Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'd be in trouble if I didn't put pictures of baby Jaiden on here! She is so happy all of the time - even though all of her teeth are coming at once - she still smiles and smiles - and those blue eyes! Thank you, God, for this beautiful gift!

We know it's spring because...

Papa Don is here! But there's no planting going on - just manure hauling!
This is one of the chairs we painted for the "Chair-ity" at church - of course they are authentic John Deere green! They will be auctioned off this Sunday at Trinity. I added John Deere decals to each chair - one chair looks brand new and has newer model decals - the other chair has been antiqued and has older john deere logos on it - i hope we buy them back! Ask John what color my Denali is now...hmmmm


I love Cael and Jaima more than anything - but somedays they drive me crazy! Can you tell they have been naughty? These are the fake smiles they give me when I catch them in the act! We made muffins this day - and Gail took the kids for a mile walk - I got peace and quiet for a half hour - they didn't have school last Friday, Monday and Tuesday for kindergarten roundup - We went shopping in the rain - I dropped them and Jaiden off at my mom's so I could get some peace, sorry Mom! - we baked, played with the worm farms, made a mess and giggled a lot.

Worm Farmers

Cael and Jaima decided to bring worms into my house! We had a lot of rain and they went outside to pick up worms - Kiki D had to pick Jaima's up for her! - then they came inside and Cael said, "Wanna trade worms?" We all got a kick out of that! Jaima used two plastic spoons to pick her worms up. Papa Kim told them to use newspaper for the worm's bed - Cael says they like to read the sports section. Papa also said to feed them some coffee grounds- so we mixed science and yuckiness into one lesson!

Pictures and stories and updates...Oh My!

Once again, I am so far behind in updating this! I have been really busy and you will see why!

Today, Jaiden and I went to the doctor. We both have sore throats and ear infections. We are cranky girls! We did manage to take pizza to Daddy and his buddies at work though. "Date Pizza" Hawaiian style from OP!!!

Read on to see what we've been up to...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take your daughter to work day...

I went to visit my Mom at work today. She invited me to come and see what she does. I think she just wanted to see the baby HAHA - She has worked at AraMark at John Deere for 17 years! I have only been there once or twice before. It was weird to see my mom doing something other than "being my Mom"! Now I see why she was sometimes frustrated with me and my brother when she would come home from working that hard!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jai and JJ

It's raining out so we'll push the stroller inside! Watch out for the cat!

Six months old!

It is so hard to believe that our little angel
has been with us for half a year now!
We celebrated with a biscuit for breakfast -
she loves to chew food!
We love you JaidenIlo!

Flip Flops, Stuck Tractors and Banana Creme Pie

What a day Jaiden and I had yesterday! We were farmers! I learned that when hubby says "get in the truck" it means put your chore boots on first, bring the diaper bag and something to drink AND THEN get in the truck! It DOESN'T mean grab the baby without changing her, throw flip flops on and go! HAHA You can't push the clutch in on a stuck tractor very well with flip flops on. You can't be seen in public in your jammies at noon without being a little embarrassed - but you sure CAN let hubby take you out for lunch at Cliffs and eat a good burger and get a piece of homemade pie to go if you're a farmer!

All in all, it was an awesome day. John didn't get me a fork to eat my pie with - as I was trying to take a nibble he hit a bump and I got meringue all over my face! AWESOME! The dog and I ate all of it. Jaiden survived not having her diaper changed right away and we made memories to last forever...I LOVE being a farmer's wife! (Unless the cows are out...)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday, Jaiden's first tooth finally broke through! She wanted a paci all day - something she never uses. I was up with her all night last night - poor thing - but she hasn't been cranky - still always smiling!
John left my car ignition on all night - so the battery is dead - so I am staying home today - it's very windy so that is probably a good thing!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday morning coffee

Gail comes every Monday morning - we have coffee, she brings donuts. We catch up on all of the happenings from the week before, drink too much coffee and spoil Jaiden! Patches, my Yorkie, always has to compete for Gail's attention.

YaYa's for life - that's me and Gail!

Pics from this Weekend

Napping with Daddy. First biter biscuit - what a mess!

What a fun weekend!

Kiki D, Jaiden (first piggyback ride!) and Jaima Lulu

Watching golf with Daddy!

Friday night Jeremy and his four kids came over - watched my favorite movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. The kids played guitar hero - Jeremy and I have been friends since high school - I was the skater wannabe and he was the real deal - HAHA

Saturday, Jaiden and I were at church all day for a leadership conference - Pastor Tony helped me with her during naptime - he held her and walked around with her for an hour while she slept - and I got to pay attention to the teaching!

Saturday night I had four kids from youth group here for a sleepover - had to get them all up and going on Sunday for church - plus Cody, Jaima and Jaiden - Guess what? We got to church early HAHA

Oh, and Saturday night was WSR prom - so had to go see Kiersten and Katie in their dresses - absolutely beautiful!

Jaima went to the rodeo in Waterloo Sunday - she loved it when they wrestled the steers to the ground - I can just see her doing that someday - and playing football - that girl loves to play catch!

Kiersten is staying with us for the week - she and Jaima are sharing a room - and she drove the kids to school today - which was a BIG deal for Jaima! We have all kinds of things planned for the week and Friday they have no school. So, we will take Cody to get his permit and then go out to dinner and do a little shopping. We are honored that a high school senior would choose to come and stay a week in our home - we must be doing something right!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly catch-up

Where's Jaiden? She's supposed to be on the blankie!
Here she is! Hiding under the coffee table...


She rolls all over the floor now - and I think she scoots backwards, I haven't seen her do that yet-but somehow she moves! It is so much fun to see her little personality emerge. She'll be six months old next week!
It is another rainy day. The grass is starting to turn green though and I keep thinking of Spring!
Tonight is Family Fun Night and that means Joe's burritos if I can convince John to go to town and get them! I would eat fruits and veggies all week if I was guaranteed a Joe's burrito on Friday night - HAHA
Last night we went to Gerben and Julie's. John drank hot tea! They are turning us into fine Europeans...and we are turning them into Americans!

Getting her exercise

Piggy Tails

This was taken last Wednesday. I love to do her hair - I used the rubberbands from Cody's braces to put it up - they work perfectly! Love those blue eyes, too!

Happy girl

Jaiden is the happiest baby - always smiling even though she is teething. God must have given her Daddy's personality - she loves having her picture taken.

He's still a kid!

Cody and his dogs playing in the snow a week or two ago! I took these through the kitchen window so they are a little blurry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rainy Day

It is a cold, damp, blustery day! A good day to stay indoors! I will try and post pictures later today - but for now I am going to take a well-deserved nap!

Jaiden rolls all over the floor now - I will try and get it on video to share - I can't leave the room now without her getting into mischief!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cody!!!!

Cody turns 16 today - I wanted him to skip school and go to the mall with me - but I know that is not a "good parent" thing to do! So, Happy Birthday to my little man who is all grown up now!

John has been working at the landfill again - they were really slow for awhile.

Jaima's reading has greatly improved. She enjoys reading to us every night. We got to read by candlelight the other night because the electricity was out. She enjoyed telling her friends at school all about it!