Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ok, I honestly forgot I had a blog! But always, the fall causes me to start reflecting on the year, and I started thinking about sharing again.

The sounds of fall have begun...corn dryers running 24/7, a constant reassuring hum...tractors in and out of the driveway, grain carts bumping along behind them...calves bawling for their mamas, who are busy eating...dirty boots marching along my freshly scrubbed floor coming in for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and I don't care that they are dirty because it means a few stolen moments with my man...

Our days are full, blessedly full. Cody is in college, with a full load of classes. He drives to Wloo everyday. Chase is still his roommate, and so much like another son to me, and he goes to classes full time as well as works in the kitchen at the local country club. Both boys are still in the band together and they tour all over the state. Which this mama thinks is way cool! Cody works full+ time here on the farm. He will be doing field work soon. John said that with the new steering system on the tractor that Cody will really be excelling because that kid knows computers and video games!

Jaima is busy with 4H, dance and school. She joined the school choir, too. Her daddy already got her a calf for next year's fair and soon she will be spending lots of time teaching him to lead and making him her pet. No names picked out yet...

Jaiden is finally potty trained and very independent...loves to dress herself...and watch Backyardigans! That's all we hear about and we all have to pretend the character from the show that she assigns she is Pablo and I am Uniqua...tomorrow I might be Tosha and she will be's a blast! She continues with her speech classes and has a vocabulary that shows me that God truly answers prayers! We work on s, f, g, j and y sounds. Teacher Carrie is teaching us fun ways to practice and we love making snake sounds together!

And now, there is Zoie added to our family. We have her 4-5 days a week. She will be two on October 5. And what a joy it has been to have her here. She is so little, especially compared to our clan! We are helping her mommy out. Zoie has a three-year-old sister and a newborn sister, and mommy is young. John and I decided to do all we can to ensure that Miss Zoie gets to grow up never knowing what it is to be without. A loving home, plenty of good food, and love beyond all understanding. Will you pray for Zoie and her family with us?

Me? My days are full to capacity! Cooking, cleaning, laundry, picking up after the two little ones...I have found toys in the weirdest places! I am also teaching/leading a college Bible class on Tuesday evenings, the one I recently graduated from. John and I are also teaching Sunday school every other month. Wednesday is church night for all of us. Both girls are in dance. I spend a lot of time in the truck, but I don't mind...this is my life and I love livin it!