Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 8, 2016

When things don't go as planned

This series was supposed to begin on October 1, as I was ready to post this, my laptop crashed. At first, I was angry, OK out of control enraged throwing tantrums and maybe swearing a little, but then, I waited. Because it was a lesson that things DO NOT go as we plan them. So here I am, on Day 8, starting my new series. Enjoy and be blessed.

WRITE 31 DAYS 2016

"Planning with purpose and praise" that's the theme of this blog. Helping you create a life that is under control and full of praise for Thee One who sets the stars in motion and knows the plans He has for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

But what about those things that come out of nowhere? The unexpected? The unwanted?

All around our county last week towns were flooding. Fields under water. Cows and hay bales floated in the muddy waters. 

How in the world does one plan for that? And what possible purpose can God have with this?
God is not a God of chaos. And chaos is all around us. 

I can tell you all about making emergency preparedness. But you wouldn't listen to me until the actual disaster threatened or was imminent. 

A week after the floods I received a message from a very dear friend. Our friend has passed away. She was only 43. You can't prepare for that either. The flooding of emotions and memories and regrets hits you like wave that weeps you under and you've got to remind yourself to breathe and live in the present and not get stuck in the past. Only you can't because you're getting pulled under by the grief. 
Some things just can't be planned
But there is still this life. Life has to be lived as long as God gives you the breath to breathe. He took my Laurie's breath away and now she gets to be with Him. That I accept. And until my dying breath I've got to live. Whether things are going the way I think they should be planned or not.

It's time to write for 31 days. Thirty one days of living the life God has lain out before us. The plans He makes surely are much better than our own. Join me?

Planning and praying and breathing with love,

Thee Farm Wife