Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Spring" cleaning...

Well, I finally got sick of the dirt. I started at the back door yesterday morning at 8. Cleaned every nook and cranny. Baseboards. Trim. Everything but the windows. Sorted. Filled garbage bags. Mopped. Steam-cleaned. Put all of the stuff we had piled up in it's place. And, oh boy, there were lots of piles!

John had a meeting at 2 yesterday, so I stopped at 1. Then this morning, I got up and started on the sunroom/family room. Four hours later, bliss. I sorted toys mainly. And filled a couple of huge boxes to donate. Tomorrow, it's the girls' room - last time it took me eight hours. Yeah, I let it get that bad. But I am gonna throw most of it away and donate - because we have too much stuff and I am sick of the mess and the chaos and doing laundry all of the time.

I've broken my addiction to thrift shopping. Just because it's a bargain, doesn't mean I need it! And after sorting through all of the toys and games today that never get played with, I was a little ashamed of myself. But I'm over it now and am just gonna keep on cleaning!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Has it really been this long?

Here it is February something already and I have meant to blog several times - often thought, "I should put that on the blog...", but no dice, we have been so busy!

Taxes and now I am handling all of the farm bookkeeping and payroll...not my area of strength or expertise - but I welcome the challenge. Jaiden will go to preschool a few more days each week until I can get a schedule set up. She loves to play with her friends - and I love that she takes naps there and I can have some quiet time!

In January, Cody had a slight farm accident - his finger got crushed and partially amputated while he and John were using the new skidloader - today, the finger has totally regrown without surgery, and I just know it is due to answered prayers! Cody thought he wouldn't be able to play guitar again - and right now I am listening to him rock out with his friend Chase. Sweet sound to my ears! The boys' band, Graduating Summer, is once again entered in the Iowa JEL (Just Eliminate Lies) Battle of the Bands Competition. They are also playing at the WSR prom this year - I don't think their dates were totally thrilled at that, but it will be a shorter set.

The girls' are doing great - Jaima is still not a morning person, and never will be - and Jaiden is still not potty trained, but I know she won't be wearing diapers to kindergarten, so I'm pretty relaxed about it. My last "baby" and I will let it progress naturally - she does really well in preschool, but at home is another story - maybe we just have too much fun haha Right now, she is sitting in my office with me and reading a kitchen decorating book - she tells me, "Me love that one!" She loves to read books and can even "read" a few to us. She also sings all of the time - and never goes to bed before 10:30 - she is one unique kid!

Jaima is loving third grade - she played "hookie" yesterday and stayed home with me - it was a half day and we kinda had fun just hanging out. She loves to do Word Searches and is also learning how to help me around the house. I am enjoying the extra help. Still not caught up on laundry - probably never will be unless each of my friends comes over and gets a load and does it for me...HINT HINT

After many below zero days, we are slowly warming up. Now, we have to keep an eye on the sump pump to keep ahead of the spring thaw - we think we have most of the problem solved...knock on wood...but time will tell. Cody and two friends are living in the basement house...they have done an excellent job of helping me clean up all of my clutter - we have one room left to tackle...less mess to clean up if it does flood.

I will have to post some pics soon...but right now, I sense a happy nappy is calling my name!