Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, October 9, 2014


My mama cleaned by rearranging furniture. My grandmas, too. It's funny how we are like that. Move all of the furniture. Dust. Clean. Put back. But never the same. And your husband comes home and trips over the couch. One time, I moved the bed and he came home really late after a meeting. He fell on the floor trying to get into what he thought was the bed. Ok, I confess, I did that one on purpose!

I bought new furniture this fall. It's easy to wipe off and pet hair can't stick to it. Ok, I really bought it because The Farmer bought a new manure spreader. 

I'm rearranging again. Thinking about where the Christmas tree will go. Moving the TV. The lamps. The pictures. A fresh start. And a heritage I am proud of. And I love confusing friends when they come over. "Wasn't your couch over here last time?" 

Yes, yes it was.