Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, May 27, 2011

Recital 2011

Well, that's it

Last day of school. My baby girl is officially a fourth grader! Cael and Emma got off the bus with Jaima and we have been having fun all afternoon - even a trip to DQ.

No plans for the holiday weekend. I'd like to plant the rest of the garden, but it is cold and rainy. We usually bale hay on Memorial Day but I don't think it is ready yet.

Got the master bedroom done yesterday - moved the bed got rid of all of the junk and totally impressed sis-in-law Jen - lol - she said, "Where's all your STUFF?" I said, "G-O-N-E!" and it feels so good to have a nice and peaceful retreat to share with the hubby at night - we slept so well last night. I also have a new glider rocker in front of the window now that I will use for my God time each morning. New as in 5 bucks at the thrift store. I am going to go buy fabric and sew new slip covers for it. After I try and remember how to use the sewing machine. I bet I beg Danielle for help - HINT HINT

Tomorrow, the girls and I will work on their room. I ordered Miss Jaima a new bed because I slept in hers one night and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. Poor girl. Jaiden wants the bunk beds put back together, and then the entire house will be DONE! I have hauled three carloads of stuff out and don't plan on bringing anymore in!

Pictures of Jaima and her bucket calf tomorrow - only three weeks til fair time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I can't believe I am sitting in the living room - one, because I NEVER get to sit down and rest at night and two, I am watching the Weather Channel with the hubby, which I always laughed at my grandparents (in a respectable way LOL) for doing!

We had supper at 5 tonight because I want the girls to go to bed early. Which I doubt will happen, but a mom can try, can't she? Last day of school is Friday. We had the school picnic today:

JaidenIlo unpacking our picnic

Jim and Jen

EmmaLynn tring to avoid Auntie taking her picture

Indoor end-of-the-year picnic, rainy day!

John andCody, who always makes this face when I want to take his pic
I don't have any pics of Cael and Jaima because they didn't sit still long enough. It was nice though to have a chance for all of us to sit down together and share a meal.

I will sign off with this photo, one of my favorites. Jaiden and her Daddy's boots, lined up at the end of a long, hard day of farming.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jaima just keeps bursting out into different songs! "Shining in the light of His glory!"and dancing around and being silly!  She is a little sad because she went on a school fishing trip and didn't catch any. I have a feeling it was because she never sat still long enough!

Jaiden just went to see her Mimi with Daddy. I made Hamburger Helper for supper because it is my all time favorite comfort food! John won't eat it - and I don't blame him,but hey, I needed it today! Had a temporary crown put on and I am kinda grumpy. It's not a princess crown, it's a dental one.

Cody mowed the lawn BEAUTIFULLY today. When I do it, it looks like it got massacred. I planted tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and peppers today. I'm not feeling too ambitious about having my big garden this year, but maybe this weekend I will feel more motivated. Because I want eggplant, radishes, carrots, onions and maybe some kohlrabi. I DO want to put a watermelon patch in next to wherever the sweetcorn is planted.

FIND OF THE DAY: So, I pull up to Trinkets and Togs (thrift store) and dump off a car load of  stuff to donate. And sitting RIGHT THERE is the rocker/glider I have had my eye on for weeks with a sign on it that says "MAKE OFFER". They originally wanted $45 for it.  So i offered 5 bucks and that chair is MINE! I will go to Hobby Lobby and buy some fabric to recover the cushions and foot rest - and then I will have one more thrifty treasure!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Addendum to previous post...dedicated to Shannon K for being my inspiration, Always!

I like big words like that - I read the Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary once, the whole thing. Ask my Daddy. True story.

My blog is in no way meant to be the sole means of communication between the White Family and the rest of our friends and family. It's actually a journal of sorts for me and my kids, I am going to print it out one day, and give them their story and the story of their hard-working, loving parents. So, if you read something I've written that offends you or you have a question, talk to me or my hubby. You know, that's why I hate Facebook,'s a way for family and friends to check in on you and not have any real contact.

And now, for the rest of the story...Did you know?
My sweet Sugarbear hauled manure for another farmer for three days to pay for my glorious floor? It brings a tear to my eye to know that he did that for ME! I don't need diamonds or sparkly things, and my man knows that. And he works soooooo hard for me and the kids. Because he loves us!

Did you know that we live in the home that John grew up in? That means a lot to us. There is a history here on this farm that people we know and love have worked hard for, bled for, almost died for. We have been flooded, tornadoed (not a word!) and had the fire department here more than once. We have fought and cried and fought some more, but NOT ONCE have we ever wanted to walk away from this. NOT ONCE have John and I wanted to quit this life or this marriage. That's the honest truth. We love our life and we love our home. There are a few rocks thrown at us every once in awhile, but we duck and as John always says, "We'll get through it." and I believe him because he believes God.

So, after 10 years, we are finally able to make this house our own. It is a beautiful home. And we love to fill it with family and friends. I have Abbi, Kaitlyn, Renae, Kennedi and Kaiden for the weekend. Five extra kids. John and I love it. Some have called our home chaotic and questioned us taking in so many kids. We also have teenage boys that live with Cody in the house downstairs. We also have Khyle and Hannah and Dan and the list goes on...John and I promised God 9 years ago that if He would let us stay here and keep this farm that we would use our home to be a blessing to others. And we have kept that promise. Have others questioned our sanity? Yes. Has my house been a mess? Most of the time. How do we afford to feed all of these people? That's a God thing. When you visit will it be noisy? You betcha. But someday, it's just gonna be Johnny and me in this big ole house and it's gonna be real quiet. And I hate to think of the quiet. So we fill our home with laughter and love. If you visit, be warned.

Someone asked me how my own kids feel about always having others here. Well it's all my kids have known. We lived with Jim and Jen for the first five years (us in the basement house and them in the upstairs house). John's Daddy is here for planting and harvest and in between every year. (And I love it because we eat pie for breakfast!) My brother once lived with us for six months - twice. There has never been a time that lasted more than a few weeks in the 10 years we've lived here that we haven't had someone else living with us. My husband and I have never really had a time when we were alone in our home. More than once, someone has come in the front door and seen me dancing all by myself in the big room. Or interrupted my prayers or God time. But, we make the best of it. You can call CHAOS we call it LIFE.

I know, usually I write fluff. But John and I felt the need to tell a little of our story this morning. I run everything by him. He's my best friend, my mentor, my sounding board and my protector. You mess with Mama, you get the Bull.

And by the way, I got a 32 on my ACTs - just sayin. That's proof I ain't stupid. HAHAHAHAHA

Tomorrow, maybe I'll tell you about my dream of being a farmer's wife and how God brought me here...or do you want me to go back to pretending that my life is perfect and just show pictures of my kids?

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am so excited!

It feels like all of my little girl dreams are coming true all at once! I finally have a home that has my own design and feel to it! Bonus, it's clean for once! haha

I love little projects. Yesterday, I painted the doors to a craft cabinet with blackboard paint.
Today, new lights in the hallway. The guys have been hitting their heads on the old ones for years and it's time to have ones that "hug" the ceiling. Plus, I found some CHEAP and they are the brushed nickel that I love! I also, rehung a broken door - which I fixed! - in the hallway. Hannah helped me clean the living room. It was a mess because a few certain family members seem to think it is okay to throw their wrappers and cans ON THE FLOOR! I won't name names...I just clean it up when I can't stand to look at it anymore. I used to hang huge signs up all over the house: TRASH GOES IN THE TRASH CAN! WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED THROW IT AWAY! YOUR MAMA DON'T LIVE HERE SO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!  Of course they never worked...and my guys work hard, so I clean HAHA

Jethro, always in the way!

Marv is finishing the wood floors in the hallway today. I also cleaned the girls room and got it "summer" ready. They each have a quiet spot to sit and read or play. I also surprised Jaima with some new lime green curtains. The only room I have left is ours, and it has been a catch-all for a very long time so it will take a day or two. I have a whole pile of stuff for a charity garage sale that I am waiting to deliver. Dan worked on my kitchen sink today - one of the pipes was so old it fell apart. What a mess, but a good excuse to clean underneath the sink.

Niece Emma is here with me today. She has had a really bad allergic reaction to something and her poor little eyes are all red and her nose is stuffy. So, we are having a play day. I don't think she is complaining about missing school!
Speaking of school, next Friday is Jaima's last day. Then it's SUMMER! We will be homeschooling a little this year. Jaima wants to work on geography and science. We will go on field trips and also practice writing short stories and poems. Who knows, maybe Miss J will have her own blog someday.

Cody has a show tonight with the band.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too exhausted to take pictures...

"My dogs is tired" I said that to my late friend, Claudette, once. She laughed and laughed. Then she said, "Carolyn, what on earth are you talkin' about?" When I say my dogs is tired, I mean that my feet are so sore and worn out that I don't think I can take another step! It's a good kind of tired. A tired that comes from working hard all day.A tired from a job well done.

My new wood floors were put in this weekend. I LOVE IT! No more dirty, stinky carpet! I took all of the furniture out, all of the pictures off of the walls and totally redecorated my house without spending a dime. I just finished, I think. I know my Daddy's gun cabinet is in the wrong spot. But I will have the boys move that.

Oh, and I confess, I danced all over this wood floor this morning...danced and worshipped my God, through whom all things are possible!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I forgot! I got my grades. Got a B on my final and got a B for the semester - now I have a Ceritficate of Minstry. Start my Pastoral degree next fall!

Another week lost?

Apollo, he's been a little depressed since Zeus died, but is finally going outisde and playing again!

Cael's calf, Buddy

Buddy and Cookie, Emma's calf

Woody, Jaima's calf...Daddy's feeding Franklin, Jaiden's calf
photos by Jenni White with her SUPER cool camera

Where did it go? What did I accomplish? No idea. But guess what? I am not perfect and I don't have to pretend to be anymore! Learned that at church last Sunday - eye opener for me!

Tomorrow, new wood floors installed and I can put my house back together. Never, ever, ever start a project during planting season, it will take FOREVER to get it done!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My final went VERY well. I don't know my score yet - but I feel good about it!

My morning has been weird though because I haven't spent two hours studying. But I DO have an apple pie in the oven!

The guys planted corn yesterday and are back in the field today. Rock picking continues - now that's a crop we don't want haha and I will cook a big lunch for hte crew. I really need to go to the grocery store this morning but I am waiting for the DISH guy to get here. Can you believe that if you move a receiver to another room they have to come out for a service call to get it working again? I am MAD! Maybe we should become a TV free family? Like that will happen.

I just caught Jaiden drinking my hazelnut coffee creamer. "Mom, I love these!" Crazy kid!

Today I will dance for my Prince of Peace!
"You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.
You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy,
that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.
O LORD, my God, I will give you thanks forever!"
Psalm 30:11-12
Do you know the Prince?

Monday, May 2, 2011


These past two weeks have been a blur. Rain and cold. Windy and Eeyore-ish. I have been studying for my final on the New Testament and tonight is the night. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and breathe a sigh of relief and will greatly look forward to having a break from studying two-four hours each day. I will have my Certificate of Ministry after this semester. Next fall, I am hoping to move on to Level Two, and in three years will have a degree in Biblical Studies.

I can't wait to have time for friends and family! Planting is just about to start. Hopefully, my new wood floors will be in by the end of May. School will be done on May 27th - the first time in a long time that we are dont before Memorial Day! I cannot believe that it is here almost.

I am asking you all to pray for my dear friend, Julie, and her family, as they make plans to travel to the Netherlands. They run the dairy down the road, and need to return to get their visas renewed. Could you please pray that they will have a good journey and will come home with their documents? Thank you! Also, she will be traveling with her children on a long flight, will you pray for that as well? :)

Time to change laundry loads, make beds and start breakfast for my Man! What a beautiful day...