Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, May 30, 2016

Searching for good news

I wake up this Memorial Day full of hope and celebration. I love our great country. 

My job each morning as a news reporter is to gather the news. 

I log on to my PC and the darkness pours over me...vandals spray paint veterans memorial rock...retired police officer kills children, then self...police injured trying to help man who set himself on fire...

All I see is the evil in this world. At least that is what the major media sources want me to see and report. I go back to the websites looking for anything that is positive, uplifting.

A teen walks across the stage to graduate after having suffered a stroke. 

That's it. The only positive story. That and "bow hunting deer considered a success this season".

I haven't been living under a rock. I am fully aware that there has been evil in our world since the beginning of time. 

But what if I had never gone online this morning? The only news I would know is that is currently raining here on Thee Farm. It's Memorial Day. The last Monday in May. The songbirds in my yard are singing praise. My children are all sleeping soundly because summer is here and they can sleep all they want because they are growing. Growing.

What lens will they see the world through someday?

One of hope? or one which the media wants them to use?

I cannot shelter them, and I don't want to. But I will teach them and encourage them to look for the one good news story amongst all of the terrible ones.

And as long as they know Thee Good News, they will have hope. Even on the darkest of days.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Using My Voice

I have never been afraid to speak my mind...sometimes to my detriment, sometimes to my advantage.

I have been quick to spread gossip and yet slow to share my faith.

Sharp words fly out of my mouth - words of praise for a job well done?  not so much.

Why? What others struggle with - the whole "using your words" thing...I excel at. I get paid to talk on the radio for Pete's sake.

Today, I choose to use words that build souls up. To speak truth. To pour words of healing praise into my relationships.

Summer vacation has begun. It's time to practice patience with my children. It's time to stop nagging Thee Farmer and instead thank him with words full of gratitude for all he does for our family.

God has given you a voice. How will you use yours?