Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 13, 2017

Country living and snow storms

"City folks just don't get it."

Fact One:  We got about eleven inches of snow in a twelve hour period.
Fact Two: We live on a hill out in the middle of nowhere.
Fact Three: Thee wind is blowing out of the north.

Therefore, WE ARE SNOWED IN!

Thee Farmer woke me up at midnight after he came in from checking cows - because we are calving! - and told me I wasn't going to work in the morning. School has been cancelled. He just spent over three hours just clearing out the back half of the farm so he can get to the three barns and take care of cows. It's drifting like crazy and we have open buildings. Poor newborn calves! So, we will spend the day all working together and the "town jobs" will be on standby.

Ya all should know by now that I am a planner. I like things to run smoothly and in an orderly fashion. But I also love love love days like today when the schedule is disrupted and life must be handled accordingly. 

The kids will get dressed and it's all hands on deck. Lunch will be leftovers. Supper will be a yummy bean and ham soup in the crock pot. 

Somehow laundry will still get done (4 loads by 4). We'll listen to some George Strait. dance in the kitchen. And keep making memories.

Lots of snowy love,
Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, March 4, 2017

I locked myself in the bathroom...

by 10am this morning. 10am. And I slept in until 7:30.

It's like all of the energy the three littles have is spinning and spiraling out of control like a tornado.

I love to clean, Decorate, Move furniture and repurpose things. And they run through the house like little hellions leaving wrappers, toys and dirty socks in their wake. 

Saturday's are supposed to be my day and I confess I am so selfish. I want them to go outside and bug their daddy. I want to put a slightly adulter movie on Netflix. One with a little more action than an episode of Peppa Pig, ya know? And listen to the movie as I putter around.

After my bathroom decompression, I call my Mama. She tells me to make them sit on their beds and read a book. To not yell and to take care of myself. 

She is so wise. I don't ever remember her yelling. Not once. And I have heard her say ONE cuss word my entire life and it wasn't even a good one. I want my Mama on days like today. When she was my age she and Daddy were empty nesters and grandparents. We have a four-year-old for Pete's sake. 

I ask her - okay I beg her - to come up and visit and she simply says, "No, thank you" in that "do you think I am that crazy?" voice. I know she laughs at me every time she hangs up the phone.

What do you do to get away from the craziness? Besides, Target. Target is good. Wanna babysit?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ink Eyebrows and Weary Moms

Thee Farm Kid gets off of the bus. Comes in the front door and slings his backpack across the floor as usual. And then, I have to look twice. Twice. He has drawn eyebrows, a mustache and a full beard on his face with black ink pen. The eyebrows throw me into hysterics. They are so precise. What would possess him to be ever so creative? His sister tells me that he sat on the hour long bus ride with THAT on his face. I am still laughing. If I don't laugh I will cry.

Thee Farm Kid who drew eyebrows the next day...

I have a fantastic group of friends- there are 7 or 8 of us. I believe I am the eldest (oldest?) One of us is single, no children. All of our kiddos have had some type of crud this winter. Others have battled infertility.  Children who have turned their backs on God and on them. We've all witnessed miracles. And we have this amazing group text going on where we just keep encouraging. House needs sold? No problem. We're all praying. Everyone down with the flu? Healing prayers go up. 

And then last night. A weary mom feels guilty for feeling like a mom-failure. She's yelling. The house is a disaster. She may or may have not said unkind things to her husband. She may have very well lost her ever loving mind. And so we began pouring out texts. 

  • Lean on God, my friend.
  • Some days are good, and some are awful, we're all here with you.
  • I want to focus on God this Lenten season, not give something up.
  • I fall short, too!
  • I feel like I'm failing.
And my response to them all:
Please, please, please ladies do not think for one minute that just because we are Christ followers that we will be perfect mamas. I fell for that lie that Satan kept whispering in my ear and I gave up. Never give up! Keep fighting for your kids It's never ever too late to start a day or even a moment again!!!!!
And then the realization from a weary mom that we probably will never get this parenting thing figured out because it's supposed to remind us who really is in control.

Amen, sister, Amen. 

If being a Christian meant perfection I'd want no part of it. How else am I to help those around me who are battling the same craziness that I am? One sin-filled, impatient, God-leaning day at a time.