Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back to adulting...When a SAHM decides to return to the working world...just for fun!

I have been a stay-at-home mama since I started this blog way back in 2007. 

Just writing that brings mixed emotions. I LOVE being a mommy. I haven't missed a single event in our kids' lives. And let's face it, I love staying home and getting dressed when and if I want to. 

I LOVED my career. I wanted to be on radio or TV since I was old enough to talk and perform. I would make commercials and record them on my Daddy's old tape recorder. I would pretend to tell the weather forecast and make up news stories, holding a hair brush for my microphone.

I wasn't looking to go back to work at all. Nothing could compare to what I love doing best. I didn't want just any job. It was going back to radio or nothing.Talking and sharing stories. Writing a blog is kind of the same, but I talk waaaaaay better than I write!

I received a phone call a few days ago from an old friend and former boss. Would I like to return to radio? Let's see:

Would I like to get up at four a.m.? Not really. NO.

Would I like to talk to the people of my community, who are like family to me, every day? Yep.

Would I enjoy having big-girl conversations and not have to watch Daniel Tiger every morning? YESSSSSS!

So I get up at 4am, drive to town, tell folks the news, laugh a lot, listen to music and drink coffee. I am home by 9:30. Easy peasy.

We shall see.

P.S. Please pray for Thee Farmer. He is getting the children up and ready for school each morning. I mean, I lay out their clothes and make their lunches...but he has the hard part, getting them out of bed!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Life in words, not pictures

If I had taken my camera outside this morning I would have missed the beauty. When we are busy snapping shots we miss the moment. It felt so right to be lost in the minutes.

I was making coffee and looked out at the west pasture. There lay a newborn calf, mama licking her clean. Steam rising from her warm little body. Welcome, new life. Welcome.

Welcome to a world where the news is full of bombers. Women and children being murdered during a celebration of our Risen Savior. Welcome to a world of violence. But here, here on Thee Farm, you are safe. All is well.

I feel this way about our own babies. Here on Thee Farm, they are safe. Mama is here. Daddy to protect and teach. I trust God here.

In the "real" world?
The one full of violence and hate? I try not to live in fear. I try not to think about the dying. But aren't we all dying anyway?

So I will paint my world to you in words, not pictures. Let you imagine the steam rising from my coffee as I follow Thee Farmer outside. Walking in his frosty footsteps. As he lifts the fence line and climbs through. As excited as a child on Christmas morning. The little black spot I saw from the window? She rises up and turns around and her face is white. White and beautiful. And Thee Farmer tells her so. I giggle like a little girl. It is so amazing. I whisper, "Thank you, Jesus."

We spot another "surprise" baby and Thee Farmer says, "That's a twin. Gotta be. Looks like the one over there." And sure enough, they are identical. Two little black heifers. So innocent. He walks her to her Mama. Only Mama? She only wants the one right by her side. She shooed that little baby away. The baby that marched behind him like a puppy right up to her Mama? Rejected.

He carries her to the calf warmer in the shop. Cradles her as best as he can. It's gonna be all right little one. We will get you warmed up. Make you a bottle. Welcome to life.

My coffee has gone cold. My own babies lay safe and warm. They will rise and we will go about the rhythm of our day. And I will try to keep the peace. Teach them to love and not hate. Lead them to their Savior, not just by words and deeds and recitations, but by example.

Shelter them from the world for just a little while.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A book review

I am a B&H/Lifeway Blogger. I was given a complimentary copy of this book to review. 
I was not reimbursed in any matter.
 All opinions are my own.

Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions by David A. Croteau

The nerd in me picked this book to review. 

First of all, I had to keep returning to the preface to be reminded that the title of each chapter was the myth/legend itself, and he writes the opening of each chapter as if he believes it to be true. CONFUSING. If you just picked up this book and started reading and skipped over that tiny paragraph in the preface you would be so lost.

With that in mind, on to my review.

The book contains 40 "Urban Legends". "Paul was a tent maker" and  "Jesus died when he was 33" are two examples. Most of the chapter titles are things you have surely heard over the years in church and accepted to be true.

When we dive in and study the original languages and the context some surprising answers are found, and myths are busted.

My favorite chapter/legend? "We can do anything through Christ who gives us strength." One of the most popular verses in the Bible, Philippians 4:13. Taken out of context, surely you will believe "all" to be "ALL". Does the Bible really mean "all things"?

Check it out and see for yourself.

A good read. A little tedious at times. And yes, there's that little bit of confusion on what is the Legend and what is the Truth. But worth checking out at your local bookstore or library. 

Just promise me not to scream, "Blasphemer!" at your Pastor when he preaches on these!

Keep reading!

Thee Farm Wife

Bible journaling...distractions

When Thee Farmer went out to do chores this morning he told me to "get to writing." It's 2:30pm now and I'm finally getting to it!

I got a little sidetracked, naturally.

My office/creative space was a little uninspiring. Too much stuff that I no longer use
and not much space for desktop work.

I sorted everything into boxes. Kind of using the Konmari method of sorting.

I also have my Ikea cart that was just stuffed full of fluff.
The aftermath:
I focused by using a podcast from FlyLady called "Focus Makes Me Fabulous." 
(You can find it on iTunes.)

I found some chocolate from Disney World. Did not find my missing hearing aid. Drank a Pepsi. 

Note the added decor of permanent marker on my desk front. Thanks, little man, thanks.

Man, is this Disney World chocolate ever incredible!

Oh yes, Bible journaling, that is what I am writing about. Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Be Blessed,

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 14, 2016

Books on my shelf...

Not including the couple million books on my Kindle, here are a few of the "real" books on my bookshelf:

Click here for virtual bookshelf.

Just purchased this gem last week. I love Time Warp Wife and her blog. It was a good price and I love the accountability of filling all of these pages up with what I am learning from the Word.

Be looking for some reviews and giveaways soon!

Happy Monday!


Carolyn White
Thee Farm Wife

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Time...

It’s actually a beautiful day. In my corner of the house all is well. Beyond this little spot? Chaos ensues. Dishes overflow the sink…cover the counter…and being totally honest, the stove. Laundry? A whole mountain.
My biggest problem? I have not enlisted my children. It’s time to issue a draft. “All children that are old enough to walk must help mom.”
Sounds perfect. Only here’s the trick: you’ve got to teach them how to do things. WHAT?
It takes time to teach little ones how to clean. How to pick up. You can’t just yell, “” through clenched teeth. Inside their little brains this is what happens…Toys? which ones? where do they go? ooh lookie, my monster machine! And next thing you know they are clobbering each other and running around like little whacked out ninjas.
Solution: Walk up to the children. Bend down to their level. (Insert deep breath here.) “Let’s put five trucks in the basket.” You’ve got to take the time to stay with them and demonstrate.
After all, if I took you outside to the calf pen and told you to put the heifer calves on one side and bulls on the other, would you know what to do? “ooooh, lookie, a fluffy one!”
Try it. Come back and tell me how it worked. Give me some advice of your own.
It’s time to take back our families…one toy at a time.


I’m going to let you in on another secret: Sunday night is the most important night of your week. You can’t be a slacker on Sunday evening. Give yourself just one hour and I promise your Monday mornings will be better!
I am going to be totally honest, by Sunday night our house is trashed. Like, “We should be on an episode of Clean House” trashed. But I am totally at peace with this. Why? Because I have a plan.
It’s one of those things, that no matter what, I know there is a way out of the mess. Kind of like how God picks me up out of the messes I make in my life and sets me on firm ground.
Psalm 40: 1-2 NIV
I waited patiently for the LORD. He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
And because my soul finds rest I can face this:

You won’t find any Pinterest perfect pics here. 
See, if you just focus on the mess you will miss the beauty.
The dirty dishes? We had some very good friends over for lunch after church yesterday. And small group last night. A half hour is all it will take to clean it up.
The clothes? Well at least they are clean. It takes less than five minutes to sort and put away.
The pretzels? I’m going to have the dog eat them up. Problem solved.
I stand on firm ground.
Before bed last night Thee Farmer and I laid out the kids clothes. Got their backpacks ready. Rounded up shoes and boots and hats and coats. Made sure their Thermoses were clean and planned what I would put in their lunches. Checked the calendar. Checked the weather forecast and had everyone in bed by 8:00. That’s the plan we stick to. And it works, because it gives us hope and peace for Monday morning.
What’s your biggest challenge to kicking off the week?

My most pinned pin

I love me some Pinterest. I love Bible journaling even more. Taking a verse and making it meaningful to me. I originally found this on etsy, but the link is gone.
There’s just something about laying on the floor and coloring that helps a person forget the troubles of this world. A timeout for adults. Try it sometime. You’ll like it.

What am I good at?

When I asked our kids this question, I got a shocking answer.

"Doing our laundry."
"Teaching us the Bible."
"Making snacks."

It didn't matter what the good responses were. It was the first one that stopped me. For over a year, I have been working really hard on not yelling at the kids. To pause. To consider my words. To try and teach them to obey the first time. And I have to admit, although I have made great progress, I still have miles to go.

I am a firm believer that it is never, ever too late to change. Satan will whisper in your ear: "You have already done the damage. You can't change. They will never listen."


I am a fan of Google. I look up everything. I used to love encyclopedias as a child. To me, Google is and awesome, huge, unending encyclopedia just waiting for me to dive in.

Last week I googled "help me stop yelling".

And up popped this. What I was desperate for. Someone who had done the homework for me. Someone who has been there. Gentle Biblical responses.

Oh. I had my doubts. Like how would a "normal" parent react to a three-year-old using permanent marker on the computer screen? Me: "Why did you do that?!?! You are so naughty!!!! What the heck were you thinking?" Explosive Reactive.Dud. 

There is this amazing invention called a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. All I had to do was take the marker away. Walk him to the sink. Ask him to get the Magic and clean it up. "We color on paper not computers." Asked for a sorry hug. Problem solved.

I know what to do!

But I need to make a conscious choice to do the right thing. To not scar or scare. To not listen to the voices of the past that tell me I am in charge. I am to be obeyed. I am Thee Boss.

My methods have failed. It's time to do it God's way. 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17

I don't know about you, but it's time to change. Join me?

Have you overcome your anger and learned to respond in a better way? What advice would you give a mom who needs hope? Comment below or email me at