Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lazy Day

I told John I was going to stay in bed in my jammies all day...that lasted until about 10:30! I was so restless by then that i got up and got dressed - took one look at my hair in the mirror and immediately called Wendi - my hair miracle worker - and she got me in right away for a cut,color and highlights! Thank goodness it's okay to dye hair now while pregnant - I needed a pick me up!

While I was still in town John called and asked me to go to the John Deere store for parts - after I got done there my phone rang "honey, where are you?" Needless to say, I was on the highway headed home - I had to go back to town to the other parts store! Too bad he wasn't calling telling me to go to the jewelry store and pick up a little something for myself!

John, Jim and Dan worked on the combine today - also some other stuff outside - I am sure once I have this baby I will be able to pay more attention to the farm work. Jaima and I did go outside and watch Cody and John do chores. Can't wait to be able to help with that again. We have some beautiful Holstein calves that I can't wait to make my pets! Some we are bucket feeding and others are in a regular pen. They are perfect calves to teach Jaima to lead with a halter.

Tomorrow is my OB appt. We will see what the doctor says and if I have made anymore progress. Please pray for us - patience is something we are trying to learn. We totally trust that God is in control - but it is still hard to wait!

As I write this, Jaima is in the living room telling her Daddy about her day. Thay went to the fire station and learned about fire safety. (We had to test all of the smoke alarms after school!) She got in an argument with her friend Liberty about the swings at recess. "I counted to 60 and she still wouldn't let me have a turn, so I told the teacher!" And all sorts of other tall tales!

Cody is in the office doing his homework and Jaima is ready for bed. So goodnight to all...

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