Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blizzard Birthday

As promised, here is a pic of all of the chocolate John bought me! And no, the packages are not empty! I have only had a few bites! We had a great time at the neighborhood Christmas party last night! It was so nice to laugh and be Merry! Sharing wine and treats with friends - I love the holidays!

Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Chad - who turns 34 today!

No - I am not outside recording the video - I am safe and warm in the front hallway. That's Cody's car buried in the snow.

Our power was out for a couple of minutes this morning - but Gerben and Julie lost theirs for quite awhile - we are all in our jammies, enjoying a day of rest. Sometimes God not so gently reminds us that He is in control and to slow down and observe His Sabbath.

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