Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, September 26, 2008

I was up most of the night with Jaiden - she woke with a fever around midnite - 103 - so I gave her tylenol and tried to make her comfortable - I forgot what it is like to cradle a hot,confused little baby in my arms all night! I nursed her as she wanted comfort. This morning she tried to smile - poor thing - even in her discomfort her happy personality shone through! We are going to the doctor at 11:20 because her temp is higher in her right ear which might indicate and ear infection. She also has diarrhea and a stuffed up nose - as well as 4 teeth breaking through her gums - I remember Cody and Jaima being this sick when their eye teeth were coming through. I am not feeling very well myself - I hope it is just from lack of sleep - John and I have had some stomach problems the last few days. I am sure I need to drink more water - that is my one weakness!
Cody and Khyle are in Nebraska. They are amazed at all of the cattle there - this is Khyle's dream to show at Aksarben so John and I are so happy that they are both going to enjoy it!

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Ash said...

the smiling sounds like Noah when he is sick he cannot help but smile. Hope she gets feeling better!