Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, May 2, 2011


These past two weeks have been a blur. Rain and cold. Windy and Eeyore-ish. I have been studying for my final on the New Testament and tonight is the night. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and breathe a sigh of relief and will greatly look forward to having a break from studying two-four hours each day. I will have my Certificate of Ministry after this semester. Next fall, I am hoping to move on to Level Two, and in three years will have a degree in Biblical Studies.

I can't wait to have time for friends and family! Planting is just about to start. Hopefully, my new wood floors will be in by the end of May. School will be done on May 27th - the first time in a long time that we are dont before Memorial Day! I cannot believe that it is here almost.

I am asking you all to pray for my dear friend, Julie, and her family, as they make plans to travel to the Netherlands. They run the dairy down the road, and need to return to get their visas renewed. Could you please pray that they will have a good journey and will come home with their documents? Thank you! Also, she will be traveling with her children on a long flight, will you pray for that as well? :)

Time to change laundry loads, make beds and start breakfast for my Man! What a beautiful day...

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Gerben en Julie said...

Yhank you Carolyn!!! we will need some prayers!! I really hope for a great summer to make up from last winter!!love you my friend!!