Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ok, now that I have all of the pics uploaded, I can write about what has been going on here on the farm!

It is raining again today - fall is definitely here! Now, we need it to dry out so we can get those crops in. There is a crew outside working on the shop today - insulating it and I don't know what else. They showed up at 6:45- looked the a government SWAT team arriving with all of the trucks and lights!

Last night, we went to Jaclyn's Powder Puff football game. It was supposed to be flag football, but we saw a few tackles! The WSR boys could use a few of those girls to improve their season! Homecoming game is tonight - hope it's not raining!

Cody went to the doctor this week for some bloodwork, they found out his testosterone levels were low, so we will go to a specialist in Iowa City soon to see what needs to be done. Please keep him and the doctors in your prayers. Being a teenager is hard enough, and I pray he stays focused on Senior year and the wonderful life God has planned for him.

Jaima is doing great in school - she is taking after me in Spelling, all perfect scores so far! I won the Spelling Bee back in second grade and still have my little trophy I won. I love that she is so excited about school! She enjoys math as well. Tuesdays nights she has dance class - she came home last week and told me she got to move to the back row - she's one of the "experienced dancers" now -

Hope you enjoy the pictures I've on for the Many Adventures of the Crazy, Mixed Up, but Totally Okay with it - White Family!

Future Pro

Cael James, our little miracle, going for a touchdown, hard to believe it was almost a year ago that he was lying in the ICU.

John (right) and Jim, watching the game, I love how they just go together like peas and carrots!

Terrible Twos...


I was standing right behind her, doing the dishes, I turned around and found this mess - and she got mad at ME - she cleaned up the mess and went to time out - she has spent a lot of time in the little red chair!

I think she has gotten worse since I weaned her - and I am sure we will survive this phase - although it makes it difficult to leave her with others, we always say, "Don't take your eyes off her, and be prepared to run because she's FAST!" Don't even ask what happened to both of our laptops in one day - let's just say I had to find two of our old monitors to hookup to them until the new parts arrive.

She won't drink cow's milk, so we give her cheese and yogurt and juice with added calcium. We have locks on the refrigerators now so she can't steal juice boxes when we aren't looking. She sounds like a terror - huh? I think it's because she is spoiled rotten and everyone babies her - in fact, she doesn't talk yet, because everyone talks for her - sigh...and I wanted 10 kids!

Last week, she was teething - getting her 2 year molars - had a temp of 103, a rash and was quite uncomfortable - but the funny thing is, she smiled through it all - and was always trying to make us laugh - that's what makes this all a blessing -

Homecoming Week!

Cody and Lance - second year dressing up as Star Wars storm troopers!

Monday was All One Color day - so Cody wore and orange jail jumpsuit! I laughed and laughed - he is so funny and creative!

I didn't take a pic today - it was spirit day - he wore a homecoming shirt, yellow and black shorts and black tights - I wish I had been that involved in school, but I was too busy trying to prove to the world that I was a grown up - haha

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday - Work Day!

Cody is downstairs in the basement painting the walls. We had to remove all of the wallpaper because of mold and water damage - and he painting KILZ on it. Tomorrow we will paint the second coat and also paint the concrete floors. I cleaned the kitchen down there and mopped - I will do the bathrooms tomorrow with the girls - they need to learn how to scrub toilets HAHAHAHAHAHA - Cody should be able to move down there by mid-week. We are also going to build him a "stage" for his guitar equipment - I will probably regret that because of the noise - but he only has a few years left at home and then I know I will miss his rockin' out.

Jaima and Jaclyn are painting, too - Jaima is loving it - and is actually the best painter of us all! Jaiden just put her hands on the walls and got paint all over herself and then cried because she didn't understand what happened!

Jaiden has not been herself the past few days - fever, lethargic, vomiting- teeth pain - and only wants to cuddle with her mommy and daddy - which we are loving, because usually she is so busy and won't let us hold her! - she is doing better this afternoon and is drinking and eating a little.

I am trying to watch IPTV - a quilting show - but this digital TV is terrible! It never comes in consistently - I might have to buy a better antennae.

John and Andrew are outside cleaning out a grain bin - then it's chore time - and I will throw something together for supper when I feel like it - lol -for now, I will watch this quilting show and wish I had asked Grandma Wagner how to quilt!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Building Update

We have one hoop building completed. As you can see in the pic, the second one is still waiting for a roof, walls, gates, etc. I tell people, "We will get to it when we get to it." LOL - for now, we have all we can handle, and I am sure that building will be complete and cattle will be in it when God is ready to provide that for us!(Oh, and Gerben, those are your cows hahahaha!)

What else is new? The kids and I have activities almost everyday of the week. I love our schedule. We use the chalkboard wall to keep track of what's for dinner, homework and school schedules, activities and love notes and words of encouragement. You should consider chalkboard paint on an empty wall - it is one of the best craft projects I have ever done! We have to keep track of dance, 4H, AWANAS, Wednesday night and Sunday church activities, and I just got accepted into a college program to earn my degree in Theology! I am so excited about that! I will also be finishing up my Christlife third course this fall as well. BUSY BUSY BUSY

Harvest is just around the corner, and we just found out John's parents will be visiting next week. We know we can handle anything because God has promised us that, "We can do all things through Him who strengthens us!" Philipians 4:13.
Matthew 5:37 (New International Version)
"Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one."

A friend has told me today that I am too much of a people pleaser - and I was reminded of the above Scripture. Why can't I tell someone, "No." when I really don't feel like a visit? Or, "Yes, please, I would like some more chocolate and I don't care if my hips are too big!"?

Loving God - first priority. Loving myself and my husband and my kids - that's number two. If I don't take care of me, I can't take care of them. If I don't spend time with my Creator, I can't appreciate what He has created- ME and this family and the home we have made despite some pretty trying circumstances. I love how we have eked out our own little place in the Universe and it's all ours. Rules and traditions we got to pick and try to follow - lol.

So, let your yes be a resounding YES and if you want to say no - let it be a firm no - I really believe that God wants us to live life and fully enjoy it - Jesus said, "I came so that you might have life and live it abundantly (to the full.)" John 10:10 -

Are you ready to live that with me, my friends?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jaiden and her new fish - she is eating Spaghettio's for breakfast- the ones that didn't fit in Jaima's thermos- wholesome - huh? John and I have never seen her eat so well - now that she's weaned! The bottle is empty - she likes to play with them.

Jaima and our first cucumber - it took until September for it to grow and we planted them before Memorial Day - crazy.

Pouring concrete out back -John, Jim, Dan and Ronnie.

If you are a Star Wars fan you will think that Chloe looks like an Ewok - she is such a great puppy! I love watching her chase the girls in the yard.

My hormone levels are returning to "normal" - and I am slowly emerging from my stupor - am feeling much better physically and mentally - and am enjoying seeing Jaiden respond to her world in a different way now - one not centered on nursing! lol

It's done...

JaidenIlo is weaned. I know, I know...but she is my last and I really loved the special time we had together. Of course, my smiley girl took it in stride. Me, I'll be okay. She now grabs her blanket and crawls up on my lap for cuddle time- I like that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Life is moving along in an orderly fashion - and that is a great thing! The puzzle pieces are starting to fit- and the family is working like a well-oiled machine! For us, Fall is a time of regeneration - pulling it together - or pulling up our britches and gettin'to work...

The concrete is poured out back so it will be easier to clean pens and bring in feed. John has begun to build a commodities shed to house our feed and gluten. We are weaning calves - you have never heard anything so pitiful as a calf bawling for his mama! (Unless it's me, begging John for something! haha)

We are busy with dance class, AWANAS, church, back-to-school activities, etc etc

Off I go!