Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

We came home from Waterloo tonight and I wanted to call the police and tell them someone broke into our house while we were gone, but then I realized it was our mess...I am going to use hefty cash rewards to bribe these kids to pick up after themselves. It will be worth it. Who wouldn't want a dollar to clean Daddy's toilet?

Cody decided to go to Walmart at 8pm because he thinks it's hilarious watching all of those people trying to get a good deal. He told me I couldn't go. He knows I would probably punch someone in the face. Seriously. I hate crowds.

Spent the day with my parents. Ate way too much. We got a call from our neighbor telling us the power was out. Luckily, it's back on now, because I needed to microwave my leftovers.

SO much to be thankful for, even these screaming and fighting kiddos. My family is healthy. The drought didn't destroy us. We have great friends. Plenty to eat. A great big roof over our heads.

Will you consider sponsoring a child at this year? It's about $38 a month...and you will make a lifetime impact on a child who is a world away, giving hope, developing a friendship, and insuring that they will have enough to eat and clothes to wear!

Be blessed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chaos in childrearing

I suppose for a non-parenting type of person our house would appear to be one big chaotic mess. (Can you have a chaotic mess? is that an oxymoron?) It's loud, because I'm loud. It's happy. There's a lot of running and chasing and jumping. Toys. Clothes for six people. A hundred pairs of shoes. 2500 sq. ft. of a farm family livin it up. There's more love than most people get in a lifetime. There's always plenty of food. Anyone is welcome to pull up a chair at mealtimes, or anytime in between. That's our life.

So, I guess I was deeply offended that someone would describe our chaos in a negative way. Our ministry, our life purpose has been to dedicate this home to serving others. We don't pretend to be fancy, even though from the outside this house looks pretty darn fancy. We don't open the door and say, "Oh no! You can't come in, we haven't cleaned yet." We apologize if you don't like dogs, but we have three, you'll just have to yell at them like Julie does :) And, Big Dummy counts as two. ha

My point is, real life is messy. Chaotic at times. But chaos with a purpose. The purpose of raising healthy, well rounded, Jesus-loving kids. When a home centers around raising kids that's what you get. Noise. Mess. Dirty dishes. Dust. Because, frankly, I'd rather read to my kids than dust the shelves. I can dust when they're grown.

Besides, I didn't build this big house. It takes a lot of time to clean it. I've timed it, more than eight hours to clean two rooms. I grew up in a trailer. That lovely home would fit in my kitchen and dining room.

So, YES, we raise our kids in chaos. Heaven forbid if it ever changes. Because we love our kids. They come first. Just yell when you walk in the front door and join in the game of tag. Or fold a basket of my laundry. But join in, don't judge.

(She steps off the soapbox. Exits stage left.)

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I turned 40 on Halloween. Sigh. Everyone says 40 is the new 30. But I was ten years younger when I was 30!

Here are some pumpkin and costume pics.

Cody bought me all the Star Wars movies on bluray!