Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sometimes, life lets us down. Like having your heart set on getting away and then having to be a grownup and be responsible...we have to postpone our Arkansas getaway...too many new cattle here to take care of and other farmy things...

On the bright side, I can attend my 20th high school reunion on Friday night - oh boy - I get to go see how old all of my friends have become. Because, of course, I haven't aged a bit. Just sayin.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get your feet off of the table, silly girl! This isn't dance practice!

The calves, being let out to pasture for the first time, kicking up their heels!

Chloe, being cute!

Big Dummy, being dumb, getting caught sleeping in my chair AGAIN!

Apollo, looking sad, because he got caught on the couch AGAIN!

John and the tenHoeve boys at Roland's birthday party, I'm sure they were talking farming!

I love this picture of Liesbeth, I accidentally cut off Lisa, but I love this smile!
We had a great time last Friday at tenHoeve's.
I was out in my garden this morning and two goldfinches flew right in front of my face - it was beautiful!!!!I figured I had better pull weeds before we go on vacation! Then, i came inside and paid bills, which made me not want to go on vacation lol - it's all good. We head for Arkansas Friday morning. I went to Walmart today and got everything we might need for the long drive. John used to be a truck driver, so there's no stopping along the way. One of us girls usually ends up crying about how bad we have to go potty before he will stop hahaha. Dan-o will take care of the farm while we are away. We haven't left since our last trip to Arkansas So, I am excited. John and I will be staying at a bed&breakfast and the kiddos with Grammy and Papa.

John and Cody just pulled in the yard with the last load of hay for the day. It's 3:30, I think they started at 9am. Looong day, too bad I just ate the last piece of cheesecake lol

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's Motto

"Today I will not let anyone get me frazzled. Today I will reply positively to any negativity I receive. Today I will zip it, instead of snap back. Today I will let some things roll off my shoulders. Today I will remember that the best teaching moments are quiet moments, not the reactionary ones."

courtesy of one of my favorite blog's Clover Lane

I will also add:

"Today I will pray without ceasing and know that you are my God. Today I will turn to You before I open my mouth, make a decision or be tempted to scream!"

This is one of my favorite mom blogs to read because she is so real. She is raising 5 kids and she admits she yells sometimes and that her house isn't perfect. That's it!

VBS week

I've been helping out with Bible School this week in the preschool room. Almost 50 three and four year olds! And it is so fun! Today, I am not feeling well, so am resting at home. Don't know if it is allergies or what.

The girls spent the night in town at Jaclyn's last night. What a treat for me! I can't remember the last time I had a night to myself! I guess they both slept in Jac's bed with her and Jac ended up on the floor!

My little ballerina...

I loved their hairpieces!
These pics taken with old camera
I found a really good deal on a camera yesterday so will be trying out taking pics around the farm. I love my  morning view and wanted to capture it to share with you all. The girls' had dropped my old camera so often and the lens was scratched. Let's call it my anniversary present to myself. Nine years on June 2nd!
Jethro, the first thing he does when I let him inside is run and jump in my chair! Taken with new camera...

Picture Day!

Danielle and I in the hammock - notice which side is lower? hahahaha
Hammock photos taken by Liesbeth, who just thought this was the funniest thing.
 You can see part of Roland, he just had to listen in to the girl talk!

Divas! Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon

Chloe - I was trying out my new and improved camera - this is one spoiled dog!

Jaiden's always posing for pics - att-it-tude!

My sweet angel, Jaima, she is growing up way too fast!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good morning, world! John told me he is going to take me to the greenhouse I have always wanted to visit after chores are done. His chores, not mine! Lol

Friday, June 10, 2011