Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am so excited!

It feels like all of my little girl dreams are coming true all at once! I finally have a home that has my own design and feel to it! Bonus, it's clean for once! haha

I love little projects. Yesterday, I painted the doors to a craft cabinet with blackboard paint.
Today, new lights in the hallway. The guys have been hitting their heads on the old ones for years and it's time to have ones that "hug" the ceiling. Plus, I found some CHEAP and they are the brushed nickel that I love! I also, rehung a broken door - which I fixed! - in the hallway. Hannah helped me clean the living room. It was a mess because a few certain family members seem to think it is okay to throw their wrappers and cans ON THE FLOOR! I won't name names...I just clean it up when I can't stand to look at it anymore. I used to hang huge signs up all over the house: TRASH GOES IN THE TRASH CAN! WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED THROW IT AWAY! YOUR MAMA DON'T LIVE HERE SO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!  Of course they never worked...and my guys work hard, so I clean HAHA

Jethro, always in the way!

Marv is finishing the wood floors in the hallway today. I also cleaned the girls room and got it "summer" ready. They each have a quiet spot to sit and read or play. I also surprised Jaima with some new lime green curtains. The only room I have left is ours, and it has been a catch-all for a very long time so it will take a day or two. I have a whole pile of stuff for a charity garage sale that I am waiting to deliver. Dan worked on my kitchen sink today - one of the pipes was so old it fell apart. What a mess, but a good excuse to clean underneath the sink.

Niece Emma is here with me today. She has had a really bad allergic reaction to something and her poor little eyes are all red and her nose is stuffy. So, we are having a play day. I don't think she is complaining about missing school!
Speaking of school, next Friday is Jaima's last day. Then it's SUMMER! We will be homeschooling a little this year. Jaima wants to work on geography and science. We will go on field trips and also practice writing short stories and poems. Who knows, maybe Miss J will have her own blog someday.

Cody has a show tonight with the band.

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