Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What do farmer's do Labor Day weekend? Make hay while the sun shines! Yesterday I helped John put new blades on the mower in the field...I got to use the impact wrench. It's funny how we can work together and not argue when it's on equipment. Now, you put us in a room together and have us assemble something - LOOK OUT! haha
I worked on the kitchen yesterday and a little today - I feel like I am constantly washing dishes- how did the pioneer women do it with no hot water heater or dishwasher????? I never know who is going to show up at dinner time (which I really do love!) so I always cook lots. And since most of the guys have big appetites - I cook a lot! Dan was so funny today - I had a strawberry cheesecake in the fridge that I had forgotten about - and he saw it - after lunch he said, "Why isn't the cheesecake out?" I cut him a huge piece!
Well, John has his hands full with the girls in the bath so I better finish this later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last week we visited Aunt Sandy and Aunt Lois in Waterloo.
Ian and Jaiden watching the new house arrive. I love his smile!
New neighbors! This is Theo and Danielle's new home - well, half of it! They will be here soon from Holland. Their house will be on the ten Hoeve farm. Jaima and Wyatt can't wait to meet the kids - new friends are always exciting!

Moving day

Khyle is moving into the Wartburg dorms today. Yesterday, Jaiden and I went to the bookstore with him to help with his books. I have been putting together his kitchen and bath essentials this morning. He is like a son to us - so this is exciting for me - and good practice for when Cody leaves for school! I bought Jaiden a Wartburg cheerleader outfit yesterday so she can cheer when Khyle Daniel is wrestling!!!!

Cleaned house a little this morning and I am still working on the laundry - the baskets are slowly emptying - I still need to go in Cody's room and dig for clothes to wash. I am sure Khyle will have laundry as well as he starts to pack his clothes for school. Once again, I thank God and John for allowing me to stay home and take care of these wonderful kids!
We continue to adapt to having Wyatt and Conner here after school. Having four kids come in the door all at once at 4pm is a zoo! So, we are starting routines: snack time, outside time, help with supper, homework time, etc. It seems to be working well.
John is hauling corn today - bins need to be emptied before harvest and there are always bills to pay!
Hayfever has invaded the White House - Cody, Jaima and I are really suffering this year. We should buy stock in the allergy pill company. I had to turn the AC back on after having it off for a week - the pollen is just too much for us - it sure was nice having the windows open though - especially at night when temps were in the 50s.
If anyone wants a kitten, let me know. She is declawed in front - she is just too naughty to be in the house with the other kitties. I am sure she would do great in a home without cats or dogs - or even on a farm! (Come get her, Julie - haha!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love...

the smell of a gently falling rain.
the sound of my daughter sleeping so peacefully.
the peace of a morning alone.
the anticipation of another day to live.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Newfound joy

Today was probably one of the happiest days of my life - I was sitting on the couch awhile ago and I suddenly realized I had my happiness back - the peace and joy that Christ promises and I have it again! I was recalling my day - I have a GREAT best friend (Thanks, Julie!). I went on a lunch date (Thanks, John!). I had time to read my Bible today (Thanks, God!) and my kids came home and were so excited to tell me about their day at school. What a beautiful, sunny, awesome day!

Well, after much praying and talking to John and a friend, I have decided not to take the biology class at Hawkeye. I went online and looked at info about the textbook I had purchased. The entire course is described as: "The book covers four major topics–cells, genetics, evolution/diversity, and ecology–and uses evolution as an overarching theme to tie all 20 chapters together. " I have no desire to pay over $500 to take a course that centers on evolutionary theory! I feel like I need to wait and maybe take some courses the Spring semester when Jaiden is older. I will take accounting, some farm management courses and animal feeding and production. For my science credit I will take physical science - the only "science" I need to know is that God created the heavens and earth!

I also decided to hold off on school because God has brought two wonderful young men into our lives - Wyatt and Conner. They will be riding the bus home each day and staying until 7pm while their Dad works. John and I really feel that they were meant to be here with us each day. I love having kids around - besides it's more to cook for and I love feeding people. Tonight, I made dinner for 10!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Napping with Daddy on Friday - Mommy went to the antique store in Plainfield!
This is Oscar - our newest family member. Jaima and I brought him home from Diane Paulsen's farm one morning after brunch!
MoMo, Jaima's kitten - she is really growing.
Fat ole Cinnamon - my kitty. Some people don't understand why we have so many pets - but we really love them and they are a part of our family. There is never a dull moment around here - and our pets are the best companions.
My aunt sent me a listing from that was for a llama - wish John would let me get one!

Farm update

John finally tore out the evergreen tree that was growing up into the willow tree - I can see past the cattle barn now! He also trimmed the lower branches on the other evergreens and my honeysuckles. He wants to take the honeysuckles completely out but I cry everytime he mentions it. So, I guess I keep my beautiful honeysuckles!

Jaima is outside right now "helping" her daddy in the shop. We are waiting for the vet to come and check out a cow. John has been doing a lot of cleaning jup out back to get ready for the new cattle buildings. September is not too far away! Cody and John will clean out pens today and I think build some fence.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer pics

Big Pimpin'! Cody and Khyle went to Trinkets and Togs one day and Cody got this fur vest and hat! He wore it to do steer chores. Khyle wore the vest into the gas station when he didn't have a shirt. Good Times! Silly boys.
Snoop Dogg aka Zeus.
Jaima in the RV. The shirt says, "Will trade husband for tractor."

Back to school!

Daddy and his first grade girl!

Cody - junior year! I drove him to school because he has to do his show steer chores in the morning - he hates it when I take his picture!
Jaiden fell asleep on the way home - getting ready for school was too much for her...

I am excited because we can have a routine again! It is so quiet in the house right now - I am enjoying a cup of coffee and trying to decide where to start on the mess we made this summer. Mt. Washmore is piled high. I don't think I have seen the floor on my side of the bed in awhile and dishes are lining up to go on strike...but we had a great summer and I am so thankful that John and I decided I should stay home. A friend at the hospital asked me to apply for a job there in her department and I seriously considered it because I miss my friends so much - but it's not about the money anymore - it's about being a wife and a mommy.

I am taking one class this fall so I can complete my degree. Dropping out of college is one of my biggest regrets in life. So, I will be taking Biology online through Hawkeye Community College - I have lab class on Thursdays. Sister-in-law Jenni is going to watch Jaiden while I go. I am so grateful to her for helping me. She is going to school, too on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - so this worked out well.

Enough for now - if I don't get up and get dressed I will not accomplish anything - which actually sounds REALLY good!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too old to stay up late

I was up way too late last night! Cody and his friends had a great time - I stayed up reading in my room until I knew everyone had gone home - Cody, Khyle and Tyler slept in the RV.

Cael and Emma will be here soon - and they will camp out with Cody and Jaima tonight. I will have to clean the RV up tomorrow so we can return it.

John is cleaning up around the shop. He mentioned getting ready for harvest this morning - and I had to stop and think about how close we are to another crop season being over. God has been good to us again this year. We plant the seeds, He does the rest.

So sorry to our friends and family in Des Moines that we were not able to come down for the State Fair. Cody and John will be going to the Aksarben fair in Nebraska in September instead to show Cody's steer.

Jaiden is standing on her own - trying to take a step. Her newest thing is to cry when she doesn't get what she wants - it is funny watching her little face scrunch up and the fake tears fall - then if you give her what she wants she laughs! She definitely knows what "No!" means!
Jaima is getting tired of summer - she does so much better with a school routine - We will start her 7:30 bedtime tomorrow night - bath, brush teeth, read books and bed - hopefully I can start putting Jaiden to be earlier as well.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ready for school to start

I am longing for the routine of the school year. This has been a great summer but I have learned that the kids function better when there is a set schedule! Reading time. Supper time. Bath time. Bed time. It all works out better for everyone during the school year!
Jaima will be in first grade. Cody will be a junior. Jaiden and Mommy will stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farmer's Vacation

RV? Check.
Campfire? Check.
S'Mores. Check.
Camping Spot? Front yard with a drop cord running to the house!
That's how farmers camp out.

John borrowed a co-workers RV and we drove it home to the farm. The girls and I have spent the last two days camping out. We blew a fuse this morning and had to call the house and have Cody flip the breaker - yeeha!

I will post pictures of our adventure soon...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working with John

When John got home from work this afternoon, the girls and I went to the barn with him and helped with the new milker. We had to run the ear tags through the machine to get the computer to recognize the numbers. We put ear tags on two calves and tried the machine out - they got their milk - but we still have questions on how the whole thing works! I had to go online to convert metric for John.

Jaiden is in a lot of pain with her teeth - I have never heard her cry like she did today - she is getting molars and her eye teeth - her gums are so swollen and sore - I gave her Tylenol and she is taking a nap now.

Jaima got a letter from her new teacher today - she is so excited for school to start. Mrs. Garbes has given the children an assignment already - to draw their yards and all of the things from nature they see in it.

We are going to get Curt's RV in a little bit - since we can't go camping at the campground, we are going in our backyard!

Jaima lost a front tooth today - she looks like a little hillbilly - will post pictures soon...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Temperatures are in the 70s today - it doesn't get any better than this! Cody is mowing the lawn. I wanted to do it! John is working on the new milk machine out in the barn. It is an automated calf-feeder. Each of the dairy calves will wear a collar that will tell the machine how much they are to get/how much they drink. Amazing technology and way better than bottle feeding all of them!

I have been cleaning a little - Randy and Terri Thomsen are coming for dinner. We are having steak and sweet corn and Terri's bringing cucumbers - I call it "Iowa Dinner"! I guess I better quick throw in a pan of brownies to bake!

Kiersten and Nathan stopped over for awhile today. Teenagers in love - awwwwwwww

We all went to church this morning at the Vineyard. Jaima went to children's church- Jaiden stayed in the nursery the whole time! I could tell she had cried a little - but not bad enough for them to come get me. It was nice to just be me and John - and Cody :) - worshipping and learning together. Gerben, Julie and Ian were there - Ian has 4 teeth now! He is too cute!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Youth Group Party

Cody and Lance played guitar on the roof!
Wednesday afternoon, I invited the youth out for a campfire party! We had hotdogs and s'mores!
We had a lot of fun!

I love this pic of Jaima!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More fair pics

Daddy's Drama Queens
Jaiden sitting on McLovin.
Tired girls - last night of the fair!

fair pics

McLovin - the Bremer County Born and Raised Champion - being FAT - he acts like a dog!
Hottest day at the fair - we hung out at the camper all day.
Cody in the show ring.
Cody and McLovin and John going into the final show Friday night - we placed third over all!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recovering from Fair Week

Brought the animals home today - Cody is busy unpacking everything tonight. We are so proud of him for all of the hard work he puts into his animals each year. Chores twice a day - teaching them to lead. Rinsing them and taming them. It paid off - we won Bremer County Born and Raised Champion with our steer McLovin. Our heifer, Ilo, won Reserve Market Heifer. We also placed in the top ten for Rate of Gain. Cody participated in the Showmanship Competition as well and did a great job - he earned free lunch for that! And then, in the Friday night Grand Champion selection, his steer won third overall! What a great way to end the week at fair and a year of hard work! We will start all over again with next year's calves real soon!

Jaima is overtired. She had to take a late nap today - went shopping with her Grandma Austa. We got her up early today so we could take Jaiden to the Cute Baby Contest at the fair. She placed second in her class for "Prettiest Eyes" - we had a lot of fun! We, of course, think she was the cutest baby there!

I will post pictures soon - I am too tired to do all of that right now!