Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thee barn swallows are dancing, soaring, spinning through the air this morning. Artfully dodging raindrops. Looking like bats that should not be out in the daylight. They creep me out but I can't stop watching them. They are proof to me that God has a sense of humor. Because my favorite barn cat sits there trying to catch one and they all fly at him in unison and I swear they are laughing at him. Poor Angus is so confused.

I was relieved to see rain falling this morning. I remember the days we would stand outside - arms raised to Heaven - begging God to send the rain. Never. Ever. Take for granted that God is the only reason why the corn grows. We plant the seeds. He does the rest.

The children and I have been sleeping in past 9 most days. I keep telling myself to set an alarm so we aren't all out of whack by the time school starts. Then I think, "They need time to rest and grow." Only it's me that wants the extra sleep. Maybe in August we will stop staying up talking and giggling and watching Netflix and drinking Pepsi and catching lightning bugs and go to bed early. Maybe.

If you haven't checked out yet I would really encourage you to! Kari has some pretty awesome insight (and honesty!) about day-to-day life. She also writes AMAZING Journal and Doodle Through the Bible studies. You can even get one for free if you sign up for her emails. There is also a Facebook group to join where we share our journal pages.

One of these days, when I sit down to write here, I will take the time to upload some pictures of what's been happening here on Thee Farm. And share some of my journal pages. Not today though, they are all still sleeping and I am going to read a few chapters of Gone With the Wind and pretend that I am Scarlett.