Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, May 30, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Come Again some other day!

My favorite childhood rhyme holds so true here on the farm. It rained (poured) all night long. I prayed and asked God to protect our corn. We plant the seeds, God does the rest!
Jaiden's personality is emerging. I laugh when I take something away and she has a temper tantrum. She kicks her feet and growls at me! She also loves to make funny faces like the one in the photo above. My friend Trish calls it the "White girls cheerleader smile" - one of these days we will have to go see Donna Busch and get a cheerleader photo taken of the three of us!
Jaima is ready for school to end - everyday we remind her there's so many days left and that she can do it! She is tired and ready for a break. She is a lot like her daddy - she just wants to be on the farm.
Cody is trying to catch bugs for his Biology project. Only problem is, it's too cold and wet for bugs to be out! So far he has a fly and a ladybug that I found on the windowsill - and a June bug that he and I caught Tuesday night. It was on the wall in the entryway - he stood behind me and pushed me forward. I had a can of bug spray and a fly swatter - here I am in my nightgown trying to catch an ugly bug! It was one of our more hilarious adventures together! We got him captured in a tupperware container. Cody says he wasn't scared - I say he screamed like a little girl!
John is still making plans for the expansion. Building is scheduled for July. We are working on cleaning up the "junk" out back. We traded in the old skid loader and got a new one that has two buckets. Now we will have separate buckets for feeding and for cleaning out pens.
Well, Jaiden is hungry so I will end for now!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Safe and Blessed Again

Thanks be to God for protecting us from the storms! Thank you to friends and family who prayed for our safety and the phone calls of encouragement from my mom and Austa Mom! We had rain but no wind here on the farm. I kept saying to John, "It is too still. Where is the wind?" I thought for sure a tornado was coming here as still as it was. The town of Parkersburg is destroyed. This is a link Julie found that has photos.

I called Julie when the storms started and told them to come here if it got bad. So we spent the evening at the kitchen table and playing with Ian and Jaiden. Kiersten was here as well. I grilled hamburgers and made potato casserole and asparagus. John and Gerben talked cows. Julie and I teased each other about European and American ways like we always do! (I think I am becoming more European than she is American! HAHA). We watched the rain and stayed safe in our big brick house.

Please pray for the people of New Hartford and Parkersburg. I am awaiting news of the safety of my friend Adam and his family. They have a newborn baby.

Memorial Day has dawned a beautiful sunny day. Thank you to those who have served our country. Thank you God for the memories of loved ones who have gone home to be with you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jaima is in the playpen with Jaiden. Jaima wants Jaiden's crib in her room - I told her Mommy is not ready for that yet. The other night all three of us girls slept in Jaima's room. That was fun! And Daddy enjoyed having our bed to himself!

It rained a little this morning. Fieldwork continues on. We will be finished with beans soon. Khyle and Cody are out pulling up flags on the ground we just had tiled. I am getting excited for the new buildings to go up - and for the chance to get outside and work!

I had a busy week - seems like I had to go to town everyday this week but today. Cody started drivers ed. Jaima and Cael both played sick today (I swear they planned it ahead of time!) so I had both of them here at the house for awhile today. Neither one of them seemed sick to me! I think they are just tired of school and ready for the year to be over.

THE haircut

After. This is Cody and Lance the night of the talent show. I will try and post their video soon! Love you DeeDee!

Seven months...and one week old!

Jaiden has four teeth now! This is her silly face - she just woke up from her nap! This picture on the right is one of Jaiden wearing a shirt her Daddy had when he was little. "I'm a Lil Farmer"!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

catching up...

I am so glad that warmer weather is here! I can go outside and sit in my John Deere chair, sip some lemonade and read! NOT like I have time for that!

Jaiden is seven months old now - I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera. I set it down the other day and haven't seen it since. Typical for me.

I continue to work on organizing cupboards, closets and shelves. I am getting rid of so much. It makes for less cleaning. Once school is out, the kids and I will tackle the basement. I haven't hardly touched it since we moved upstairs two years ago. I can't wait for the kids to be home - we are planning library day, swimming day, and other days to visit museums, the zoo and friends.

Cody finally got his drivers permit yesterday - he was so happy! Drivers ed starts this Thursday evening. We will eventually have to go at 6:30 am for the month of June. I think I will make John take him! I need my beauty sleep.

The boys are almost done planting beans. I laughed at John this morning while we were drinking our coffee. He said, "We sure could use some rain!" I said, "You farmers are never satisfied!" We both know that once the seed is planted it is all in God's hands. That's the miracle of farming. We run on diesel and prayer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I apologize for not keeping up! Every time I think I will have time to write something always comes up!

Fieldwork is slowly getting done. Jim has been doing a lot of it himself since John has been putting in a lot of hours at the landfill. Daddy Don returned home to Arkansas last Saturday. We had so much rain that it kept putting us behind! Today is a beautiful, clear day - this is the first "real" spring we have had in a while - seems like we'd been going from winter straight to heat and humidity. It is 70 degrees today - absolutely perfect!

Cody will be performing in the school talent show tomorrow night - I can't wait! Jaima is anxiously waiting for the end of the school year - she just wants to be home with her mama mia. Jaiden is teething - top teeth are just now poking through - and two more are trying to come in on the bottom - she has been cranky and restless - so not much sleep for either of us! She is almost crawling - says "baba" for milk, she surprised us by saying "Dada" on Mother's Day. In the middle of the night if I don't get her she will start saying Dada! It is funny (if getting up at 2am can be called funny!).

I haven't planted anything outside yet - maybe this weekend - I have a lot of wildflower seeds to make a butterfly garden. The peonies are starting to grow - so it's time to get the rest planted. I might do a few tomato plants - I know Jaima would enjoy taking care of those. I am just so excited about being home with the kids this summer - wish gas prices weren't so bad - we will have to plan our going to town days carefully - going to the pool and the library on the same day I guess!

I will try and post pictures soon -

Monday, May 5, 2008

New equipment! Big changes are coming. This is a hay something or other - that grinds up haybales - a haygrinder perhaps HAHA It is the first piece of equipment for our new operation. We will be adding two new buildings in July to house custom fed cattle. I will keep up to date on this as we grow! I can't wait to get out there and do chores. It is hard with no one to watch Jaiden and she is too young to go to the barn. There isn't really a clean and safe place for her to be out there right now. I am hoping to get the office cleaned out. And this summer Cody can help with her, too. All in good time!
Happy Birthday, Gerben! John is holding Ian in the picture. Jaiden and I weren't able to attend the party because of ear infections and sore throats! Julie sent me home some of her yummy yogurt cake though and that made me feel much better!
John bought my John Deere chairs back at the church auction yesterday- it was a lovely day yesterday for a picnic and spending time with friends! Also, Jaiden is starting to crawl! I wasn't planning on child proofing the house this soon.
Let's see what else have I missed? Cody's grandparents came up from Des Moines on Saturday for a visit. They went out to dinner to celebrate his belated birthday and we made plans for a summer DesMoines visit - I promised Jaima we could go to the zoo.
Only 5 weeks left of school - I can't wait to have lots of time with my kids. I am sure by August I will be ready to send then back to school!

Finally in the fields!

A new planting season began yesterday - it's all in God's hands now. We plant the seeds, God does the rest!

It was sunny all day until about a half hour ago and now it is cloudy! I hope it doesn't rain - I will have some grumpy farmers to deal with. Rock picking has also begun. For the first couple of years I thought it would be exciting to go out to the fields all day with my husband and pick rock up - now I am older and wiser and the only rock I pick up is the one on my finger - HAHA