Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, May 31, 2010

Graduation and such

Well, we survived the graduation ceremony...barely. It was 95 degrees outside and even hotter in the high school gym! Oh, I was so proud of my son! And his friends and all of the great choices they have made! I was proud of the people who showed up to love on him! And, I don't have any pictures to show you because Shannon K. has not emailed them to me yet - HINT HINT!

Cody's party is this Saturday, so this week we will work on his picture displays, dust off his trophies, and I will dig out the Barney videos and Power Rangers stuff I saved all these years for this special day!

If I have learned anything about raising kids these past 18 years it is this: Really get to know your children. Never say, "What do you want now?" to them. Love them unconditionally, even when they spill red Kool-aid on your white carpet. Love their friends. Open your home. Break the cycle of the past and vow to be a better parent. Attend as many of their events as you can. Love them some more.

I could go on writing forever...but my big comfy bed is calling my name!

I vow to blog more often - and post pictures soon. SHANNON! lol

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whoa, Nelly!

Life just flies by sometimes - not that I haven't enjoyed every hectic minute the past few weeks! - but it sometimes gets away from me. I think I actually forgot that I have a blog. I read everyone elses - and tons of decorating ones, too! And then never take the time to update ours!

Corn is planted - beans are waiting for dry ground and a rain-free stretch. Calving time is almost done and school is almost over.

Plans are moving along quite smoothly for Cody's graduation party. Saturday, June 5th from 1-3pm at our church - invites to be mailed hopefully by Tuesday - HA! I just need to get the cakes ordered - finish the scrapbook, which I promised myself that I would do one page a week during the school year - guess who only has about 2.6 pages done?

Jaima and I are hanging out in my office right now - she is eating cold leftover Chinese and I am eating homemade caramel corn. She is talking and I don't think I am really listening - she talks more than I ever did!

JaidenIlo has once again emptied her popcorn bowl all over the floor - you would think I would learn by now - but I forget! Honestly, that child gets me so befuddled sometimes!

Life is good - God is greater - and I am so happy I could sing!

Be blessed.