Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wind and snow today! Just blowing snow...every once in a while - but it was pretty! The wind is really bad today. The guys are trying to combine and the corn is getting knocked down. Then, when they unload corn into the bins they have to stand in the wind. Cody is riding in the tractor with Khyle. Soon, they will stop to do chores and then come in and watch the girls for me so I can go to my ChristLife class.

This class is really changing my life - helping to let go of my past and face the future. I'd recommend it to anyone.

I only went to Sunday School today. I had a migraine and knew I needed to get home and get to bed and sleep it off. I'm glad Jaiden was willing to sleep, too! I am feeling much better and am going to stop and get a Coke on the way to class. Someone found my secret stash and there is none left at the house!

I have a prayer request for you all, a good friend, Garry, had a stroke. He is one of those guys that looks and acts 40 and he is in his late 60s - he is really depressed because he can't go to work in his tire shop - and is struggling with why it happened to him. Please lift him up in your prayers. We all know what God can do when we pray!

Cael is doing great - he returned to school last week. He is up to his old tricks - yesterday, while carving pumpkins I discovered he carved my kitchen chair! Oh, Cael! Thank God for you and your mischief!

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