Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, October 25, 2015


You've got to be around people if you want to go from Conceit to Complete. Remember, we are learning that when we take the focus off of ourselves we can begin to live a real life. 

For those of you who haven't been around since Thee Beginning of Thee Blog, let me introduce myself. i.e. let's connect!

Why all the Thee's? Because I'm married to Thee Farmer. Have been since 2002. We have five children and one future daughter-in-love. Cody& Abby, Jaima, Jaiden, AJ and Little A. Cody has flown the coop so that leaves four kiddos aged 2 to 13 at home. We farm in Northeast Iowa - cows, corn and beans. 

I am a former radio deejay and morning show personality. Which I retired from when I met Thee Farmer. Because being Thee Farm Wife was much more important than being a deejay (which was my childhood dream and not everyone can say that they got to grow up and be who they wanted to be!) 

Second on my list was farm wife. Honest. I had a woman in my life growing up that was a farm wife and we spent many summers on their farm. I wanted the farm house, the chickens, geese and roosters. I wanted a big barn with a hay mow and cats and sheep and goats and a spider like Charlotte. I had a huge imagination. Most of all, more than all of those things, I wanted simplicity. I wanted to cook big meals and live in the country. Take care of my husband and kids and have lots of fun and faith.

I never really thought that I would grow up to be Thee Farm Wife, but here I am just living the dream. 

What I love about where I am is our family. Thee Farmer and his brother work side-by-side. Our kiddos get to see family every day. All of our children get to play and laugh and work together. It's an intertwining of lives that really has no words that are capable of explaining it. Just lots of love and patience and learning and leaning on each other. With tears in my eyes, I can honestly say that this life is beyond my wildest dreams.

Thee Farmer and I are so blessed. We roll with the punches. We always get back up again. I don't know how many times he has told me, with the most sincere honesty, "We'll get through it." And we always have,

I could also write about infertility and adoption and manure and cattle breeding and cooking big meals and doing laundry four times a day. 

I will save all of that for later. Because today is Sunday. And while we still do chores, we mostly rest and rejoice in the day that the Lord has made!

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