Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grab a cup of something and let's play catch up

AJ may have watched Home Alone one too many times this Christmas.

A new year means new babies...and on the coldest nights they end up in our garage.

Jaima took this picture of me.

Little A, always doing what he's not supposed to.

Jaima took this picture of Jaiden on a sunny summer day. 

Jaiden took this picture of Jaima and me this summer We were working cattle and it was hot!
Not sure if I like cold or hot worse!

We got a fancy camera and have taken hundreds of pictures. We only use it on auto settings because the camera is smarter than us. It has been fun to let the girls take it outside and capture their view of the world.

I have been watching Little House on the Prairie today. This show depresses me. I always end up crying just like my mama and I did when I was a little girl. We would pull the blankets up to our faces so no one knew we were bawling our eyes out. Stupid show.

Christmas was so different this year. We really didn't want it to be about the gifts. We struggled with how to celebrate. Changed a few traditions and made plans for next year on how we can improve. As our faith grows, I am sure we will find a way.

Great, now the Walton's are on. Time to get more Kleenex!