Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

36 years young today...
I threw the frosting first

Mom always buys me a storebought Halloween cake!
More pics later

36 years young today...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dog Rescue!!!!

Cody and I went on another of our crazy adventures last night! I saw a dog sitting in the field across from Jim and Jen's at 12:30 when I went to town. It was there when I came back at 2 in the same spot. At 5, when I took Jaima to dance class, there he was. At 6:30 when I picked her up, there he was. At 6:45 - same spot! So, I called Cody and told him to "Be Ready! Get the flashlight and the binoculars in case we can't get close." So, we drive the back way to C33 and turn into Kevin Adams' bean field and THERE HE IS. This massive, beautiful black lab...who is so big I think "CUJO!" So, I call Jenni and I say, "Can you see me in the field across from your house?" She's like, "What in the heck are you doing?" And I say, "There's a dog!" And I know she thinks I am crazy! She says she's never seen one like that around - so we finally roll down the windows and shine the flashlight on him - "Here puppy" and he starts wagging his tail. "You get out and pet him Cody!" "No way, you do it" "I'm not doing it" So we both get out - and I am tiptoe-ing for some dumb reason - up to the dog - and I reach out a hand and...he likes me! We tried to put him in the back of the Denali, but he won't jump in. So I tell Cody to open up the side door...and in he jumps...this MASSIVE black lab...and we both get in the car - "What if he bites my head off?" So we both lean forward in case he lunges at us...I call Jenni, she says, "Did you get bit?" HAHA - I say, "No, we're takin' him home" She thinks I'm crazier than before.
Fast forward to this morning...I call the vet - yep he's missing - belongs to Mr. Uhlenhopp at the high school - his name is...Bonehead. It fits him. Turns out that at harvest time he gets confused and can't find his way back he sits and faces north and waits for someone to rescue him...THE END

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wind and snow today! Just blowing snow...every once in a while - but it was pretty! The wind is really bad today. The guys are trying to combine and the corn is getting knocked down. Then, when they unload corn into the bins they have to stand in the wind. Cody is riding in the tractor with Khyle. Soon, they will stop to do chores and then come in and watch the girls for me so I can go to my ChristLife class.

This class is really changing my life - helping to let go of my past and face the future. I'd recommend it to anyone.

I only went to Sunday School today. I had a migraine and knew I needed to get home and get to bed and sleep it off. I'm glad Jaiden was willing to sleep, too! I am feeling much better and am going to stop and get a Coke on the way to class. Someone found my secret stash and there is none left at the house!

I have a prayer request for you all, a good friend, Garry, had a stroke. He is one of those guys that looks and acts 40 and he is in his late 60s - he is really depressed because he can't go to work in his tire shop - and is struggling with why it happened to him. Please lift him up in your prayers. We all know what God can do when we pray!

Cael is doing great - he returned to school last week. He is up to his old tricks - yesterday, while carving pumpkins I discovered he carved my kitchen chair! Oh, Cael! Thank God for you and your mischief!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Cael and Jaima carved pumpkins today - I ended up carving the rest of Jaima's spider for her! Cael made a three-eyed monster (and a mess!) Cody is carving his now - will post pictures later.
The guys are combining corn in the field just west of the house. All is going well. It feels good to be harvesting after the rain we had this week!

Playing in the leaves

Emma Lynn


"Auntie, make me a big pile!"

Pizza party!

The leftovers!
Master chef!


Thursday evening, we had the Bolin's over for dinner! Thanks, Ashley and Matt for bringing the food - yeah for my double oven!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks, Mama Austa...

...for reassuring me that life is good just the way it is!
I am the perfect mother. No, my dishes aren't done. My floors are not always swept. Four dogs will greet you when you visit. Piles of laundry lurk in my hallway. You can't see the tops of our desks. Sometimes the bills are late. Sometimes the kids go to school without the papers that were supposed to be signed and sent back. Sometimes we miss the bus. The milk expires. The bread gets moldy. And always, kids that aren't ours are running through the house and staying with us.
But there are always lollipops and hugs and kisses and laughter. Balloons to hit around the house. Leaves to be played in. Races to be run and footballs to be caught. These are the things that will matter twenty years from now when my children are grown. They won't mention the dust or the muddy hallway. They will remember the wonderful meals full of laughter and love. Special treats after school and a mom that was there to greet them when they got off the bus. The special kisses before bed and reading four or five stories because Mom wants just five more minutes with them.
I am the perfect Mom.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a weekend!

The cake!
After we sang happy Birthday, Jaiden grabbed it!
"I'm one!" Eating cake with Kiersten. (Ian and Julie in the background.)
Walking with the vacuum that Nana and Papa got her.
Jaima writing a story.
I just woke up from a nap with Jaiden! I could use another, but I have a little homework to finish for my church class tonight...hmmm, I am definitely taking a nap again tomorrow!

Cael and Cody are playing Guitar Hero - I am going to send them outside soon - they need to get "the stink off them" as my mama used to say!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More cake pictures

Uncle Jim encouraged this - he told her to wash her hair with the frosting!
It was in her nose, eyes and hair!

First Birthday!

Jenni, Cael and Jaiden
My own cake!
I'm one!
Emma and Patches
We had a great night! We got food from Joe's. Jenni brought me a whole pan of pumpkin bars! The kids ran around and played with balloons and in the playhouse. Jaiden was a crazy girl - she was still WIRED at 9:30! I will post videos of her opening her presents - she only wanted her John Deere toy - kept crawling back to it instead of opening the others. We also got her a tea set and some play food for her playhouse. Uncle Jim and Aunt Jenni got her an outfit, a cow book and a farm tie blanket.
I picked up her cake for tonight - it's a cow cake, of course!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jaiden Ilo!

The RosePetal Cottage! Jaiden loves playing in her birthday present!
This was taken yesterday after Jenni, Wyatt and I tried to figure out how to get the first half put together! Thanks, Jenni - you definitely are the brains of this operation!
Tonight, Jim, Jenni, Cael and Emma will help us celebrate - and tomorrow, Nana and Papa, the tenHoeves and other friends will come for a birthday dinner...
At 11 this morning, Jaiden is going to have her birthday pictures taken at Donna Busch's studio - I can't wait! One of the outfits will be one that Jaima wore for her one-year pics!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Jaiden is walking- when she feels like it - as many as 7 steps - she is such a show off - she walks best for her Auntie Jenni.
My days are so full! Cael and I have been hanging out - playing football and soccer and going for walks. I am trying to clean and do laundry - but being with the kids is so much more important now - before, I would tell them I had to clean first before I could go outside -now, I leave the mess and go outdoors and laugh and giggle with them. I am not in such a hurry anymore. I love smelling the top of Cael's head - I just breathe him in! I take time to read to allof them and listen to their stories without thinking about what I could be doing...I wake up each morning with a prayer of thanksgiving!
My calendar is full and I am glad gas prices are dropping! Jaiden's bday is Friday - she is getting her pictures taken that day - and her party is class and reading at Jaima's school - jaima's class is leading worship Thursday...making chicken noodle soup for Youth Group Wednesday...I am reading a piece of literature at the Women's, keeping track of Cody and staying up late with him so we can have time alone. Conner and Wyatt need extra help with school work - and Conner gets frustrated because he can't RUN - that is his favorite thing to the White House is a crazy, busy house and I wouldn't have it any other way!


there goes the first curl....

the shirt says "I make dirt look good" Daddy's girl

future cheerleader

Jaima is in the back row on the left behind the tall girl in the the photo her back is turned - she was staring at the boys until they began cheering - she was so enthralled/distracted by the team! We got a good laugh out of that one! Kiersten and I were yelling at her to turn around!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Last week (?) was homecoming week...Cody and Lance dressed up as Storm Troopers for "er" day - Cody is on the left! They spent a lot of time putting together the stuff for the socks, spandex, women's silver boots - and I don't think I want to know what else - or how much he spent!

i'm tired

Conner and Jaiden - she loves riding in his wheelchair. Ignore the mess in the background. I started cleaning up today!
I have become my mother-in-law...this WAS stew meat I had in the oven.
Jaiden making a mess...
Cael was here yesterday for a visit. And today, he and Emma came until after lunch. We played soccer because we played too much football yesterday and Cael needed to exercise his legs. Jenni laughed at me and said I would have to be rehabilitated along with Cael since I am so out of shape!
Jaima and Jaiden got their hair cut yesterday. I will post those pics when I transfer them to this computer. I am having problems with my laptop keyboard again and am using John's right now. Jaima had cheerleading clinic last night and will cheer before the football game tonight - we are excited to be getting out of the house and actually go to a game! Tomorrow is the Folkert's Harvest Party - we will go and eat great food and go on hayrides!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I have had to move a few things in the house so Conner can get around in his wheelchair - he also has a walker - but it's much easier for him to scoot in the chair! I pray that he will be able to sleep tonight without too much pain. He has a lot of cuts and bruises on his leg.

I just got back from taking John to the field. They are almost done combining the Ellison farm. Since it is going to rain there is no dew tonight and the beans are not getting "tough". So they can keep combining until they are done with that field. Another blessing from God. Jim is so anxious to be home farming. I told him I could come and spend the day with Cael anytime! cael continues to get better each day - and was even able to play catch with his Dad today!

I will post pics tomorrow - Jaiden is cutting teeth - her molars have poked through - and now her eye teeth - and with that comes teething diarrhea - poor thing! But she is still smiling...she took two steps last night while I was at class. Is standing by herself lots - and learned to climb up on the step stool chair I keep in the kitchen - all the way to the top - so for now the chair is in Cody's room!
No school today! It is nice having all of the kids home. I am trying to get back in the swing of things. Cody and Jaima were a big help when it came to sorting laundry. I cooked a lot of food today to restock the fridge. It was so nice to have meals provided for us last week when I could barely think! I made enchiladas, rice casserole and last night a HUGE pot of beef stew.
Conner and Wyatt are here and will be spending the night. I will take Conner to school tomorrow because he is using a wheelchair. He has an infection in his leg and road rash which is also infected. So he is on antibiotics and has a visiting nurse who comes to help dress the wounds. She will be here tomorrow and will teach me how to dress his wounds. As soon as the infection clears he will probably have surgery to set his leg - they will need to pin it. Please continue to pray for Conner - he is a special needs SUPER guy who is not quite understanding all that has happened. Brother Wyatt is doing great - he is sleeping well again - and is so happy that Cael is alive and well!
I talked to Cael on the phone today for quite a while - his speech and thought processes are really improving - we laughed a lot and I told him about all of the work I have for him to do here on the farm - he said it wasn't his mess - HAHA
I will finish this later - I have a fussy baby - will update on teeth - WALKING - and big brother DeeDee!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

there is no such thing as luck...

it is God! God is still performing miracles today. So many people have talked to us about luck this last week. Cael James was not lucky he was blessed - blessed that so many of you are praying for him...and blessed by God with the gift of life. I have tried so hard to share the faith that John and I have - and the peace that comes from knowing the Lord. When we have Christ we have peace - a peace that passes all understanding. It's all in God's hands...and He cradled Cael James in His arms a week ago today and gently placed him back in my arms.

God's Blessings to you all today...

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Hey Auntie!" The best words I have ever heard in my entire life! John, LuLu and I got to talk to Cael on the phone for a minute this afternoon!

I went to the doctor yesterday to get something to calm me down and help me sleep. I slept so well that the kids missed the bus this morning! I also took a longnap with Jaiden this afternoon and was awakened when the kids got off of the bus!!! I feel so much better - I can't stop singing praises to God...

Tonight is homecoming. Cody is on his way to pick up food from Joe's (for those of you not from here - the best food in town! If you visit I will take you) and then he will be heading to the game.

Combining beans continues tomorrow. I am going to clean up this house - looks like a tornado hit it. We couldn't find LuLu's shoes this morning!

I will post pics of Cody's costume for homecoming on Tuesday - they dresses as storm troopers from star wars!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's time to share part of the story...

now that the grief and shock of it all are lessening thanks to all of your prayers!

On Sunday, Cael was here for lunch. He went out to ride the Ranger and took Conner and Wyatt for a ride. I was taking a shower and heard John yelling for me. I jumped in the car and drove out back - John followed on the 4wheeler. And then, I saw him. My little Bubba. Pinned by the Ranger. John lifted it and I pulled him out. Then I began resuscitating him while John called 911 and jim, Cael's dad. In what seemed like minutes the sheriff, first responders, neighbors and paramedics were there to help. Stan got Jaima and Conner and Wyatt to safety. MaryLou Epley went in the house to get Jaiden. Aircare came and flew Cael to Iowa City. Then I went running to find Jaima. That's all I will share for now. Just reliving this little bit is enough for me today.

Cael is doing well. He is back in ICU because of some fluid on his lungs - but he is a trooper and our God is an awesome God.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our little miracle...

Cael James is alive and well! He is talking and moving and breathing on his own! They will move him to a regular room soon! Praise God! Thank you for all of your prayers. Thank you to those of you who brought food. A huge thank you to our neighbors! Please continue to pray for Conner. He is seeing the orthopedic surgeon today and will need our prayers! His leg is broken in two spots by his ankle. God is in control!