Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dog Rescue!!!!

Cody and I went on another of our crazy adventures last night! I saw a dog sitting in the field across from Jim and Jen's at 12:30 when I went to town. It was there when I came back at 2 in the same spot. At 5, when I took Jaima to dance class, there he was. At 6:30 when I picked her up, there he was. At 6:45 - same spot! So, I called Cody and told him to "Be Ready! Get the flashlight and the binoculars in case we can't get close." So, we drive the back way to C33 and turn into Kevin Adams' bean field and THERE HE IS. This massive, beautiful black lab...who is so big I think "CUJO!" So, I call Jenni and I say, "Can you see me in the field across from your house?" She's like, "What in the heck are you doing?" And I say, "There's a dog!" And I know she thinks I am crazy! She says she's never seen one like that around - so we finally roll down the windows and shine the flashlight on him - "Here puppy" and he starts wagging his tail. "You get out and pet him Cody!" "No way, you do it" "I'm not doing it" So we both get out - and I am tiptoe-ing for some dumb reason - up to the dog - and I reach out a hand and...he likes me! We tried to put him in the back of the Denali, but he won't jump in. So I tell Cody to open up the side door...and in he jumps...this MASSIVE black lab...and we both get in the car - "What if he bites my head off?" So we both lean forward in case he lunges at us...I call Jenni, she says, "Did you get bit?" HAHA - I say, "No, we're takin' him home" She thinks I'm crazier than before.
Fast forward to this morning...I call the vet - yep he's missing - belongs to Mr. Uhlenhopp at the high school - his name is...Bonehead. It fits him. Turns out that at harvest time he gets confused and can't find his way back he sits and faces north and waits for someone to rescue him...THE END


Gerben en Julie said...

That is soooo funny!!!!!hihi

Ash said...

I saw that dog too!!! I wondered what the heck he was doing out there!