Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 13, 2007

6 days and counting...?

Harvest is in full swing. John came in after midnight last night - and they were back at it bright and early. Cody is learning to drive tractor with his Dad today - hauling 2 grain carts! The first thing he said was, "What if I dump it like Uncle Chad did?" I thought that was hilarious - this is the first fall my brother hasn't come up to help with harvest - maybe I should give him a call and bribe him with food!

Cooking is about the only thing I seem to accomplish: beef stew, chili, brownies, 7 lbs of meatloaf - HAHA. At least there will be leftovers when I finally get to the hospital.

I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday, the 18th. Of course, my doctor keeps saying, "I can't believe you haven't gone into labor yet." Which I don't find funny at all - we have been to the hospital FIVE times! I keep dilating, but the contractions aren't consistent enough for them to admit me and there are new laws that say they can't induce before 39 weeks of pregnancy, especially if there is no harm being done to mom or baby. My luck, I'll end up having her at home because I have no idea what real labor feels like!

Cael, my nephew who is 6 weeks older than Jaima, is here today - i sent them on a scavenger hunt outside. They have a list with words and pictures on it - my luck they will find everything in 5 minutes! They think they are too old to take naps, but I may just bribe them to lay down and watch a movie so i can sleep!

John is using a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night - he has apnea and I kept telling him he was not breathing at night -had a sleep study done and they prescribed the machine. He used it for the first time last night - it is louder than I thought it would be - especially when he tries to breathe through his mouth - and when he stops breathing - so i kept shutting his mouth - the things a wife does for her husband! He shaved off most of his mustache this morning because it was getting caught - now he looks like a little kid -

All for now, a nap is calling me!

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