Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayer request...

For many months now, we have been waiting for our new cattle buildings to be raised. We have a pile of parts and posts in our yard. The man who was supposed to be putting them up has taken on way too many jobs and keeps making excuses on why he cannot come. The tenHoeves are in the same situation. Calves and cows are dying. Other people are waiting to come and work on cement and water and electric. John is having to use a GARDEN HOSE to water our cattle. This is all putting a terrible strain on us as a family and a farm. Please join as we pray that this will all come together in a timely manner, that God will give us patience, that our cattle will stay healthy, and that this man will honor his commitments.

Thank you, my friends, for your continued prayers for us.

one of our trees

I love gingerbread men! They're silent. They're sweet. And when they give you too much flack, you can bite their heads off! LOL This is the ginger tree, the big tree is in the sitting room. Jaima and I tried not to argue when we were decorating...we are just too much alike. My parents think it's hilarious that I have a daughter...JUST LIKE ME.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

When I was a little girl and I woke up to my Daddy singing this song, I knew there was plenty of snow on the ground for him to shovel - and shoveling meant extra money for our family. Times were tough, but Daddy worked hard, and there was always enough. So, in my heart this morning I was singing...I love the first real snow!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Danielle and Julie have been talking about making homemade bread - so, I got out my bread machine, measured all of the ingredients, pushed start and...came home to a lump of watery "dough" - no bread - I forgot to put the mixer blade in!!!

The girls and I went to the library today. We got DVDs and books. Jaima got her first chapter book and has read 8 pages so far! Then, we went to Trinkets and Togs and I found a cardholder for Christmas cards - and then for chocolate shakes!

John's parents left for Arkansas - we will see them again next spring. I must say, Austa sure kept my kitchen clean!

We decorated for Christmas yesterday - my Mom and I always have a race on the Friday after Thanksgiving to see who can put the tree up the quickest - then my parents came for dinner last night and surprised me by bringing my nieces and nephew - who I haven't seen in almost a year!!!! I screamed when they came running in the door!

Have another loaf baking...we'll see how that turns out!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank you, God, for family and friends

Hanna Folkerts and her fabulous smile!
Connie and the Folkerts kids - I took the doors off my kitchen cupboards when I redecorated...any opinions?

Auntie Sarah and the tenHoeves (sorry, Julie, I cut off your head!) Awesome mashed potatoes, by the way! And even better pie - 2- 1/2 sticks of butter - like I needed that! But it was worth it!

The table - the crocheted place mats were made by my dear Mommy!

The glorious bird! We cheered when this came out of the oven!
What an awesome day! Psalm 100, the thanksgiving Psalm, says our lives should be full of thanksgiving always! We had food, family and friends today - abundantly! I am so stuffed right now I think I will go to bed! Turkey overdose!


the table is set - the turkey is roasting - jaima and i made placecards out of corn husks - i am ready to eat!

julie called me - i better give her LOTS of credit - she's making mashed potatoes (which I am not good at!) and she is bringing the apple pie I begged for awhile ago! We are so thankful for friends like the tenHoeves - even if they have two last names! HAHA

more later...i have a bubble bath waiting for me!

here i go...

getting ready to start making my first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself! My mom and I have been on the phone the past few days - me asking questions, her giving advice. I want so much for her to be here! I've got "back up" gravy in the jar - just in case - LOL!

Monday, November 24, 2008

oh - how could I forget!

Last Friday morning, the corn dryer caught on fire - the fire dept. teased us that we were going to get a punchcard! John is on the Plainfield Fire dept. - he actually gets credit for being on the scene. John could have been hurt very badly - but he was quick on his feet and got the right things opened up and called 911. The wires in the dryer were melted - but they had it up and running by 1pm. I went to town and bought chicken and broasted potatoes for all of the guys that helped! We have AMAZING friends and neighbors!


Oh! I love these girls!
She loves to put her feet on the table - we don't use this booster seat anymore.

Today - 13 months and one week old! She is a wild child! RUNS all over the place - hides, talks all of the time - the blankie is one Grammy Austa made last week - it is kitties! Jaiden calls it her "kitty blankie".

I haven't taken many photos lately - which is unusual!

I am still not feeling 100% myself - my voice is not totally back either - I can't sing or yell...whispering is getting old!
Grandma has moved to the other White House for a week of spoiling Cael and Emma.
Harvest was FINALLY completed last night around 10:30 - it has been a long fall - not without trials - but a blessing nonetheless.
I watched The Passion of the Christ today for the first time - what can I say but, "Thank you, Lord!" Knowing that I am that loved, no matter what I have done - takes my breath away!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I need a vacation!

I want to go someplace warm and tropical -where I can be TOTALLY alone for once and not answer to anyone or have to talk or think, only dream and nap - and have a drink with an umbrella in it! I have the worst sore throat and cough! And I lost my voice - which I am sure many of you will find hilarious! Instead, I am wearing a sweatshirt and am curled up in a blankie, wearing my rainbow socks and drinking hot tea!

The corn dryer caught on fire this morning - Lord God, we know this is all part of the Plan for us! But - MAN - we have been through a lot lately! God says He will never give us more than we can handle and I believe that with all my heart.

Don and Austa are here thru Thanksgiving - I think I mentioned that last post - Jaiden has been spending time with Grammy.

I missed Girls Night Out last night in Waverly - I was ready to spend some money for Christmas!
Enough for now - more Nyquil and hot tea for me...Cancun anyone?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The corn is almost all harvested. Which means cranky, tired farmers!
John's parents are here until Thanksgiving. Right now, they are staying with us. In a few days they'll go to the other White House for a visit. Austa has been keeping the dishes done - a first in this house!
I was supposed to go to Girls Night Out in Waverly tonight with Julie but I am not feeling well. Fever, sore throat and cough. If only I could go to bed for a whole day and watch movies, drink tea and nap - in my dreams!
Cody gets his license next week - I am not ready for that! He has grown up so much this year - my little boy is gone and a handsome young man has taken his place! Jaima is doing great in school - and is really learning to wait her turn and raise her hand - she is so much like me - so I know the struggles she is gong through - it is hard to be patient! Jaiden is running, running, running! I have lost weight from chasing her LOL
I went and bought all of the food for Thanksgiving dinner - can't wait to eat turkey and stuffing - I got everything but the cranberries - and since I am the only one that eats them I may just forget about it -
Conner and Wyatt will be coming here after school until next week - their Dad hasn't found another sitter but I gave him a month to find one - the ball is in his court now. I definitely need a break from having 5+ kids running around!
It snowed a little today - just flurries, I guess - but it sure was pretty - I don't mind winter when I don't have to drive!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching my breath...

Cody and I are each on a computer typing away - the girls and John are sleeping. I would rather stay up and enjoy the peace and quiet and share some laughs with my almost-grown-up baby boy! Sigh - I cherish these moments with him - even if we are in the same room - each lost in our own thoughts...
John's parents will be heading up here tomorrow - staying til Thanksgiving. Mom Austa will stay here for a few days and then head down to the other White House. Dad will stay in his basement bedroom here. His sons are getting restless because they can't get the crops out of the field - I think they need Dad here to reassure them that they are doing it right. I'm glad for the excuse to eat pie for breakfast with Dad. Wonder if I can get Julie to make me one of her AWESOME apple pies - hint hint
Asked my brother to help me take down the ceiling fan in the kitchen and replace it with a light fixture - which I still have to buy - it's nice having an electrician in the family.
I am thinking of going to Blains farm fleet tomorrow - they have an awesome ad - and I need a new crockpot - and I wouldn't mind getting my Christmas shopping done early for once. Jenni and I plan on going to our favorite craft store in Clarksville as soon as it opens! Anybody else have a favorite craft sale/store to go to? You know me, I love antiques and country!
I need to order Jaiden's pics from her first bday and then I will post them - they turned out so cute!!!! I haven't been taking a lot of pics lately because I spend most of my days chasing Jaiden Ilo around the house! She sure can RUN...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't think I'm crazy!

This is my Thanksgiving tree! A celebration of harvest and what we are thankful for! I bought a new tree this year and decided to put it together today. Since it took me over an hour, I decided to leave it up...and then I started decorating it. Corn from our field and vines from the ditch...foxtails, scarecrows, pinecones, Bible verses about thankfulness...and when the kids get some time we will do a craft project about what they are thankful for.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

church today

i almost forgot! we had a student from wartburg college preach this morning - and it was about legalistic and wordly christians - and he said something so profound that it changed 30 years of Christian thinking for me - being a Christian is not about accepting Christ so I can get into heaven - being a Christian is accepting Christ so I can LIVE in FREEDOM and joy right now - I am free from making bad decisions. I am free to be happy and enjoy the things that God has given me - I am free to claim all that God has in store for me - things are are right here...right now! And yes, go to heaven SOMEDAY...
so sorry that i haven't been blogging! i haven't been at my computer in days! i have lots of pics and videos to share and will as soon as i have enough time to upload

jaiden has been walking since the day after her birthday - i should say running! i chase her all day - which is great because i am losing weight - cody went to a metallica concert in moline this weekend and brought mama back a tshirt - i love metallica and used to play it to him via headphones when i was pregnant - hey, i was 18! lol
jaima is doing great in school - she is a super speller - right now she is telling me it would be cool if we could go get massages - sounds great to me
john is having trouble with calves dying - it is so sad - and costing us quite a lot (timewise and monetarily) we are doing everything we can - but this has been a terrible year for calves - we need to get the new buildings up - which were supposed to be up by september!
i am really enjoying life - that much i can say! - every day is a new adventure - opportunities i never had before - i love being a mommy! we go to the library for story time - to MOPS for mommy time - to church and bible studies - i get to have tea with julie! and best of all - i really know my kids! what a blessing - i will never regret my decision to stay home with them...
i will continue to watch conner and wyatt until the end of the month - but then i need a break - i need to learn to tell people "no" in the first place and not feel guilty about it - another life lesson i have learned these past few months - when i say "yes" too often, my life gets out of control! the reason for taking a break is that the boys need so much - more than i can give them and my own kids each night - and i need to make sure my own family gets all of me - i'm sure many of you can understand the being stretched too thin!
hey! i just remembered - aunt kay - can we have massages? Bring your table to Thanksgiving at our house!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween pics...finally!

God doesn't give us...

anything we can't handle. We truly believe this. Got woke up by a phone call from John at 11:45 last night. The hay baler was on fire in the field - he got the tractor unhooked and watched her burn. The Plainfield fire dept. came and put out the fire. A little of the field burned as well. John is unharmed. But it was a brand new baler - they had just returned it to us after fixing it. So calls to the insurance company today and try to get another one so we can make more bales. Sigh...just another bump in the path of life.