Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We survived the first day home!

It feels so great to be home! The biggest adjustment has been dividing my time between the three kids! Jim and Jenni took Jaima Friday night and Cody went to a friends Saturday night. With John in the field it makes it a little more challenging, and I certainly have been talking to God a lot more lately! We appreciate all of your prayers and we can certainly feel we are being prayed for!

Jaiden was nursing every two hours, but last night I actually got a three and four hour stretch of sleep and feel so much better! I might even feel up to having visitors soon - and I am thinking we may plan a get together for next Saturday so everyone can meet her! Depends on the harvest, of course!
I feel great and am even wearing my jeans again - am not in a lot of pain simply because there wasn't much labor! My back was the worst because of the four tries for the epidural - I can't believe I feel this great because I remember what it was like with the other two!

I will be posting a whole bunch of pictures soon - we have a well baby visit at 1:00 and also need to go to the store because we are out of groceries! Here I was prepared for weeks with lots of food cooked and lots of groceries stocked up and when the big day came we were out of everything!

Love to you all!

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