Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, November 1, 2010

What a day!

Got up too late to put Jaima on the bus - could it have been the extra episodes of Roseanne I swore I wouldn't watch? hmmmmm  THEN, I took Jaiden to the dentist only to find out the the appointment is tomorrow! I got back in my car and the battery warning light kept flashing - alternator was fried. Oh, there's more...came home and had to shampoo the carpet AGAIN! because Zeus (our 10yr-old lab) had gotten sick. And then, I shut off the carpet cleaner and walked to the girls room - and saw Jaiden try to hide something on her bed. That's when I noticed the HUGE pieces of blonde hair on the floor. I looked at her head. Bangs? Gone. Sides? Gone. Back? One little piece. My baby cut off all of her beautiful hair! I sat down and cried and cried. Called John and left him an unintelligible message. Called Wendi@ Hair Tech - on of my BFF's - and went in right away. It took both Wendi and Dawn to figure out what to do. You'll see pictures tomorrow. I have no idea where my camera is or for that matter, my IPOD. I'm thinking the bald kid hid them.

Scissors? Yeah. Jaima left them in her bedside table. oooooooooooops

Off to bed, because we have a dentist appt tomorrow. I hope. I lost my dayplanner, too.


Theo en Daniëlle said...

Oh man ! What a happy day it was...grrrr.
Is it okay that I had to laugh ?
Sorry ;-))
Hope today is going to be a great day !
...I have to go to the dentist too !
See you later :-))

Eduard, Resy, Jenny, Ryanne, Nick en Wouter said...

I don't know what that is, little kids with scissors. Wouter likes to cut his hair too. Ryanne cut off Jenny's bangs when she was 3. It took a year before it had a normal length again! Good luck!
Bye, Resy