Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 31, 2008

Poor baby Jaiden

Sweet Jaiden Ilo has to go to the doctor this afternoon - she has a bad cold and is having trouble breathing. So, we will go and get that checked out - I wanted to go and visit Julie and Ian and meet her in-laws today, but that will have to wait.

We are getting lots of rain - and that means a little water in the basement. Today was my weekly coffee date with Gail and she helped me carry Cody's guitar amp upstairs - we were both out of breath! I am glad she was here to help. Maybe if we didn't eat so many donuts Monday mornings it would have been easier on us! I have been wanting Cody to move his room upstairs for awhile - and maybe this time he will want to. I am thankful that I caught it in time to get the pump working again - and contained the water to one room.

The rain is cleaning up the muddy snow and the willow tree is turning my favorite shade of green - new life! The robins have returned and pretty soon asparagus will be growing - spring is here - even though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

My baby will turn 16 on Wednesday - seems like it was only yesterday I brought him home from the hospital - I didn't know anything about being a mom. I had never even held a newborn - I cried when I had to change his diaper and had to call my mom in the room to show me how - look at me now! A little older and a lot wiser...

Farm Wife Wedding Vows

I Carolyn take you John, to be my lawfully wedded husband
- but not during planting, calving, hunting or harvesting season
Through better and worse
- corn, bean and calf prices
In sickness and in health
-even when he acts like our 6 year old or waits til it's so bad he HAS to go to the doctor!
For richer, for poorer
-looks good on paper!
Til death do us part
- hmmmmm
Through flooded basements every spring
-swimming anyone?
And chasing black cows on a moonless night
-great "together" time
And comparing childbirth to cow calving!
-"can't you just pull her out?"
Through grain bins blown apart and hay fires,
God keeps us together
-and lets us pick asparagus every Spring.
May the laughter never end.

by Carolyn White

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter celebration!

Here is our dining room - I got out the good china and we had a wonderful ham dinner with Gerben, Julie, Ian, Dan and Khyle. I made 2 hams, a 5lb. potato casserole and green bean casserole. We had fruit salad and YUMMY yogurt cake which I always ask Julie to bring! Gerben prayed in Dutch and then I prayed. It was a special dinner for all of us - I met Julie one year ago on Easter. God has brought our families together and we thank Him for it! It is so nice to have friends that feel like family. We are learning each other's ways. (Tea at 10, 4 and 8! HAHA) I like to learn little Dutch phrases and joke with Gerben.
Jaima ate too much candy yesterday and went to bed at 7 - she was one tired little girl.
Cody and I and the youth group did the SonRise service at church yesterday. It was a great service! I wrote the sermon and got to preach - something I really enjoy doing. Then we had Easter brunch and a 9:30 church service. We came home and the Easter bunny had left eggs in the snow! It was coldest egg hunt I can ever remember!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs on Saturday

Easter Pancakes

Cael and Jaima had a sleepover. I made green bunny pancakes for breakfast. They look angelic here but gave John a run for his money Friday night! He babysat Cael, Jaima and Jaiden while Cody and I went to Good Friday service at church. We got home and John was sitting in the recliner with a crazy look on his face! Jaima said, "We were wild!" I told John we were even because I take the two of them a lot on the weekends. They really know how to wear a person out! But we love them just the same!

Five Months Old

It's hard to believe our little princess turned five months old on the 17th!

Lots to update!!!

She keeps falling asleep!
When she falls asleep she has to have something in her hand - just like Cody used to!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Saint Patrick's Day Musing...

“He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Mark 16:15 (NIV)

What do we really know of St. Patrick, in who’s honor patrons don green? To look around at the way modern day folk celebrate St. Patrick’s day, you’d think it all had to do with shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows and the ever famous pot of gold at the end of them. Well, that and the traditional “wearing of the green” to prevent any pinching that might occur on March 17th each year. But there is actually some wonderful truth that we can celebrate at this holiday and can pass along to the children in our lives.

For as far as history can tell, the story goes like this: At about the age of 16, Patrick, a Scottish young man born into wealth sometime in the late fourth century, most likely around 385, was violently captured by Irish raiders and forced into a life of slavery. Patrick later escaped and was reunited with his family, but in a dream, felt called by God back to Ireland to spread Christianity to the people of that isle. So this godly young man set about to make this dream come true. He prayed for God’s strength and then studied scripture to ready himself. Then He was prepared to return to the land of his captivity. He preached the Gospel and built churches throughout the country until his death on March 17, 461 . For the modern day Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is considered a time for spiritual renewal as they fondly remember the slave-turned-evangelist who spread Christianity to the Emerald Isle. For our families today, we can use him as an example of what a young person, sold out for God can do in their generation.

Just think about this man. How many of us, after being captured and held as a slave and forced to work in a foreign land, when finally set free, would actually return to the very place where we were enslaved? It must have taken a great deal of maturity and immense faith in God’s protection to go back to that island. And Patrick must have known that spiritual bondage is far, far worse than physical slavery.

In some ways, don’t we see modern day examples of just such a story? The drug addict who finds freedom from a life of addiction through faith in Christ, sensing a call to return to their old neighborhood and preach the freedom and everlasting life Jesus offers. The women who made a bad choice resulting in her and her unborn child both being the victims of abortion. Now she longs to counsel young girls to choose life for themselves and for their precious baby. All of these people serve as wonderful examples of someone who found freedom and longed to lead others there as well.

So at this time of year, when you spy a leprechaun or see a shamrock, whisper a prayer that God continues to raise up men and women who have been set free to return to the land of their captivity and lead others to the same liberating, life-giving freedom.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back to Work!

I feel so good right now! It's 9:30 and I've helped John pull a calf (it's a bull!) and helped Stanley lock up a cow who's about to calve. I put Jaiden in her car seat and she stayed nice and warm in the car. I got dirty and sweaty and I stink - and I love it! I love working with John and witnessing the miracle of new life - even when it's below zero with no sign of spring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jaima!!!!

6 years old today! Jaima woke up to a room filled with red balloons and streamers hanging from her doorway. Of course, she had to pose for her birthday picture! We will celebrate tonight with a cake (which I still need to bake!). She is having a High School Musical party on Saturday with friends from school, her cousins and family. Seems like only yesterday that my little Drama Queen was born!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

From Jaiden...

I love squash (can you see it all over my face?)and green beans, too. I like to make a mess when I am eating. Sometimes, I spit at Mommy. I don't like to get my face washed at all.
I got my ears pierced on Friday! I only cried for one second. Mommy and Cody went with me. Jaima had to spend the day with Daddy because she was driving mommy crazy. Just kidding, Sissy! Can you tell my hair is growing? It still sticks up. Some people say I have a mohawk.

Cody's Snow Fort

Cody and Lance's snow fort! They spent all day on it last weekend - it melted today!
Jaima's dog, Apollo Creed, playing king of the mountain with me!

Jaiden's Friends

Jaiden and Kiki D - one of JJ's godmothers!
Ian and Jaiden...she loves to watch him! They are one month apart in age and neighbors. He says "koe" she says "cow"! Beste vrienden! Best friends!