Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Menu Ideas: Rule Number Two

I have another rule for you today:


Seriously, take fifteen minutes one night this week. Look in your freezer. What kind of meat do you have? Frozen veggies? Tater tots or fries?

Look in the fridge. Do you have shredded cheese, milk, eggs and butter?

Next head to your pantry. Canned veggies? Fruits? Rice? Noodles? Sauce? Pizza crusts or tortillas?

Now, write the days of the week on a piece of paper. Nothing fancy. Just write. Even an envelope will do for now.

Monday: Spaghetti. You have ground beef and noodles. But you need parmesan and sauce - write them on your list. 

Tuesday: Tacos. You have ground beef, lettuce, onion and cheese. You need tomato, sour cream, taco sauce and whatever else ya'all like on your tacos. 

Wednesday: You have church tonight. So Crockpot it is. Chili? Roast with veggies? Soup? What ingredients do you need for what you pick?

(Are you starting to get the idea?)

Thursday: You have chicken and frozen broccoli. You need fettuccine, parmesan and garlic bread.

Friday: Pizza night. But some ready made crusts. Pizza sauce (or use pasta sauce), cheese, and your favorite toppings.

Do you have cereal for breakfast? Meat and bread for lunches? Or make enough each night for everyone to have leftovers in a thermos.

The point is, if you sit down and PLAN, and then make a list, you will be able to go to the grocery store with confidence. You will know what meat to get out to thaw the night before. You won't be missing any ingredients and you certainly will not be ordering pizza or driving through Mac and Don's supper club again.

This is what I did this morning:

Meatballs! I ground up some of my homemade bread to make the breadcrumbs. These things taste so amazing!

Thatsa lotta meatballs!

You can make them as big as you want, but make sure they are all about the same size so they bake evenly.

I substituted French Onion soup mix because it was what I had on hand. If you haven't been to The Oak Tree in Plainfield you are missing out! Renee had every spice and mix imaginable. Organic and gluten free choices, too.

Head over to The Holy Mess for the recipe!

Sara has an awesome recipe for mixing up ground beef to prepare several tasty options. I made all meatballs with mine and will freeze them. Then I can use them in spaghetti, subs, barbecued or to take to a needy family. Seriously, it took me less than five minutes to mix and form the meatballs. Then twenty minutes to bake each batch.

You'll find all sorts of awesome and inspiring goodness on her blog. She brings sanity to my crazy-mixed-up life.

Any questions? Need any meal ideas? Recipes? Help planning a shopping list? Or a buddy to take you to Aldi's for the first time? Leave a comment or email me at

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Rule number one: QUIT BEING A NAG.

I haven't wanted to write...because I didn't want to just put something on here just for the sake of posting. Even though blog rules say you have to post often to keep your readers - I needed to keep my sanity and take a much needed break from THINKING.

Honestly, my brains were all discombobulated. (Whew, I spelled that without spellcheck. Winning the spelling bee pays off again.) I kept going off on tangents. Thee Farmhouse was a mess. Thee Farm Kids were super hyper and Thee Farmer started a town job.

I pulled up my boot straps and started a schedule. Some routines to help me dance through my days. Because I was juggling and dropping a lot.

I asked some trusted friends what they needed help with. They confided that they wanted to know how I do it all. Well, our "it alls" are all different. But I will try and help as much as I can.

See, if I'm being honest, which I believe is the number one rule, I'm not perfect. I yell too much. Swear sometimes. Eat junk and drink Pepsi like it's liquid cocaine. I kicked a 20+ year cigarette habit more than four years ago, but Pepsi? A girl has got to have SOMETHING to be addicted to. Right?

I also make homemade a bread machine...that takes one hour and thirty minutes. I cook from scratch...but I plan most of my meals out ahead of time. I work outside with Thee Farmer...but I watch a couple of episodes of  Downtown Abbey most days.


You can make up a little sing-song if you like. But it's the honest truth. Stop trying to juggle because you don't know how. Seriously, try and juggle a couple of look stupid, have no coordination, and you are wasting time. (My apologies if you really do know how to juggle. You don't look stupid. You're amazing. I bow down before you.)

In the next couple of posts, I will walk you through a few steps to help you balance motherhood, work, wifery, and even being a farm wife, or a wife whose husband may be married to his job.

Rule number one: QUIT BEING A NAG. Just do what you gotta do without complaining and check back for the next post.

(Points finger at self.)