Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working Girl...

Today I worked at the Sale Barn - and I had a great time! I missed my girls, but it was nice to have adult conversation all day! I will work next Monday and Tuesday - fill in when needed and also work during the Horse Sale. Guess I better find some babysitters!

This week I am also babysitting Hayden - but I left all the kids home with John today and he survived! He even did some laundry and the dishes. I was impressed. His brother came and checked on him and so did Hayden's grandpa.

Jaiden will probably get her stitches out tomorrow - it is healing rather nicely. Just a little bruise left.

Cody is at camp for the week. I am missing hearing him play guitar at night. But he needed a break from us. The fair is in two weeks. He has worked hard all summer and deserves a vacation. Speaking of vacations - the Fair is the only one I get - I won't have to cook all week. No housework, no laundry - just 4 or 5 days of hanging out at the Fair with friends. I can't wait! I have to laugh because I haven't left Bremer or Black Hawk County in over a year! Me, the girl who wanted to travel the world - am content to be a farmer's wife.

The new couch finally came today,but no ottoman. I finally feel like I have turned the house into my own. Can't wait to stretch out on the couch and veg tomorrow...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jaima got a hold of my camera and took over 20 pictures of herself. This is my favorite.

Who is this?

Jaiden got a kitty from Gerben and Julie's - meet OzzyMoron (oxymoron!) - we'll see how long this lasts!

What a great day! The weather is beautiful. We went to church. Stopped at tenHoeve's afterwards, brought home Ozzy (Daddy said "no", but we put him in the car anyways! Daddy is a softie. Then, we made pancakes and sausage for lunch. Yum! We decided to do this every Sunday - we need more traditions. (Making pancakes that is, not bringing home kittens from the tenHoeve's!) Happy nappys were next and now we will grill steak for supper.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Judith and Jaiden today at Bible study - Gerben and Theo's sister!

Jaiden didn't want to get in the car, so she went and sat on the curb!

A big bruise has formed on Jaiden's chin - but it is healing and not causing her too much trouble.

It is 64 degrees outside today - cold! I am wearing a sweatshirt it is so chilly - but great to have the windows open. Now, if only the weather fair week could be so nice!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A stitch in time...

or three.Jaiden fell around 9:45 last night and hit the metal bed frame on Jaima's bed. (Don't ask why my kids were up that late!) We headed to the ER and got stickers and stiches. She really liked the stickers! We go back in a week to get the stitches removed.