Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't Panic...

Sorry I have not kept up with this - I have been trying to get things done around the house and also had a few days where I just stayed in bed!

Here are a few pics of Jaima and one of the show steers from this summer -

Had contractions 3-4 minutes apart from 6:30pm-1:30am last night - but then they stopped - very frustrating and PAINFUL! I am a wimp, I'll admit - but that was not fun. Dr. appt. is tomorrow and induction is set for Thursday still - unless God decides today is to be Miss Jaiden's birthday.

John is starting to get excited - I can tell because he is working on my honey-do list. He and Dan brought my extra refrigerator upstairs and put it in the kitchen pantry - with all of the cooking i have been doing there wasn't room in the one fridge! So, I got the kids involved and had them help me bring up the frozen food. I had forgotten I had stocked up on so much! John also cleaned the garage this morning - and even took off his boots when he came in the house! HAHA I think I may be winning one of the many battles of marriage -

Cody got an A on his algebra 2 test - we are so proud of him because we know he was struggling - john and i both remember how challenging it was to do well in math and meet our parents expectations - we both had to admit to cody that we didn't do so well in math - and neither of us can help him with his studies on this subject - so i just pray a lot - and hope he doesn't get discouraged!

Jaima is excited and counting the days til sissy comes - and her new queen bed! That will be delivered tomorrow and she can't wait - she is growing so fast - comes home with a hundred new things she has learned at school - makes me sad - yet excited, because we get to do it all again with Jaiden! When you see Jaima ask her to show you her gymnastics - she can do the splits - OUCH!

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