Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy week...and it's only Wednesday.

Jaiden had Parents Night at dance class Monday.

Did I post Halloween pics? I can't remember a thing anymore. Jaima was a cowgirl. She really wanted this pony.

Such a serious face.

Aiden's play area. Note the spelling change of his name? He is now Aiden John. More on that in a sec...

Ok, so Aiden has to have his own room once we begin the home study for adoption. I had to move the family room to where the formal living room was. (Fireplace would be on the left of this pic.) I see that the two dogs are on my couch. Dumb dogs. The girls are playing with playdoh - thanks, again to Heather M for the awesome playdoh table!

Diaper station (thanks to Heather M!!!) and Jaiden and AJ's clothes. Yep, those are our parakeets on top of the dresser. Jaiden loves to help take care of them.

Jaiden's bed. Behind the dresser is the play area. AJ's crib is still in our room. I like to check on his breathing at night. I ordered John Deere bedding and curtains for them today. Can't wait!

Not very clear, but this is a pic I took tonight. He is growing!

He is getting stronger every day. Loves to eat. But his favorite thing to do is crawl all over as quickly as he can.

Cody is finishing up his semester at community college and making plans to leave for Iowa State after Christmas. I'm so proud of him! Will you join us in praying for guidance in his decision making for his future? He's just night sure what God is calling him to do.

Our next step with AJ is a home study. We have to have that completed before the adoption can be finalized. A lot of parents change their new babies names when they adopt. After much discussion, prayer and seeking advice from trusted friends, we decided to change the spelling of his first name to match the girls. (Had we gotten him earlier in life, I am sure we would have named him Caleb.) But he knows and responds to his name. Now he is protected with a new spelling and middle name. There is so much to do when adopting! Paperwork, getting the house in order...smoke detectors, childproofing, etc etc...they don't care if your house is spotless thank goodness haha if you know me, that will NEVER happen, I don't have time. lol But, they need to see that his needs are met and that he has his own room. There are three bedrooms in the basement, but the kids are too young to be down there. So, we made do with what we had!
That's more than enough for tonight. Thank you for your prayers. OH and thank you for the birthday cards, presents and visits! It made turning 39 a whole lot easier!