Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I tried to nap this afternoon - but I couldn't - because Jaima aka Faker was home "sick" - Jaiden and I have been feeling icky since yesterday.Jaima decided she wasn't feeling well this morning - and conveniently got better after school started. Hmmmm -

I just got done reading The Shack and I would highly recommend this book! It's the story of a guy who finds God in the most unlikely place and circumstance - a beautiful - funny story!

The wind is picking up and it is getting cold - John and Jim have been hauling corn to the elevator all afternoon - while I was snug and warm on the couch- the perks of being the farmer's wife!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mommy, why is Lily in the front yard?
Too much snow

Khyle - playing Super Mario - AGAIN

Jaiden wakes up with hair like this EVERY morning

It was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise that morning - the sun sent a red beam straight up in the sky - John told me to go out and take pictures!

Otis, chewing his duckie - he is getting BIG

Lily, my shorthorn heifer, came up to the front door to see me today...awww, Lily, I get tired of chasing you!

Happy Birthday, Cael!

Cael is 7 today! My sweet, little miracle!

We celebrated at his house last night with cake and ice cream!
I confess, I went to Walmart yesterday to get a gift card for Cael. I see why I have avoided going there - when you can buy whatever you want (and don't need) it is too tempting - therefore, to me, sinful. Meaning, I could have totally gotten out of control with all that STUFF (junk)! So, I will continue to avoid shopping there as much as possible!

Jaiden is napping on the couch. Spent the morning over coffee with my friend, Sue. We had a great time laughing and sharing. She watched Jaiden while I went and chased a steer back in the yard - comical. I have already walked a mile today. Bread is baking. Supper plans are made. Maybe some laundry - for sure, a good book! Cody has my car today - his battery was dead this morning - so I am homebound - and I don't mind it at all!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My inlaws are in Puerto Rico - wish I was there! It is so cold here - Kiersten spent the night last night - we ate pizza and junk food - and went to bed way too early - but we both needed our beauty sleep!

We went to church this morning - I worked in the nursery with Kiersten. There was a 4 month old baby boy - it was so awesome to hold one that little again! Tick, tick, tick - can you hear my biological clock?

Tomorrow is Cael's 7th birthday - and Jaima's follows in March. They are getting older and bossier! We are going to Cael's tonight to celebrate.

Cody will kill me for posting this - but I have to share...he put my Denali in the ditch yesterday - he was leaving Khyle's house and wasn't paying attention or got distracted and put it in the snow filled ditch...the car and Cody are fine. I keep laughing at him everytime I look at him - because he was so scared!

When I get brave enough to go out in the cold, I will take a pic of the new building - the trusses are all up and they are working on the sideboards - the roof will be next!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

18 days and counting...

without Walmart. I decided at the first of the year that I would REFRAIN from Walmart for the whole month of January. So far, so good. Oh, don't get me wrong, I was dreaming up things that I just HAD to have that only Walmart can offer...printer cartridges, how's that for desperate? But, my cartridges haven't run out yet HAHA. I have saved a lot of money by not shopping and using up what we have around here. I did go to the Dollar store - but only took in cash and had to think wisely about my purchases.
Today I am wanting to go shopping really bad - but will just have to think of something else until the desire passes.

It is a cold and cloudy day - though not as cold as last week! A few flurries, a little wind - but we have a warm house and plenty to keep us busy - and I am so grateful the kids are going back to school tomorrow! I definitely will be doing my happy dance when they get on the bus tomorrow!

We all went to church today - it was so great to get out of the house and see friends and worship!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Messy Marvin!

Jaiden has a hiding spot...
She took her bowl of pineapple back there.

Daddy put her cow coat on here after her nap - she came running out to the living room so proud of herself! Moo!

Date night

Finally - John and I went on a date! We were backing out of the garage to go to the Wartburg wrestling meet - BUMP! - we backed into a cow! All of the cows were out behind the garage - eating feed off the back of John's truck! They got out through the fence where the new building is going up. So, an hour later we got them all back in. Cody and khyle babysat the girls after we were all done - and John and I headed to Joe's instead. We got to see a lot of our friends - I got to catch up with some girlfriends from the hospital - and we had a great time - in spite of the stupid cows. They got out again in the middle of the night - but Cody and Khyle put them away without waking Mom and Dad up - thanks, boys!
John and I always have the best adventures - and they always revolve around cattle!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


-23 F - that's the actual temperature - figure in the windchill and it is 40 to 50 below! The old boiler is keeping up - next week our new furnace with forced air heat will be up and running - and will save us money - LP is getting expensive!

My big old house is staying pretty warm - Khyle, Cody and Jaima are playing Super Mario on Wii - reminds me of snow days when I was a kid! Jaiden is dancing on the coffee table - and the dogs are all napping - except Otis who keeps chewing everything up! He is one naughty puppy. After lunch, I will put all of the kids to work - laundry, vacuuming - I am going to sit and read while they work!

John had to go to physical therapy for his knee this morning - he burst the bursa sac when he fell on the ice - we've all fallen these past few weeks - there is a lot of ice under all that snow! So we creep along as best as we can when it's time to do chores. We will see if the skid loader will start in these frigid temps -

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow day...

A dream is coming to reality...
Our cows...

Future cattle building...a storm came as they were getting ready to raise the trusses, so we wait another day.

This is Jaiden the day I caught her eating my Milk Duds - her mouth is glued shut with caramel!

Jaiden and Ian this morning. After taking coffee to John (first picture) we headed to the tenHoeve dairy. Tea, conversation - and Ian finally got to open his Christmas present from me! I know he forgave me because I bought him a John Deere truck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did you know that they make Chocolate Turtle Chex mix? Oh yeah! I could eat this stuff every day! I'll pick the pretzels out for you and I will eat the rest!
Khyle and I went to the bookstore and got his textbooks today - I left baby J home with her Daddy because it is very cold - they took a nap - I got to take a brisk walk - it actually felt great!
A few funnies from this week:
Last night, after youth group, we went to Fareway. I came out the front door after checking out and my car was gone! I thought maybe the kids had gone to Burger King or something - and then out of the corner of my eye I saw they had moved the car around the building! I got to the car and they were all trying to be serious and were acting like I was crazy. They kept telling me that was where I had parked!
Yesterday, Jaiden came out of my room with her mouth full of my Milk Duds that I keep in my nightstand - yes, I eat three of four of them EVERY night before bed! - and she had so many in her mouth that it was glued shut with caramel! It was so funny - I had to stick my finger in her mouth and pry out the candy! She looked so bewildered! Like when we used to feed ole Abraham the dog peanut butter!
Julie and Ian came to my rescue yesterday - a good friend loves at all times - and we had tea, cleaned the kitchen and I got to fold some laundry - while Ian played like a good boy and Jaiden ran around causing trouble! Thank you, Julie, for always being there!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, SugarBear!

My honey is 40 today. We slept in today because of the ice storm - no church. Then coffee and birthday presents! We got him a crossbow game for the Wii - which Khyle and Cody are playing! - new pajama pants, a John Deere hat, calendar and mug. I have a turkey in the oven and we will have a nice meal later this afternoon. Today is a perfect day to be stuck inside together - baby Jaiden is eating a popsicle!
Cael called his Unc earlier - they talked for 20 minutes - sounded like grown up man stuff to me - lol
Hopefully next week we can get the new electric heat for the house wired in - Khyle and Cody cleaned out the "Fuse box room" today so Roger can get to it. Our boiler is using a lot of LP - we have had to fill the tank every 14 days and that is expensive. This new heat will also warm up Cody's room - he is in the sun room and it is chilly in there!
The sun is shining and melting the ice - water is dripping off the roof - maybe I will go out and do chores with the birthday boy later.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Big 4-0

Cody playing bass.
Nana and Jaima - twins!

The cake!

John turns 40 on Sunday - we celebrated with my parents tonight - Mom made him her famous "chicken fried chicken" - and of course, brought him a store bought cake - a Wagner family tradition!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day!

The feast! Connie Folkerts made these AWESOME apple thingies that you make by pouring Mountain Dew on top!
Stuffed mushrooms

The ingredients to John's annual treat - aluminum foil sandwiches - ham, eggs, olives, onions, velveeta cheese, chili sauce and miracle whip - GROSS! But our friends love them and come back each year for more!
We are watching Iowa football and eating - celebrating a new year with friends! Folkerts are here and Gail Huck - I am going to go eat chili cheese dip now - LOL