Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, December 15, 2008

Otis is a TEMPORARY resident at the White House. He is an 8-week-old mini Australian Shepherd - a real COW dog! He belongs to Khyle - he stays here while Khyle is at school or when he travels for wrestling. He is a good Patches-substitute since she ran away over a month ago!

Things are progressing with the cattle buildings - that is all I will share for now - I eagerly await the day when I can post photos.

Christmas vacation starts next week. Jaima and I have plans to bake cookies for Santa. We will also plan a special celebration or Christmas Eve. We will make soup and bread and something sweet and have a birthday party for Jesus.

It is so cold today - below zero - I don't even want to look at the thermometer. The wind is blowing right through every crack in the house - the furnace just can't keep up today - we don't have our electric warm air heat hooked up yet - so we are dressed in layers today - Jaiden is taking a loooong nap right now.

John is home today - keeping an eye on the cows and working on finances - hard to believe another year is almost to an end. I made a pot of taco soup - my favorite. I am also enjoying some raisin bread that Danielle sent home with me after church yesterday. We had a potluck to mark the 48 hours of prayer that we have once a month. People volunteer to come to the prayer room for an hour over the 48 hour period. It is an awesome way to lift up our church family, our community and our world. The food was amazing yesterday - all sorts of warm and yummy things - and Oreo fluff!

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