Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too exhausted to take pictures...

"My dogs is tired" I said that to my late friend, Claudette, once. She laughed and laughed. Then she said, "Carolyn, what on earth are you talkin' about?" When I say my dogs is tired, I mean that my feet are so sore and worn out that I don't think I can take another step! It's a good kind of tired. A tired that comes from working hard all day.A tired from a job well done.

My new wood floors were put in this weekend. I LOVE IT! No more dirty, stinky carpet! I took all of the furniture out, all of the pictures off of the walls and totally redecorated my house without spending a dime. I just finished, I think. I know my Daddy's gun cabinet is in the wrong spot. But I will have the boys move that.

Oh, and I confess, I danced all over this wood floor this morning...danced and worshipped my God, through whom all things are possible!

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ShannonK said...

LOVE IT! So excited for you and your floor and your redecorating!