Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect Day!

I don't even know if this pic will be visible! John and I dressed up to take the kids trick-or-treating tonight. I am a Jersey girl with big hair and tons o'makeup and John is "Pimp Daddy Big J" - I am wearing a wig and a crown. It was a blast. Jenni my sis-in-law said I looked like I did when I first started dating John - and I had to laugh because I thought that same thing when I was putting on my face! The girls wore sequin dance outfits - Khyle wore a Star Wars storm trooper helmet, Cody wore an Iron Man helmet, Jaclyn was a cupcake and Hannah (Khyle's GF) went as a college student. I love that John dressed up with me - bc I love my bday being on Halloween - next year for my forever 39 party I am definitely having a costume party! I DID miss throwing my own party this year but still had an awesome day!

We all went to church at Open Bible, then to lunch at Pizza Ranch. Then I came home and got back in my jammies. Khyle came over and brought Hooters hot sauce so I had to fry up a few chickens. They butchered yesterday. It was YUMMY! Then trick-or-treating - I watched three episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, and now I am watching JUST ONE Halloween episode of Roseanne. Just one, because I could stay up all night watching them!

Tomorrow, Jaiden goes to the dentist to get her teeth fixed. We had gone to a specialist and he had wanted to do surgery on her mouth - almost $7,000! So, I got a second opinion and our dentist office said they would be able to do it without anesthesia - they will do a few tomorrow and see how she handles it. For under $700!

So, I better get to bed soon - as soon as Roseanne is over - gotta love Nick@nite!

My Daddy called me tonight and told me he could remember the day I was born - me all pink and naked - and he said to himself "She's mine" - that made me so happy - on my desk is a picture of my daddy and me when I first came home and he is laying next to me and smiling -  it is so great to be a Daddy's girl!

Perfect end to a perfect day - I don't feel 38 - more like 18 - and I hope I always feel this way!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I am 35 minutes away from being 38 years old -
1972 - born in Killeen, TX
1985 gave my life to the LORD and was baptized
1992 Cody Allan blessed my life
2001 met John, my sweet and patient Farmer Boy
2002 married John
2002 Jaima Louise blessed us
2007 JaidenIlo Marie blessed us
2010 pierced my nose hahahaha

What fills up the rest? Tons of friends, farm life, learning to be a good wife and mother, reading, working various jobs and trying new careers, more blessings from God than I could ever count...and here I am today a WOMAN, although not quite a grown up - and I really okay with who I am! I have great kids, more cows than I can count, pets who adore me, and a husband who should be nominated for sainthood for putting up with me!

Last night I went to coffee with an old/new friend. We finally juswt made time for each other and spent four hours talking and getting to know each other. Thanks, Heather, for some much needed girl time and laughter!

I slept in until TEN o'clock this morning. Got up, had coffee and Halloween candy. Stayed in my jammies all day. Watched the History channel because I was too lazy to change the channel, painted pumpkins with John and the girls, never cooked anything but BBQ smokies and drank Dutch tea all day! I napped from 2 to 6 with the girls. Took a bubble bath with Jaiden and put on my favorite pink silk jammies. I never talked on the phone or got the mail or checked my Blackberry or email - a day of me!

Tomorrow, we are all going to church and then out to eat for my bday.

Khyle and Dan butchered chickens this morning and Khyle showed up with 5 or 6 of them - put them on the counter and said it was my turn to do the rest. So, tomorrow I will fry chicken and make mashed taters and greasy gravy and have a feast. I didn't plan a party this year - I always throw myself one - and I don't know why. Maybe because I didn't want to clean? haha Next week, I plan on calling each of my special friends and ask them to each spend an hour or two with me, catching up and then I will have an excuse to go and visit them. Sue has already invited me to go to a cupcake shoppe with her on Thursday!

Hmmm what else can I ramble on about? Cody and Jacly came tonight and brought presents! Cody bought me a Willow Tree mother and son statue - I cried - and Jaclyn bought me a tea cup that says "prayer changes everything" and "pray without ceasing" - I cried, too - because my son is in love with a godly woman!

Off to bed I go - now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD my soul to keep - my angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light! AMEN

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahhhhh Saturday! Scattered Thoughts

Farmer Boy and I are watching the Iowa game. Jaiden is napping on the floor where she fell, exhausted. Jaima is in my purse closet looking for just the right bag and wallet - she becomes more like me everyday - Cody is at a concert in Iowa City - and the air smells like rain - lovely - I walked outside this morning and breathed in th fresh smell of rain - we haven't had a drop in over 30 days - and to have no more dust and hardly any flies - I love fall ya'all!

Made chicken noo-nuls for lunch - and am thinking of going to the fridge and sampling some leftovers...too lazy to get up - Big J and I haven't sat in the living room together in forever - I am pretty sure my chair was missing me - I swear she sighed when I sat down - or was that a groan?

I stayed up til past 1am watching Keeping Up Appearances on Netflix - man, I love Netflix! - I don't remember falling asleep - and I slept so well, til 8 - can you believe it? Then Jaima and I went to the Beauty Shope for some Steel Magnolias time and then to Togs - the thrift store! Fall decor was half off so I bought me some - and they had Christmas decs out so I bought me some, too. I love gingerbread men! Also scored an awesome denim jacket.

Jaiden just woke up - so I better get some cuddle time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Football - yeah Go-hawks! Jaima danced with the Dance Team before the game - Jaiden didn't want to leave - and since I am working on a new blog template tonight that's all you'll get for now. Blogging has moved up on my priority list - Aunt K is smiling I just know it! - now if only I could get my laptop to cooperate - she's running a little slow! I am working on photo editing at and hope to make a custom header - so give me time- I drank a Mt Dew - yee ha - so will be up for awhile...stay tuned

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harvest is Complete!

I just spent 15 minutes typing and lost my post! MAD

In summary: harvest is complete, fieldwork next, Jaiden's bday tomorrow, Cody visited today, Jaima's been reading alot and Jaiden is TALKING!

I will retell in detail tomorrow because I am off to watch a movie!