Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Thirty-one days to journey from Conceit to Complete. I don't know about you, but I have noticed little changes in my life as I have taken the focus off of me and have looked to Jesus as my example - my measuring stick.

We've talked about commandments and how life is not full of "Thou shall nots" but rather, "Serve. Sacrifice. Love."

We've talked about making commitments and keeping them. Something a few of my very dear friends will tell you I need to keep working on!

We've learned what Communion really is - a feast of thanksgiving for Thee One who died once, for all.

I bared my soul and told you about my conversion. Confessed. Connected. Considered.

But Thee Main purpose for this thirty-one day journey was to lead you to Thee Cross. To convince you that this is all very real.

I will never stop sharing my story with you because I want so very much for you to believe - not so you can be like me - but so that you can discover a faith all of your very own. So that you, too, can be set free from your past, and fully live this amazing life that is spilled out before you.

I confess I wasn't telling you the whole truth and nothing but Thee Truth when I told you we would become complete by today. The Bible says we won't become complete til the day Jesus returns.

So stay with me on this journey of hope?

I promise to share what's on my heart. Encourage you. Teach you. Answer your questions and love on you.

We can grow together.

Now, promise me you won't eat all of the Reese's you take from your kids' treat bags tonight? It's my birthday. You can send them to me.

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