Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

i should call this weekly updates as i haven't written in a week! jaima spilled lemonade on my laptop and it is barely allowing me to type, maybe once i hit all of the keys they will become unstuck!

Well, i turn 35 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Look at my little pumpkin,who is two weeks old today!
We took the girls trick treating in waverly last night - of course, jaiden and i just went along for the ride - but we had a great time - and it was nice to spend time with john even though i knew he really wanted to be in the field!

I am exhausted! It finally caught up with me yesterday - i have been up with jaiden every hour to two hours all night -so, i have been trying to nap after lunch until the kids get off of the bus, at least that is my plan every afternoon, it doesn't always happen!

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Gerben en Julie said...

Happy birthday!!!!!hope you will catch up in sleep!!!
have a great day!!