our hope - we know that tomorrow is another day, that God always provides and that when we worry it means we don't trust Him and His plans for us!