Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's see...

Today is what, Wednesday? Yikes! Lightning took out the main computer, modem, and router on Monday. I finally got everything working again this evening. Had to buy a new router/modem.
Fair is in full swing. Cody spends most of his time there - I think he might even sleep there tonight - some friends of ours have a camper at the fairgrounds. Next year, we are probably going to do the same. This week is our vacation - we don't leave the county very often lol! - but we do act like we are on vacation fair week!
We went in for the free breakfast this morning - pancakes, eggs and sausage - Jaiden loved it all - especially the orange juice. Jaima spent some time at the petting zoo. She was not feeling well, so I took her to the doctor this morning - she has double ear infection - poor thing! Tried to get her to take her antibiotics - they gave her chewables - that didn't work - even with Nathan and Kiersten and her daddy trying - we tried applesauce, pudding - I tasted it and almost puked - so I called the pharmacy to get it changed to liquid, will pick it up tomorrow -

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Hairdo for me

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Family Reunion

Aunt Sarah and Baby J
Eating grass
Sunday, we traveled to Zearing, Iowa to John's Mom's family reunion.
John's Mom and Dad were supposed to come and stay for the week but had to go home to Arkansas. We were all sorry that they couldn't come home for the fair.
We are all getting ready for the BIG week! Go Cody!


Jaima just swallowed her tooth! Will the Tooth Fairy still come?

Amazing Day

Future Rock Star?
Woke up this morning after a great night's sleep! Today, the girls and I went to brunch at Diane Paulsen's. Several girls from the neighborhood were there - including Julie and Ian! We had fruit, muffins, coffee, juice and some much needed girl time! I stayed until noon! And we would have stayed longer but Jaima had a hair appointment.

Jaima got a trim and a red stripe in her hair - and I got a much needed haircut that I decided to get at the last minute! We had so much fun with Wendi!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trying to walk!

Jaiden tries to walk between the furniture today! She is so determined to get where she wants to go!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two in the Crib!

Jaima slept in Jaiden's crib last night! Jaiden thought it was fun!
Jaima and Jaiden and Kiersten aka Kiki D - at the Fair Queen Banquet. We sponsored her. We'll find out who wins this Sunday evening!
Fair is next week. We weigh the calves in Tuesday morning. I am going to go through the Fair book tonight and highlight all of the things I want to go to. I might even enter the chili cook-off. We're going to enter Jaiden in the cute baby contest next Saturday - maybe she'll get crowned Queen like her big sister did!

She likes to feed herself!

No more baby food for Miss Jaiden.

Julie and Ian visited this afternoon - Julie brought yogurt cake! The kids played, we talked - rather I talked and Julie listened!
I love this picture of Jaiden! This was taken Sunday on the way to the Fair Queen Banquet.

Heritage Days Parade

Cody and Jaima on the float.
Jaiden and I rode in the back.
Friends from Trinity decorating the float. "Orange you glad God Loves You?" They passed out oranges, orange soda and popsicles!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JC Farms

I guess I should explain our new farm name - we always went by White Farms. One day, John decided the new name. We all have names that start with J and C. Also, we have put Jesus Christ in charge of our lives - and the name reminds us of all He has done for us!
I couldn't sleep last night - and I didn't drink my Dr. Pepper before bed! Took Cody to the orthodontist in Cedar Falls this morning - he broke the wire behind his bottom teeth - then we went to Goodwill and came home. How's that for an adventure?

I can't believe it is Wednesday already - life goes by too fast. I want to put the brakes on and slow it down!

I forgot to mention that I have visited the Vineyard Church two Sundays. I really enjoy the teaching and Cody loved the music. It was a nice change for us.
Cody and I have started walking. We are also watching what we eat and are trying to stay active! It is hard for him to see that this is not something that is going to magically change overnight - but an ongoing lifestyle change. I have not been a very good example to my kids. I know it is not to late to teach them to live a healthy life!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jaiden can...

  • Drink from a cup
  • Babble constantly
  • Dance to music
  • Scrunch up her nose and laugh when she knows she is in trouble
  • Crawl faster than I can run
  • Keep her mommy up all night, every night
  • Clamp her mouth shut and not let mommy get paper out
  • Eat table food (loves everything but potatoes)


This summer has been a crazy whirlwind - so much I wanted to do with the kids and now it is more than half over! I am grateful to God and John that I get to stay home with them. I know that will be enough. They won't care if we went on a vacation - they will know that their mom was always there for them!
Fair is one week away. I am so excited. A whole year's worth of hard work for 5 minutes in a show ring. As a mom, I worry about Cody showing his steer. There is always a mixture of pride and fear and wonderment at the strength of my son. As a wife, I am proud of my husband for picking such a wonderful animal and all of the work and care he puts into this.
Gail came for coffee this morning - we always have a great time- trying to cram a week's worth of talk into a couple of hours!
Some nights I get into bed and remember I haven't blogged - but by morning I forget all about it as the busy-ness of the day sets in! I will try and stay more current -

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine months old!

Jaiden falls asleep in her high chair after supper at least once a week!
Gail and Jaiden at our Tuesday morning coffee date.
Jaima in her curlers - some got stuck in her hair and we had to cut them out!


Storming at 7:45 tonight - about 5 minutes later it started pouring!

Some nights I get in bed and I wonder what I did all day! I call these kind of days whirlwinds! Go-Go-Go all day and don't know exactly what i did!
My friend, Tiffany, stayed for 5 days - Cody is at camp til tomorrow. Jaima stayed at Kiki's house - they went to the Cedar Falls water park and Chuck E. Cheese - she came home tired!
My Mom watched Jaiden on Wednesday while John and I hauled hay. Thanks, Mom! She also went to garage sales and brought up a lot of clothes for the girls - they can probably wear a new outfit everyday til Christmas - haha

Jaima, Jaiden and I went out for Chinese today and then we went to the farm store for Daddy - that kind of shopping is no fun!
Jaiden has grown quite the vocabulary! She can say: Mama, Daddy, DeeDee (Cody), Sissy, Kitty, Dan and This? (for what's this?) - it is so much fun! Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, chicken, shredded cheese and anything she can pick up and put in her mouth - paper included!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My dream car!
Plainfield Days was this weekend, so we went to the parade. My friend, Tiffany, is here for the week. We have been cooking and she has been baking pies! Tomorrow we area driving Cody to church camp.
Tiff and I have been friends for over 20 years. We complete each other's sentences. She keeps me sane.
Today was nice and cool. John took Gerben golfing. He says they had a great time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This morning I called Julie and told her to make me a cup of tea because I was coming for a visit! I left the kids at home and had some friend time.

We have gotten some rain - and looks like more is coming today. It is humid and overcast. John is working at the landfill. Cody and I plan on going to town today and looking at fence supplies. We are going to look at ways to fence in the acreage so the cattle can't get out. We have chased cows twice in the last three days. We've been looking up options and advice on the internet and hope to find a solution. Cattle love their freedom!

I am going to pack Cody's things for camp - he leaves on Monday. I will have to haul him and Lance and all of their guitar equipment to Grinnell. I want to stay overnight down there with the girls but we will have to see what's happening here on the farm.

I have a few red tomatoes that should be ready to pick today! I can't wait to taste the first one - I love to eat them right off the vine. Next year I hope to plant a big garden and maybe get a few laying hens. My childhood dream of being a farmers wife included chickens, ducks, geese, a few sheep and a huge garden. John will just have to play along - haha

Monday, July 7, 2008


Poor Baby Jaiden! She has teeth coming in on all sides - she's been running a low temp, runny nose - all the things that come with teething! She hasn't been too cranky though - just not sleeping very well.

It is HOT today! Very humid. But the clouds are building up so that blocks out a little of the sun. Jim, Cody and Cael are working outside. They came in for lunch and looked like they needed a dunk in a cow tank.

I didn't feel very well this weekend. I think the sunburn made me sick. I did manage to go to church with Cody but came home and took a long nap (okay, I slept for 6 hours haha). It's amazing how a house can fall apart when I am sick for one day! So today I am cleaning up the mess. How did every towel in the house end up wet?

Friday, July 4, 2008


Does anyone want a kitten? Real cheap


John took me and the girls to see the Shell Rock fireworks- farmer style! We took gravel til we got close enough and parked in a field driveway - Jaima had never really seen or heard fireworks before - she kept asking, "Is this the grand finale?" "No, Jaima." "Is that the grand finale?" "No, Lulu." HAHA Jaiden loved looking at them - she was mesmerized! Daddy tried not to fall asleep -

What a great day - I mowed the lawn - and got a sunburn. John and Cody worked cows all day - we let the holstein calves out into the new pasture that Cody fenced in and got ready - my parents came for dinner - barbecue! and now I am waiting up for Cody to get home.

Happy Fourth Everyone! God Bless America!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I forgot to post these

We had a picnic at the butterfly garden at the library...


Jaima's new kitten - MoMo
Jaiden in her big girl bed, smiling at Cael!
Jaiden helping Mommy with the dishes.

A lot of catching up to do...

Life is so busy sometimes! We made it through driver's ed - no more getting up at 5am! I have been cleaning up the clutter in the house and donating lots to the local thrift shop. It is so much easier to clean when there is less stuff to clean. DUH! Cody has another load to put in my car so I can take it tomorrow.

Jaiden has 8 teeth now - the newest four came in all at once - many sleepless nights for mommy, daddy and baby. A few times I took her into Jaima's room to sleep in the big bed with me - Jaima loves to sleep in the living room in the summer - so I had a bed all to myself and a sleepy baby to cuddle with!

John has been working lots at the landfill - there is so much debris being hauled from here to Black Hawk County - so much for a part - time job! We appreciate the money though - and Cody has taken over a lot here at home for his Dad. He's been building fence, feeding the calves, and learning to drive a tractor. Cody and Uncle Jim picked up a couple of loads of square bales today - that's hard work!

My parents had a great trip to Alaska - of course, Daddy brought me back a ring! They will be coming up for a fish fry for the 4th - can't wait for my mama's cooking!

I had a hard time saying goodbye to our Pastor two weeks ago - in the Methodist church, pastors go where they are assigned - Pastor Tony was my mentor and friend - and also someone I could ask for ideas to teach the youth - he and Evelyn will be missed by the White family!