Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, October 6, 2008

I have had to move a few things in the house so Conner can get around in his wheelchair - he also has a walker - but it's much easier for him to scoot in the chair! I pray that he will be able to sleep tonight without too much pain. He has a lot of cuts and bruises on his leg.

I just got back from taking John to the field. They are almost done combining the Ellison farm. Since it is going to rain there is no dew tonight and the beans are not getting "tough". So they can keep combining until they are done with that field. Another blessing from God. Jim is so anxious to be home farming. I told him I could come and spend the day with Cael anytime! cael continues to get better each day - and was even able to play catch with his Dad today!

I will post pics tomorrow - Jaiden is cutting teeth - her molars have poked through - and now her eye teeth - and with that comes teething diarrhea - poor thing! But she is still smiling...she took two steps last night while I was at class. Is standing by herself lots - and learned to climb up on the step stool chair I keep in the kitchen - all the way to the top - so for now the chair is in Cody's room!

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Ash said...

I could have called you!!! I was thinking about calling right around 10pm and thought, well it is probably too late...but here I am reading that you posted at 10! I am going to try to call you tomorrow to see if we can get together with Lynda this week to have lunch or something. Glad to hear that the other little gusy are doing ok. Also poor little Jaiden got left out of the blogging in the last week and I never did ask how she ended up doing after her bout with the intestinal infection. I hope that is all ok...too bad she has the runs again:( Hope to talk to you tomorrow!