Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Beautiful Season

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Screaming and Starbucks

Oh my sweet little space on the I long to escape and let words pour out from my fingertips. To get rid of anger and frustration and share with the whole wide world that my kids are screaming the f word at each other and not even pretend that life is perfect anymore. Everyone is hurting in our family and withdrawing into their own little shells. There is no community. Everyone is tattle tailing now. And i just want to scream. Get in my van and drive to the nearest Starbucks. 

But deep inside I KNOW that God doesn't have THIS planned for us. I've lost my voice. Can't even get the words to come out of my mouth. Begging them to STOP and listen to me. To hear me and be heard. No strength to take a deep breath and get up and deal with the fighting. I don't even yell anymore because every time I do? My soul hurts...right down to my marrow.

When did my ideal (made up in my head) family life go? Is it really true that everyone lives this way? Or the it really true that everyone else's life is perfect and that their children have NEVER said the f word?

Now they are telling each other they are sorry...hugging it out and I haven't said a word. Only poured my heart out to in this space. And so our day continues. The sun shines it's face upon us. God breathes new life into our darkness. 

Do I dare hit "publish" and let you know? Of course, because there is hope for all of us. And His name is Jesus. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

When things don't go as planned

This series was supposed to begin on October 1, as I was ready to post this, my laptop crashed. At first, I was angry, OK out of control enraged throwing tantrums and maybe swearing a little, but then, I waited. Because it was a lesson that things DO NOT go as we plan them. So here I am, on Day 8, starting my new series. Enjoy and be blessed.

WRITE 31 DAYS 2016

"Planning with purpose and praise" that's the theme of this blog. Helping you create a life that is under control and full of praise for Thee One who sets the stars in motion and knows the plans He has for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

But what about those things that come out of nowhere? The unexpected? The unwanted?

All around our county last week towns were flooding. Fields under water. Cows and hay bales floated in the muddy waters. 

How in the world does one plan for that? And what possible purpose can God have with this?
God is not a God of chaos. And chaos is all around us. 

I can tell you all about making emergency preparedness. But you wouldn't listen to me until the actual disaster threatened or was imminent. 

A week after the floods I received a message from a very dear friend. Our friend has passed away. She was only 43. You can't prepare for that either. The flooding of emotions and memories and regrets hits you like wave that weeps you under and you've got to remind yourself to breathe and live in the present and not get stuck in the past. Only you can't because you're getting pulled under by the grief. 
Some things just can't be planned
But there is still this life. Life has to be lived as long as God gives you the breath to breathe. He took my Laurie's breath away and now she gets to be with Him. That I accept. And until my dying breath I've got to live. Whether things are going the way I think they should be planned or not.

It's time to write for 31 days. Thirty one days of living the life God has lain out before us. The plans He makes surely are much better than our own. Join me?

Planning and praying and breathing with love,

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Sunday night musings...a Sunday night routine

 I can tell the end of summer is near. The windows are so dirty that everything outside looks dingy. I can't clean them in the summer because we have to spray the house for flies. Farm livin.

The kids are in the tree house with blankets and pillows. Someone just yelled, "GO TAKE THAT JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER INSIDE!" I don't even want to know. 

Jaima, 14, went to the Homecoming dance last night. I didn't want to let her go. I know without a doubt that she is nothing like I was at 14, But I do know that boys are still the same. Her innocence makes me proud...and regretful at the same time. But the past is the past and I am who I am and praise God for that. He walked me right on up and out.

Now, here's another great planning tip for you as we work on our Homespun Faith and planning life together:

If you don't have a Sunday night plan, I have to tell you that if you would just take a few minutes tonight, your week will be amazingly better.

  • Check the calendar.
  • Check the forecast.
  • Check the fridge.
  • Get a basic menu plan and grocery list started.
  • If you are behind on laundry, grab one outfit for each person and wash one load for tomorrow.
  • Find everyone's shoes and backpacks. Notes, fees and library books.
  • Throw the kids in the tub. While they are bathing...
  • Pack lunches.
  • Find your purse, keys, work things, water bottle.
  • Pick your outfit for tomorrow.
  • Everyone go to bed early. This one night sleep is the most important to jump starting your week. Don't forget kisses and prayers and stories. 
This really doesn't take as long as you think. And really works for every night of the week. You just have to want to get control of the chaos.

Do you enjoy the craziness of Monday morning?

Love and sweet beginnings to your week,
Thee Farm Wife

Friday, September 16, 2016

Football Friday - Recipe #2

Ahhh...finally Friday! Homecoming for many schools. The weather is slowly changing. And I just spent an hour on Pinterest gaining weight just looking at all of the yummy recipes for tailgating!
Seriously, there is a dip and a thingie on a stick for everything.

I have made Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls for Thee Farmer and his friends several times for fight night. That's when they get together and act all manly and watch grown men beat the crap out of each other.

You will need:

Egg roll wrappers
One bag cole slaw mix
Canned chicken or cooked and shredded chicken breast
Cookies Wings and Things Sauce
Bleu cheese crumbles or bleu cheese salad dressing

I like these ingredients better than the ones suggested on the recipe I found. These are baked and are very easy. Just make sure you have plenty of sauce because the chicken absorbs A LOT!

For directions and how to fold and bake head on over to this link.

Be sure to listen to KWAY 99.3 FM and the Breakfast Club Friday mornings for Football Friday. We interview Rick Willis,Wartburg Head Football Coach, Mark Farley, UNI Head Football Coach and tomorrow W-SR's Homecoming King and Queen! You can tune in online at

Much love and appetizer happiness,
Thee Farm Wife