Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the White Family!
Cody played Joseph in our church's live Nativity and Jaiden played Baby Jesus. Friend, Lauren, is the Virgin Mary.
Jaima received High School Musical Karaoke game from Santa - we sang all day!
This has been a busy holiday for us. John has been hauling manure for the neighbor, taking care of our ever-growing cattle herd, coordinating bringing in feed, working at the landfill and hauling corn - too much he says - haha - he loves to work and wouldn't know what to do otherwise!
John's Aunt Sue passed away last Sunday - her funeral was yesterday - it was a moving tribute to a woman who had a heart of gold - she taught me a lot about love and always encouraged me to look for the good in everyone - we spent a lot of hours on the phone the past 6 years! She will be missed!
We went to my folks house for Christmas and had a great time - eating my Mom's awesome turkey - with all of the trimmings! Gave my brother, Chad, a pink John Deere blanket since he is always teasing John about liking pink! I finally made him speechless for a moment!
We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the New Year - always hoping that this might be when Christ returns - and just living each day the best that we can with the wonderful blessings God has given us!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

2 months old!

cody had a friend stay last night and we let them open his christmas present - a new guitar amp - dad and i don't mind it loud - we all like the same music. cousin cael spent the night. we made a fort out of the empty boxes.
jaiden ilo is such a joy - she truly is a happy baby - always smiling! her hair stands straight up, as you can see. tigger is her favorite toy - thanks, tracy! - and she sucks on his ears!
we are painting the master bedroom today - can't wait to get it done and all put back together.
we pray that you are remembering the real reason for the season - and that christ's love abounds in your home- take time to read the christmas story in luke - and enjoy your family!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

happy saturday

what a great day! lots of sun - even though i never went outside:) i baked bread (with my bread machine!) made my favorite frito pie - cream cheese, hormel chili and cheddar cheese!
i used to do lots of crafts and had a ton of stuff in the basement - paints, canvasses, clay, scrapbooking, etc - and never had any idea where i would put all of it when we moved upstairs and haven't touched it in two years - so, i cleaned up my laundry room - which has a counter, tons of storage cabinets and lots of space - that's what the pics are!

jaima spent all day trying on different outfits - and wearing my high heels!

jaiden was so good - a little sleepy today - but a happy, smiling baby nonetheless!

cody and john went to pick up some new calves today - and built new pens for the barn - john cut himself and i got to use my emt skills to bandage him up - haha

kiersten is here to hang out with me and the girls - we'll make homemade pizza, watch movies and stay up too late

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's what I did today!

I spent almost 4 hours cleaning Jaima's room! She was so excited when she got home from school. I set up a desk for her and put all of her "fashion design" stuff on it. Sorted all of her dolls and books and got rid of a lot! The dollhouse is one my Dad built for me!

New Mantle!

Finally! John and Cody built me this mantle for the fireplace - it is a barn beam from Vosseller's old barn which was torn down a few years ago - I love country/antiques and I think it is just perfect!

Monday, December 10, 2007

jaiden is growing!

got a new digital camera today - here are the first photos i took! jaiden has found her hands! and has also learned to cry to get what she wants!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

broken camera

my digital camera needs to be repaired-manufacturers defect boohoo will post new pics as soon as i can

jaima has been ill for a few days with a viral infection - daddy had to go pick her up from school on monday - poor thing

jaiden is such a good baby - likes to nurse alot from5pm-8pm so i don't get much done at night -

cleaned out my closet today - 4 huge lawn and garden bags full! am sending the clothes to my pastor's son's church - they have a clothes closet for the poor - am glad to get rid of my maternity clothes! i have way too much stuff - and am gradually cleaning out the house!

cody is ready for christmas vacation - he has been working so hard this semester!