Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back from break...

There's a reason why I stopped blogging. A sad one. My dear Aunt Kay, who was my inspiration for writing, passed away and I just didn't feel like writing anymore. But I am feeling the need to share again. One, because I really am sick of Facebook. Two, I still want a way to preserve our way of life for our family and friends.

We went to the Cattleman's Banquet Sunday, and our local newspaper editor was there. We were talking, and looking at all of the people gathered there. I said, "To anyone else this may look hokey, but to us, this is important. We gather together to celebrate our way of life. The sacrifices that we make. This means something to these people."

I embrace my life. I love staying home. Not so I don't have to have a job in town. (I hardly remember what that was like anymore.) I stay home so I don't miss a second of my kids lives. I stay home so I can be the biggest influence in their lives. I stay home because my husband wants me to. I stay home because being a farmer's wife is my princess dream come true. If I had listened to myself, I would be stuck in an office, complaining about my life and my job and my kids and my hot mess. Am I denying myself anything? Maybe sleep. But it is well with my soul. Right here. At home. Down on the farm.