Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My dear Aunite sent me this recipe that also came from Grandma. I love this on buttered toast!


1 qt. rhubarb, cut in sm. pieces
8 c. sugar
2 qts. strawberries, washed and hulled

Sprinkle pieces of rhubarb with sugar, let set 12 hours. Bring to a boil, add strawberries. Boil until thick, about 15 minutes, and seal in sterilized jars.

Took the cake to church today, so I wouldn't eat the whole thing by myself. Danielle and I ended up scraping the sugary stuck on bits off the pan after church - yummy!

It was so beautiful today - almost no humidity, a nice wind, and cool temps. We grilled tonight - yummy beef from our farm, mashed potatoes and some noodle thingie from a package! - the potatoes I made from scratch!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grandma Troupe's Rhubarb Cake

My mom's Mom was the best cook ever! She baked and canned and fried and I never paid much attention to learning how. Lynda gave me some rhubarb yesterday, so I looked up this recipe in the book my mom made for me.

1/2 cup shortening (I used oil)
2 cups flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
Mix until well blended.

5 cups diced rhubarb
1 box strawberry Jell-O

6 TBS margarine
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour

Spread first mixture in bottom and sides of pan. Place rhubarb on top and sprinkle with dry Jell-O. Top with last three ingredients mixed together.

Bake in 9x13 pan at 350 for about 50 minutes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Decorating project

This will be framed out when I am done - a place for the girls to scribble, to write reminders and our weekly Bible verses! Fun!

Chalkboard paint! Notes, reminders, grocery lists, here I come!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well,it's been a busy week! Ooooh,I got a new baler!

Monday, we cleaned Cody's room. I went to town a lot for some reason - almost every day.Turned the back office, which we never use,into the girl's playroom. Cleaned out the foyer closet and turned into into a cool place to welcome people to our home. I should get up and take pics, but I am comfortable in my chair right now! Soon, I promise. Cody got his senior pictures taken - we were both a little sad and excited all at the same time! The girls and Cael were also in a few. Of course, we chased a few cows this week. Cody and I did chores together while John golfed on Friday.

Yesterday, I bought the kids a pool and we were outside all day! We went to a few garage sales, too - Cody was excited because he got a Nerf dart gun - it shoots like a machine gun - see, he isn't all grown up yet!

Mom and Dad came up for Father's Day.Mom also brought me here wicker furniture, so I am excited to incorporate it into the living area.
We are under a tornado watch right now - so far, just a lot of rain. It seems to be passing over quickly. The corn and beans are doing really well. We pray for protection for what we have planted.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet Sabbath Day

What a relaxing and glorious day! We had a church picnic and outdoor concert/worship service - just got home after a long leisurely country drive! is the band that played- my friend,Pam, is the lead singer - loved it!

More later, I have two girls in desperate need of naps - Jaima and JaidenIlo - not me!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pitch forks and hay bales

New furniture!

Daddy giving his princess her roses after the recital! Yes, he's holding my purse for me - what a man!

Daddy and his girls!

What a blessing today was! Hard work and family time - I could not ask for more.

We had a picnic lunch with John in the front yard.
The kids and I brought rocks up to line our butterfly garden (it is not picture worthy yet!) We also went down to the creek and picked a spot for one of Cody's senior pics. Donna will be here next week to take those. Yikes! Then, Cody and I put fresh bedding the the pens and then cleaned out the bunk where Gerben's heifers are. I earned my keep today - haha

Took Khyle shopping for his birthday present tonight - I got him a bedding set for his new bed. He was so funny about what things cost. I wanted to buy him Egyptian cotton sheets - he picked out he cheap ones! Someday he will know the joy of climbing into bed on 400 count sheets hahaha - now that's a great way to end the day - trust me!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The story of Holly the cow

Eight years ago I first came to the farm. I loved the cows! John would take me to the barn and I would name all of the calves. (I still remember the way he would smile at me!)

He had an all white cow - and she had a beautiful calf. White with black spots - she would jump and play with me, and I named her Holly. One day, Jenni and I were sitting out on the picnic table and John came up to the house. He paced back and forth and then came up to me and said, "Holly died." and then he took off for the barn again. I sat there and cried, Holly was my baby. Well, he kept Holly's mom for seven years and she never had a calf like that again. Oh, she had Lily, the naughty, naughty shorthorn calf - who loves to get out! We sold Holly's mom last year and I cried and cried some more. Well, sweet Lily gave birth to the most beautiful calf I have ever seen a few weeks ago, just like the first Holly, - and I call her "Holly, too" - she represents to me the birth of a new herd - a herd that will flourish and grow again - after a long, hard winter.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Well,I finally did it - I learned to drive the skid loader! I had to help John with chores since Cody is gone. I am a little too short to reach the pedals, but I did it!

The girls are being so silly tonight!

Jaiden made a mess at suppertime.

All in a day's work

Cow chasing in the rain is now one of my favorite things to do.Honestly! I haven't played in the rain in years. I had to park my car down at the driveway to the bean field to the west of the house- then walk across the field and drive the cows into a gate I had opened earlier- of course, Pickles, my trusty Yorkie, was right beside me!

It has stopped raining now- and is getting a little humid. The girls and I are getting the living room ready for the new furniture tomorrow. I am so excited and can't wait to post pics! We moved the living room back to the room with the fireplace because we need the room for the furniture. We are now using the wood floor area for eating and my desk. I love looking out the windows and enjoying the PEACEFUL view. (Now that the cows are in, that is.)

Please pray for Cody today as he travels to Iowa City for a concert.

As promised, I will tell Holly's story later today! Still working on recital videos to upload - mine are too long and require editing!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is my 300th post! Wow!

Just got done mowing the yard - I love it - because when I was growing up I could never mow because of my allergies - they seem to have lessened as I've gotten older- growing up I could never be around fresh cut grass - our mower is a zero turn mower and it goes REAL fast and you can turn circles - the neighbors must think I am a clown!

We got the butterfly garden planted. I just need to go out to the rock pile now and get some rocks to make a border around it. We planted marigolds and some other flowers that I don't know the names of.I also planted wildflower seeds and a few sunflowers.

We have lots of tomatoes on the vine. The plants are really taking off! And this year John didn't spray them with weed killer and knock em dead! He does that every year! I also have green peppers, green beans, jalapenos, cukes and broccoli growing right now. I have another garden plot to plant to the east of the house, but haven't gotten to that yet! We'll have carrots, onions, radishes, watermelons and peas out there.

Tomorrow, I will try and tell the story of Holly the calf.

Rain is coming...what a great way to end a great day!
So much to do - so little energy!

Cael is here - wants to play outside with me - so we'll go out and work on the new butterfly garden - play catch - run - Cael just pinched my upper armand told me I was weak! haha Guess we will add wrestling to the agenda!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Thanks, H,for ending me a pick of Dylan - he is adorable! We survived the first day of summer vacation! I woke up at 6 on the dot the first day - and 6:30 today - so maybe 7 is in the works for me? I like to stay up late in the summer so I'm not sure how this is going to work out. :( The last couple of weeks have been hectic and I got way tired and cranky, but am feeling much better now. Rain is falling today- John got called in to haul a load to the landfill. Cody watched the girls while I went and got my hair done. Then a quick stop at the thrift store and pharmacy - got gas and a donut and headed back to the farm. Laundry is the only thing on the list today...and my kids are in training!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crabby Appletons!

(My favorite expression my mama used to use!) My girls are cranky! Non stop whining and crying for an hour! They are so tired they can't fall asleep - school's out for summer and they can sleep til noon tomorrow if they want!!!!!

My baby Cody is officially a senior now- that makes me sad and proud all at the same time-

Today is Julie's birthday - Jaima and I went to her party and had treats.One of the Reuhling girls wanted us to stay for the chips - which are served after the desserts - and before the M&M's and candy! Dutch birthday parties are so much fun - thank you God for bringing Julie all the way across the sea to be my friend!

Okay, so tomorrow I will post the video from the recital - I am too tired to do that tonight -

We got the carpets cleaned yesterday - they look awesome! I was driving around for John all day yesterday - parts, lunch, parts, waiting while the tractor was getting fixed, running errands and delivering things. Then today, I went to Jaima's school for the Spanish worship service, went to Sue's for coffee, came home spent a few minutes with John, delivered wienie roaster sticks and bean bag toss game to Sue's for her daughter's camp out, picked Jaima up at noon, drove to Charles City, shopped, drove back to Wave town, bought John a new TV and then went to Julie's party...came home put furniture back and cleaned my desk - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH - BIG SIGH-
speaking of furniture - I got some for my anniversary present!! It gets delivered Tuesday - and then Spring Cleaning will officially be over!
P.S. Anyone want to do laundry? - I went on strike to prove a lesson to my family - like it made a difference HAHA

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary, SugarBear!

Don't look so stunned!

7 years today!

Forever I do,
Rain or shine
Plenty or drought
Flooded basements and fields
Rich in manure and not the mighty dollar
Cows out at midnight
Planting and harvest
Sickness and health
Gas and not electric
Broken down equipment
Balers and trailers instead of new furniture
I will always love you
Until I draw my last breath.
I am proud to be your wife.