Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baking Station

inspired by one of my favorite new blogs:


Making progress

All finished!

Photo of the Hoosier cabinet in it's original home. It has been in John's family since it's purchase.

Baking mixes, until I learn to bake on my own!

Learning to use what you already own is a great way of adding new life and character to your home!
I didn't spend a dime on this project, I just repurposed items from around the house.
I just need to learn to be a better baker now, but that's a post for another day!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Menu Planning

When school starts, I plan our meals two weeks at a time. I write the meals for the week on a paper plate so the whole fam knows what's coming up. I get meat out and can have it thawed in the fridge. And it is so easy to make a list of what is needed for each meal,  check the pantry or freezer, and then make my shopping list. When dance lessons and other activities start, I already know what needs to go in the crock pot that morning. No more rushing or ending up eating junk.

We are so blessed to be a family that always eats together. I don't know how other families stay connected without sharing a meal each day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I understand why God made pollen. I understand how it works and why it is necessary. But I want to know why He created allergies. This year has been the worst so far because apparently only ragweed can grow in a drought!

My kids can't go outside for long without sneezing and their eyes swelling up. We all take Claritin and I would hate to see what we would be like if we didn't.

In the midst of the pollen, I decided to do a major house clean - adding dust to the mixture. I hardly ever dust - it is a losing battle on the farm.

 So, if you drive by the funny farm and wonder why the windows are shut and the AC is still running, now you'll know. Because I sure wish we could have a nice breeze blowing through the house. I miss fresh air!

Most years I pray for an early frost. But not this year with the drought. We need as much frost free time as we can get this year. Some farmers are chopping corn already for silage. We will begin next week. We are fortunate to still have corn growing in some of our fields.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's over...

Some pictures to mark the end of a GREAT summer...

Where do you meet Him?

Every morning I head to my table. Before I get dressed or wake the kids. I make my coffee and I meet Him here. I sort out my day, make my lists, read my Proverbs 31 devotion and open my Bible for some much needed Father/ daughter time.

Do you have a quiet spot? It doesn't have to be fancy. I placed mine in front if the window so I can see the beauty of our farm. I have pens, my fav books, my planner/household notebook and occasional clutter :) My laptop is on an antique high chair at my side. It is thee perfect place for me.

Even more incredible is that when my precious babies wake up, they know where to find me, at my table, meeting with The King.

You can win a Nexus 7

Lately, I've been trying to win and iPad or other such device, since The Farmer has overtaken MY iPad. Here's a link to a giveaway. It's totally ligit. I promise. Have a great day!

Oh! My Heartsie: Nexus 7 Giveaway 9/6#c2380373395170990506#c2380373395170990506#c2380373395170990506#c2380373395170990506#c2380373395170990506#c2380373395170990506

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Relief from the heat

The Farmer is golfing with friends today...he deserves a day of worrying about nothing but chasing a little white ball around.

Woke up to 48 degrees outside! Opened all of the windows. Will regret the pollen and dust later, right now it is so nice to hear the birds. AJ got to go outside and play, his fav thing to do! It was s o nice to not have to worry about his asthma or the heat for once. We even went for a ride on the Ranger to see the cows.

There is a little more rain in the forecast which will be great for the beans. And my hay fever. Ugg this is the worst I have been in over 20 years. Can't wait for the frost, but we are praying for a late one, so that the crops have more time to mature. It's all in God's hands:

"So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is significant, but God, who keeps everything growing, is the one who matters." 1 Corinthians 3:7 ISV

I bought John a painting of this verse...reminds us of why we chose this way of life. You have to choose it for sure, because there is really nothing we can control. Not disease. Not wind. Surely not rain. We just raise our hands to Heaven and say, "Your will be done."


Monday, August 6, 2012

My 500th Post!

Can you believe it? Are you bored yet?

We still pray for rain. I wish we didn't constantly check the radar...or experience extreme disappointment when the clouds build up, we smell the rain, but it doesn't fall on our land. But yet, we are so blessed. We have more than enough. Jehovah-Jireh. The LORD provides.

The Farmer got up at 6 this morning and when I woke up he was sitting at the computer typing up a Word document. I inwardly giggled as he pecked at the keys. He was tabbing and I could have told him about the handy dandy shortcuts at the top of the screen, but I let him be. And then, he tries to print. And tries again. Only it's not his fault. Somehow the driver for the printer has been deleted. Probably by a two foot midget named AJ. I have spent the last half hour downloading and fixing. Not how I pictured my morning.

Roll with the punches. That should be the motto for JC Farms. That and the Farmer's famous words, "We'll get through it." And he's always right. Dangit.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Still no sign of rain...the corn is mostly dead, and the beans are on their way to the grave, too. The Farmer is trying to get all of the information he can on our crop insurance. He is also going to a meeting at the ethanol plant tomorrow to see how they are handling grain deliveries...or lack thereof. Needless to say, these are stressful times!

I collect old copies of Farm Wife magazine and I came across these words of wisdom...

Mom's Advice - Getting Along on the Family Farm
by Helen Howe of Stratford, CA

"Ten Commandments for the Senior Farm Wife" for moms who are welcoming a new daughter-in-law to the family farm

1. Understand the words "Generation Gap".
2. Make sure she has her own home.
3. Stay out of her house.
4. Give her privacy - in all things.
5. Give her freedom - to establish her own place.
6. Always be ready to help - when asked.
7. Never criticize.
8. Keep the communication channels open.
9. Keep your mouth shut.
10. Keep smiling.

Oh, how I want to interject my own experiences throughout these ten ideas...especially since I had the experience of not only living with my brother-in-law and his wife the first five years of my marriage, but also living in my mother-in-laws former home. If we had followed these rules, it would have been a much more loving and peaceful experience - especially since I was the only townie in the house!

If you are reading this, and are new to the farm, take heart. It will get better. Stand your ground. Don't nag your Farmer. And most of all, PRAY!!!