Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, January 19, 2018

We've Moved!

After over ten years of calling this page our home on the internet, we finally have our very own space!

Please join us there for more inspiration on finding hope in the chaos!


Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Apologies

I attempted to get all fancy on you and start an email newsletter sign up and it backfired - not allowing you to see my blog!

In the blogging world you're supposed to have your own site, ads, newsletters, etc...and really, I just want to write - and grow with you - so when we outgrow this space that's when we'll make some adjustments. Deal?

Influenza, step and other ick has invaded Thee Farm House. Motivating me to clean and declutter and disinfect. It could also be the prednisone they put me on - I hate that stuff!!!!! It makes this hyper girl super hyper. 

Speaking of decluttering! I'm getting rid of the fat: in my diet and on my body. I am working with Sara from and Becky from      and using their Faithful Finish Lines program to get my spiritual and physical life back on track. 45 is going to be my best year ever!

I need God more than I need food.

T-shirt coming soon! Seriously. We all need reminders of who we are and who we belong to. Why do we sacrifice our health - again spiritual and physical - and not put the dang oxygen mask on so we can breathe and then take care of others?!?

Wherever you are at today - pause. Take a minute and just reflect a little. Are you happy? Are you healthy? How's it going between you and God? 

And then, don't beat yourself up - but embrace the moment and make a plan. 

God's waiting for you, 

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, January 5, 2018

Ever Be (Lyric Video) - Kalley Heiligenthal | We Will Not Be Shaken

Even if you don't believe, take my challenge and put on some headphones and let these words wash over you.

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New You

I wanted to get this posted while I work on my full post for today.

Many of you know that I have joined Faithful Finish Lines.

Click the box below to sign up!

 Click here to sign up!

More to come real soon!!!! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Planning a New Year and Choosing Your One Word

It's almost a new year. Calendar and planner pages all bright and new. New stickers and pens. I am ready to plan it all out. Maybe you are too, but before we jump in to making all of our own plans maybe we better let God tell us a little about what He has planned for us for 2018?

Spend some time in prayer as you fill out the pages...consider His ways. Is He telling you to be less busy? To get healthy? To spend more time in His Word?

I confess I am a planner addict. I buy several each year and switch between them. I buy all of the accessories. I spend way too much at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. This year, I am organizing my supplies, taking stock and vowing to use what I have. (That's another post for another day!)

Source and Credit:

I have also chosen my word for the year. Last year's was PAUSE. I learned to pause before I spoke, yelled, purchased (except planner junk sigh) or was about to disrespect my Dear Farmer. It gave me focus and it was an action word!

This year's word is...PRACTICE. As in practice what I preach. Eliminate hypocrisy. Set the example. Live out openly what I believe inwardly. Be an example in word and deed to my children.

What's your word going to be? Pray and ask God to show you.

Comment below and tell me your word for 2018.

Happy New Year Blessings to you,

Thee Farm Wife